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October 2nd, 2014 … The Legend Of Shioko and Ding The Nikon Coolpix A … Begins (Part 1)


Well, it’s been a while and still my back has issues that cause discomfort and frustration. Luckily enough today is the day I have my appointment with the Sports Therapist. I heard Dr Shioko left the VA here and went to Washington DC. So I figured, all the dreams are just that, passing fantasies that no longer fulfill an old shooters head and heart.  I got to the VA on time and waited in the waiting area for about 20 minutes. It was sparse and there was only 2 other Vets there and I was in front of them, I thought.

The receptionist called out a mans name and he went into a room. A few minutes later she called out the other guys name and he went into another room. I sat and worked on the iphoney and then I heard a voice. It was a nurse and she asked the receptionist how many more appointments were left. The receptionist said that him, meaning me and then nothing till 1330. It was now 0945.

So the nurse asked me to please step in the room and she did my blood pressure, checked my weight and said, Mr Springer, you lost 35lbs since your last visit. Is this intentional and does your Doctor know about this.

I replied, yes it’s intentional and my Dr’s are monitoring my weight and things. She ask me to sit again. Then as she was walking away, she said, Mr Springer.. Dr Shioko with be with you in a minute. ( ok look, I’m hitting 65 next Wednesday the 8th. It doesn’t take much to excite me and to get my brain completely awake and other parts and things awake also. Needless to say that I was glad the nurse did my blood pressure before this newsflash as the scale doesn’t go high enough to get a reading.)

The door opens, but it doesn’t open like a door in a VA Hospital, it’s opens like Audrey Hepburn comes thru it… there’s a cloud of gentle smoke wrapped around the frame as Dr Shioko passes thru and the angels with gilded wings blow gentle sounds thru the Trumpets from HEAVEN to announce that the Angel of Mercy has entered the scene. Of course she is wearing a white lace gown with Orchards that cover her body as gently as the snow flakes on the morning crocuses at winters end.


Then, in the heat of the moment, reality sets in and the smoke turns to an illusion that encapsulates everything including my thoughts. Dr Shioko calls my name and ask me to come into the room. I walk in and as gracefully as a swan on a lake she walks over to me and hands me the gown. Please go into the changing room and then come back to the table, I’ll be back in a minute.

Now, Dr Shioko has 7 feet distance to get to the door. I make it to the changing room, get undressed, put the gown on, lock the locker with my stuff in it, come back into the room all in the time she walks 4 feet towards the door. She has 3 feet to go but and I’m cool and sitting down on the table. She looks at me and  smiles.

So I’m sitting on the table and Dr Shioko comes in and stands next to me. She says, Mr Springer, I must leave as there is an emergency I have to attend to. I will give you the choice of having an associate of mine come in and take care of you or I can make another appointment for you tomorrow morning. I asked her what time and she said, 0930.

She asked me if I could help her choose another camera because she feels restricted with the X100s and the viewfinder makes her self conscious making photos. Of course I said I’d be glad to assist and we could talk about things tomorrow. She smiled again and said she’s see me in the morning and that she would make it up to me.


So Dr Shioko left the room and then this young woman  woman entered and let me tell ya…think Lucy Liu, yup thats right….. ‘m telling ya one damn thing… The VA gets a bad rap from everyone except those that it helps. Here in Philly, with these Doctors, in this Department, The Department id Called Heaven’s Door

I will update tomorrow about the actual treatment  and camera experience….. have a great one and…….

The One Shot Per Shoot Challenge is open to all….send 1 photo and a paragraph about the experience of making it to: streetshooter.us@gmail.com

seeyas tomorrow……….

October 1st, 2014 … The Nikon Coolpix A is Not to be Missed


Well, I spent a few weeks getting to know Ding, the Nikon Coolpix A and it was very nice. Then I felt the desire to go out with Andre’ the Fuji X100 s. Well, that was a great reawakening and it was wonderful to be be out with my old friend…(even if he screwed with my head on the battery cover dropping off procedure.) All was well with the cameras in the shooter household. The cameras were clean and had charged batteries, they had fresh formatted cards in them and they were happy just resting on the shelf. I took my meds so I was kinds un-edgy, don’t ask Tanya cause she thinks I’m completely nuts… imagine that…hmmmm!

