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Aug 9th, 2016 Birth of the Dreamcatcher


It is that feelings and or thoughts awaken inside me and sometimes without warning. When this happens, and it happens more in recent days, I get to a place where I am content and feel that I am ready. I mentioned before about being clean and working without influence from anyone but yourself. Let me clarify. There exist nothing CLEAN. So what we as shooters need to do is to recognize the dirt that permeates our heart and our vision. There will always be residue left over and that is where we need to address our state of awareness and self being. If we recognize the dirt, we need not go crazy trying to CLEAN ourselves, just accept the dirt and work around it. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with having a reference point to check on with what and why we do what we do.  If you are working and when you see your work you think, wow, so close to Bresson…well, my friend, you have a problem. If when you see your work and you feel that it’s a …wow, I really like this, exactly what I feel, well… you got it. If like me, many times, I see my stuff and think, this is strange and I don’t fully recognize it, but it turns me on. That’s really ideal sometimes.

If you have that all the time, well, Dr G can fit you in for some sessions. Please bring all the people in your head with you.


My biggest collection of the most satisfying work, for me is my Dreamcatcher series. I first discovered it in the early 70’s and I was reluctant to work that way. Remember, that was Leica Film daze. So I had a roll that I shot in NYC and my shutter speed was like 1/30. I would go up or down as required. No meter, just breathing the light. The film was Tri-X 640, developed by me. So in a week later, I had more film to run and I processed 5 rolls. When I made contacts, I looked at everything and then the roll under discussion came to the top. I looked thru my Loupe and at first I was upset because there was so much movement in the frames. A few days later I went down to the darkroom and looked at the contacts again. There were certain photos, no images, if you please, that were etched in my mind. I couldn’t delete them as they were bouncing around like crazy in my head. I didn’t say my crazy head.

After a undetermined amount of time, I notice the same thing happening but different images and what seemed to be a different vision. This has repeated over and over again thru my 50 years of being a shooter. The importance of this, is to be able to see your vision with some clarity.

See, what we shooters do is to search for our photographic identity on a daily basis. This search drives us to do things normal humans dare not attempt. We search for the best film/developer combo, the best software, camera. lenses and most importantly, the search for the best excuse to the wife for buying that new camera. Don’t laff, if you have a wife, if you are a wife, if you are just a couple together or any combination of the above and/or more, a great excuse is always handy.

So, the lessons we learn and adopt from our life, are the lessons that can save us in many more ways then anticipated. Those lessons are the lessons of our life and if we maintain a thread of humanity, we might share some of that knowledge with others.

Ultimately, we each are accountable for the life we live. We each are accountable for the photos we make and what they do. We don’t get to go to the marble Slab and bullshit our way out with THE LORD. So, maybe dealing with our history is enough to keep us going. Maybe not. We get one life to live. We can waste it trying to be Bresson or anyone else or we can stand tall and strong and make our work, then stand and say, I am the author of this work. You decide if you like or understand it, I will make more because I have to.

Be blessed my friends and remember, Bresson never tried to make photos like you………



Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 59 … Olympus TG-4 … The Bars That Bind



To start, I have not been able to shake the sick feeling inside me of not Having Andre’ the Fuji X100s in my life. Olivier fell in love with him when he was here a few weeks ago and I didn’t pay attention cause I had Serendipity the Olympus Pen F.

It’s about your Natural Field of View, well, mine in this case but you get the idear. My NFoV is 35mm. Of course I can see any FOV but whenI’m on a walk-a-bout and see something that interest my eye, heart and mind, I am seeing the frame in my mind as 35mm. This has been happening since way back in the last century.

So, I got the Fuji X100 then the X100s and now, well, Serendipity and all her lenses are sold off. I don’t miss her. I bought a new Silver Fuji X100T and will name it Andre’.

I love the Olympus Pen F and it’s an amazing camera but for me, too many options. Those options are of course the lenses or FOV. I don’t want that option, never did. I have my stance in the world. I’m content with that stance. The Oly and lenses are not politically correct for me. Now with the Fuji X100T and the Ricoh GR II, I’m all good to go.

Sometimes in life, we need constraints and have them impose themselves on us even if we are unaware that we have or need them. I need them. My vision and thoughts run rampid and go all over the place because I have to decide what lens I want t use.

So, It’s a done deal and by tomorrow at 10:00am, all the lenses will be sold off. I will continue my journey and love my vision again because I’m not clouded any more. The photo above kinda tells the story in my mond. I mean it’s a photo but I made it from the thoughts and feeligs inside me.

Tomorrow, Andre’ and I start our life together, again. I’m excited and he’s on the shelf flirting with Penelope the GRD4.

Seeya all tomowwor and till then, be blessed on your journey.

………. shooter out ……….

Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 55 … Olympus TG-4 … Justifying Intent


What the hell does, “Justifying Intent mean”? Don’t ask me, I wrote this in hope someone could explain it to me and more importantly, justify my reasons for writing and making photos and damn, even justifying why the hell I’m even here on the planet walking around. Ya know, Intent is a very well described, defined AMBIGUOUS word.

Yes, that’s some sort of an oxymoron. Well, I know I’m stretching out here but I have Doc’s approval. Hold on now. Yes, I have a GOV’T certified Shrink and he helps me with the people in my head. So, I may be kinda crazy but I’m certifiable crazy and that means if you don’t have a shrink dealing with the little people in your head, well…. who’s really crazy? So, if intent is a clearly defined word and it’s meanings are defined, how can it also be ambiguous? Well, the way I see things is like this:


My intent is to make photos. I also like to show them and get comments. So Intent has now expanded to be more open to others than just me. I don’t mean the others in my head, they get their say from time to time.  I mean viewers. They have an intent that is ambiguous to me. Iwould like to think that I understand why they are looking at the photos but I’m crazy granted, but damn, I sure as hell ain’t stupid.

