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Philly Street … Thoughts With … Olympus Pen EP-5

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo I grabbed Ruth the Olympus Pen EP-5 and an extra battery and a lenspen. The camera has the Lumix 20mm f1.7 II. We headed out the door for the trip down to Center City, namely Market Street. There’s a feeling on the street something like we are all coming out of hibernation. For me it’s like breathing. I met a young shooter from Philly and we chatted for a minute. He had those fancy dancy headphones on. I asked him what he was listening too and he replied 80’s rock. He asked if I listen to music while I work and I said, the street is my music. His head went back a little and his eyes squinted somewhat. He had that look my shrink gives me when he ask how I’m feeling and I tell him I don’t feel. Well, that’s the look.


He asked me if I was nervous about taking photos on the street and I told him I’m an American and I have The First Amendment as my protector.  Then we sat and sipped some $50.00 burnt Starbucks wannabe coffee. He said he likes it and his wife does too and it was then I realized he was more fucked up then me. ….but we got into a conversation about making vs taking photos. Now it was I talk and he listened and sipped the Starbucks rustocoffee. So he wanted to know whar the difference was and could I explain it where it makes sense. So I sipped my spring water with a slice of lemon and started to explain about Intent and the aftermath of it.



After 15 minutes he started to understand and he thanked me for the free lesson. OMG, a lesson, ok dude, your welcome. I didn’t know it was a lesson and then, then all the sudden it occurred to me that everything in the universe has the ability to teach and to learn. So even on the streets making photos the energy you receive is equal to the energy you send. So your intent is to make photos but ya know, you aren’t in it alone. Those that think they ARE EITHER SUPER EGO MANIACS OR JUST FRUSTRATED WITH LIFE. If life is a give and take miracle then it stands to reason that photography is also. So that means that we think we are the origin of our work but that’s not true. We are not alone in life.


Our photographs and I am only talking about photography, are a collaboration between life and ourselves. We hope for and strive to find a synergism with the street and make the photos that represent that synergism. We can not rightfully state that we are the Origin of our work. There are those amongst us that think they are the Supreme Image Maker and that life had nothing to do with their work. Bullshit!

If your out there and your not tuned into life and the street, then you may as well drink that shitty coffee because your better off not destroying your energy. If you are like every reader that ever was or ever will be on this blog, then you are aware that you don’t take any photographs, you collaborate wit Mother Light and The Street and you make your photos.


Tomorrow is another day and if I wake and am healthy, I’m hitting the streets. I hear tell Life is out there and I’m gonna look for it.

…………………………………………………….end transmission……….shooter out…………………………………………………………………


April 17th, 2015 … Streetshooter Thoughts … aka The Red Shoes Syndrome

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe tourist season here in Philly is just starting. It’s my favorite time of the year and I love all the travelers from all over the world coming here to find the roots of American History. Because of the clash of cultures, it provides shooters with a potpourri of things to work with. I hear tell that other places in the world have a tourist season also but I never saw it so I don’t believe it.

So when I’m on a walk-a-bout looking for the photos that want to find me, I keep me poor brain awake by thinking about things that I wanna or shoulda be thinking about. I been a thinking about the here and now. It’s a place here in Philly that I visit from time to time. There’s prolly a here and now where you are cause it’s just like Starbucks, all over the place.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnywayz, here’s something I been pondering about and thinking about too. If we work in there Here and Now, does that rule out the past? I mean if we are using the thoughts and facts from out past, are we not in the here and now? Well, we all do that. It’s called yeah, I remember that, or maybe I thought about this before. So if we bring this to the here and now as we work, what does it mean and how does it effect us? Well we can’t get rid of the past experiences or knowledge but we have to be selective as to what we allow to penetrate our present here and now. This could be things like exposure memories, cameras, lenses etc. That’s all fine and dandy and productive but>>>>>!

What else we bring is the memories of past experience and images. We walk around looking for photos that we made or almost made and that influences what seek now and actually kinda pollutes the present. This could be a factor in cognitive repetition. I mean that we will repeat the same successes and failures until we recognize that and make a change. One way is to put your brain on vacation like I do when my wife Tanya ask me to do something I don’t want to do. She looks at me and ask, what are you looking at, I need the dishes washed.  I reply, who are you and who are you talking to. She will turn away and say, Brain on VACATION.  Very effective but we don’t want this for our photography.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo I think we need to find a way to compartmentalize things in our brain so the mind can be set free to wander the streets and make photos. We are never going to release the past and we are destined to live it over and over. We will make photos that are similar to what we did before because we uh…uh.. well, we are stupid that way. Yo! I ain’t the only stupid one ok, I just ain’t afraid to admit it. I wonder if this is what some call habits? hmmmm maybe.

OMG, I just realized that I been walking the streets of center city Philly and Market Street in particular for well over 40 years. Is that a habit? It might just well be but it’s a lifelong project that has no value other then to me and those that know my photography.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYa know, If I can walk the same streets for 40 years and always find photos to make that I like and some that are even really good, why do I need to go anywhere? Why should I need some exotic place to make photos like Jersey? I don’t need to go anywhere.

Take your camera in your hand, stand tall and closes your eyes. Click your feet together 3 xs and say with each click, There’s no place like home”.  Open your eyes and make photos.


Enjoy my friends and remember, I don’t trust a damn thing I write… you shouldn’t either………………………………………

Philly Streets … April 7th, 2015


I took Ruth out for a walkabout a few times and I have to admit, she’s wearing on me.  No, not cause Ruth is my Mother, but because this Ruth is my Olympus Pen EP-5. I must admit, OLY did a smashing job on this camera. I knew this 19 months ago but forgot because I just did. So now it’s like a rekindled love affair.

If there’s one reason and only one reason to love this camera it’s the AF. Simply put, there is no camera that focuses faster. My favorite M43 lens is the Lumix 20mm. I had the original version and now I use the 20mm 1.7 ll. This lens is known to not be the fastest focusing lens in M43 world. Well on the Pen EP-5 it.s lightening fast. No joke, it comes alive on this camera and the camera comes alive with this lens. This and the fact that you have a 5 point IS system that works and is amazing, makes a streetshooters dream come true.


Don’t let my

photos leave a bad impression of the IQ of the camera. It’s about pristine to 24oo and 3200 is excellent. The images compete against my Fuji X100s and are equal to it up to and including these high ISO’s. Amazing, I tell ya, amazing. Ok, ok so I am not the most neutral shooter with this camera. Fact is I don’t have to be and I’m not. I loved the EP-1 when it was released and this is light years ahead of the excellent EP-1.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYa know, first time in a long time I’m having fun again. I mean the EP-5 is a gas to work with. It makes me feel like shooting and it’s all metal so It’s protection in seedy neighborhoods, not that Philly has any like that.


The thing is with cameras and me, is if I don’t love it, then maybe someone else will. I’m a shooter and more than that, a street shooter. I have no times for nonsense with cranky cameras. These photos represent play and learn time. I’m just groovin’ on life as I see it and enjoying being a shooter. The streets are coming alive and ppl are mosyin’ around. The battery is charged, lens is clean, the smell of exhaust is in the air, trucks and busses and cars are making loud noises, the light is starting to cook and it’s almost warm enough to go with a light jacket.