Even Daido the Fuji X20 is just comfortable on the shelf looking and sexi lil’ Penelope the Ricoh GRD4 in white.

So I went to bed to rest for the trip to the VA hospital where they talk to me and give me things to make me feel better. About 0200 I feel something knocking against my head. Tanya was sleeping and Barsik the Cat that’s 1/2 American and 1/2 Russian was sleeping too.

I thought to myself, the 45 is loaded so relax but this doesn’t feel like someone I want to shoot….

then, in a very quiet tone, ever so softly, I heard a voice in me ear I tell ya…. it said…. yo pop, I wanna go back on the street. It’s pitch black like Zone -1. I’m thinking with my brain that came home from vacation so I am working on all 4 cylinders again.

Yo pop, it’s me…. it’s Ding. I wanna go out and work but that funky ass X100s named Andre’ thinks hes the king of the hill….sheeeeeet!

He ain’t gettin’ in no pockets like me…..dang it, you could get Penelope and me in yer pocket……..

STOP! I said, Penelope is a lady and you don’t get to be alone with her in my pocket. Ricoh has enough problems with Ricoh/Pentax we doin’ need no Ricoh/Nikon things ’round here.

So I told Ding the Coolpix A to go back to bed and hi m and I can get to work for a little…. he said, ok pop, I’m gonna rest till you wake me… g’d night.

Now so far everything seems normal, right. I mean I know I ain’t the only shooter around that communicates with his cameras. But ya know… I can’t figure out, how the heck did Ding get from the office, down the hall, jump on the bed, talk with me and then make the hike back?

Fancy firmware I suppose.

So I grabbed Ding and put him in the little pouch that goes on my belt and took an extra battery that I will never need cause the Nikon Coolpix A has great power management. We walked around town and just kinda relaxed and was checking out the sites.

Ding was in my hand and he was reminding me how when I was a real photographer shooting film and bringing him contact sheets to the Museum that I need to always just look for my own stuff and not worry about anything from anyone else.

Then, at that exact moment, well, it was really a few moments later but it’s more interesting to make it sound like an instant revelation…. I see this big azz rat on the sidewalk. So I said to myself, self…lets try to find something interesting with the big rat in center city Philadelphia. I mean, there’s no ratz at all in center city and there’s no ratz in Philly even in City Hall. For real… this is a one in a million opportunity to get a shot of the next Mayor on the street. So Ding was ready and I set the Aperture and Shutter speed and Ding did the ISO. I looked up from behind… and the ears………CLICK!


Ding was happy because he gets to be a part of the process more so than the other cameras,,,(shhhhhh he thinks he’s special cause he can get from the office to the bedroom and back without help…..)

Well we walked around and we snapped a few pics just cause we wanted to and cause he needs the exercise. Then he said to me… “Shooter, yeah you pop, don’t even think about pulling that One Shot Per Shoot crap with me…..” I started to get a little peeved, is that a word even? I told him, Ding, this is about me and MAYBE you making photos. I like talking to you and even my Shrink thinks it might be ok and we talk about that each session, but I need to concentrate and your bugging me.

I realized I hurt his feelings. I saw the lens sloooowly go back into the body and the lights go off. The screen was dark. So, being the Viet Nam Vet that I am I found a corner that no one was near and I apologized to Ding. I mean I damn near kissed his but… but couldn’t find it anyway.

Then, Ding came back to work… that cool whirl sound and the lens popped out quickly and with substance like any ,an..uh…uh…..sorry Judy.

He was ready, we walked around and we came upon the Dilworth Plaza Etiquette School of Walking with a book on your head. This student was doing really well and I made a photo or her progress but I soon realized she had not attended the nice language in the open space with many people around class. She spit out a few choice words of which most I heard and have adopted into my arsenal of vocabulary but there was a few she said that stumped me and even some people around were wondering what she was saying.

Anyway, I’m heading out again tomorrow for a few hours and Ding is the only Kat coming along for the walk.

Have a good one and The Inspired Eye Issue 14 is hot off the press. Also, I’ll be posting more post on the IE Blog for the shooters that sent in the photo and info. It’s a nice turnout and I’m damn proud and happy to know youse alls good peoples….

hopefully, youse can feel likewise for me…….. shooter, sayin’ good night Johnboy……………………………………………………………………