Maybe someone is looking to figure out what camera I use, someone else is interesded in how I processed, presented all kinds of reasons and yet the most important reason is,… no, not WHY I made the photos but they look because they like looking at photos. All the reasons are wrapped up in thier intent. So, what goes on is what I call….Mutual Cooperating Intent Procedures.

Why did I bother to write this? Well my intent is to justify my reasons for being a photographer and a hack writer. The key issue becomes, do I work for me? I mean if I am truely working for me, then my eye, heart and mind are in tact and focused on my intent as a Human Being with a camera. I’ll let the others be photographers. The realization of that intent comes to birth when I look at the photos and then see my stance in the world, visually in those images. If that were the final destination then all would be well. I would be totally content and be able to get on with my life.

Well, unfortunately, that’s just the tip of the melting iceberg. Global warming has an effect on all artist. If viewers are looking at our work? Yes OUR and youse don’t get off that easy here. We are all in this together. “We need a bigger boat chief”. I don’t mind driving the boat here but youse are passengers so get used to it.

The viewer is looking at the photos. Do we let that influence what we do and at what point does that influence start? If we take the stance that the viewer is the end result of satisfaction, are we really working for ourself or are we working for the potential of viewers? It is not the same stance, not at all.

The photos above are ones that I like. I made them and are the sourse of them. I am responsible for what you see as a catylist that stirs your thoughts. I’m sorry to have to say this but for these photos, I don’t really give a dame who sees them and who likes ordislikes them.

Myintent was and is that I make these photos and I comitt to them as my children and love them even if they are not great kids.

I don’t always feel that way or work that way but for these, there’s no doubt that I don’t give a shit! So I suppose that means, for these photos, my intent was and is to make them for me to appreciate and not care about about anything further. Maybe that’s kinda selfish and not doing photography justice because ultimately, photos need to communicate with others.

So, someplace in these thoughts is my intent. If you find it, it’s because you are good at understanding what I’m babbling about. If not, that’s cool too.

The issue isn’t what my intent is for working, but what is yours?




Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 43 … Olympus TG-4 … One ShoT pEr ShOOt …Ralph the Squirrel


They say, “Lifes a bitch and then you die”. Ok, I got something to say about that. Everyone close your eyes…..sit back and I’m taking you to the start of the growing season here in Philly. Keep em closed….it’s warm and our Crocuses  and Tulips and Daffodils are starting to come up. We are excited because the garden means we can do things and not fight too much. Oh yeah, as long as I do things according to Mrs Shooters plans, no fight. The garden is a proving grounds for love and lasting relationships.

Hey, I didn’t make it up, some old couple back in the Roman Empire days did, I’m  just passing it on to youse. Well, here’s the point. Youse alls eyes are still closed and you’re warm in the garden as I’m out here freezing my ass off. So, the squirrels see our garden as the local grocery store. Yeah, no kidding. They go up and down the aisles, grab some strawberries, maybe raspberries or even some lettuce or whatever they want.

They like to dig the bulbs up. I planted 350 2 years ago. They were Snow Crocuses. Beautiful and a sure sign that winter is ending. Now, I had 7 last spring. Yep, grocery shopping for squirrels.  and actually play together. We even got a killer cat. Barsik the killer cat. He’s like 26 lbs and the king of the garden. Well, he’s a pacifist. him and the squirrels are friends, they play together. Just great.

I got my son-in-law to get me a BB gun. I’m in the garage and I got my camos on, night vision helmet, radio commo, air support, my trusty BB gun ready to slaughter the squirrels. Tanya comes to the garage, now the firing range. She looks at me. What are you doing? I’m getting ready to launch an attack.

She grabs the gun, looks at me and says, look my hero, I made tea and Russian salad. I never did see the gun again.

We needed water and a few small things from the market. So I put on my backpack and head to the store in the snow. I get everything and start to head home and low and behold, there, there right in front of me is Ralph the squirrel. He’s not looking too good. Actually, he’s preserved from the cold.

I pull my TG-4 out of my pocket and look at Ralph and make a photo. Of course, I can’t be sure it’s actually Ralph the squirrel. I mean maybe it’s Ralphess the lady squirrel. I felt in that moment, that we need to appreciate life in all its forms. Maybe I saw the light that squirrels are really my friends and I need to make the garden and slave out there and listen to Tanya tell me I do everything wrong unless it’s done her way so we don’t get to eat anything but we have fat ass squirrels running around and I’m supposed to be grateful that the squirrels bless me by eating and destroying everything and making houses in the trees so when I walk by they can drop squirrel turd on me head.

Nah… wait till Springtime you bastards, we go to war again.. For now, I take a moment to remember Ralph the squirrel.

Ok, that’s enough….. stay warm youse fine peeps…….

Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 38 … Olympus TG-4 … Happy New Years


First off, Happy New Years to one and all. If you’re from Philadelphia, Happy Mummers Day.

“Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’ into the future”.  Now that year’s end is upon us, personally, I sit and look at what I have set out to do and what I have accomplished thru the year. I do this every year and the task is the same but the things I look at and realize the truth of is slightly different every year. It’s kinda like a cleaning out and sorting of energy. We can all have different energies for the different things we do in our lives. This is a known fact and not just here in Philly. I’m not kidding ya either. The way I see it is, we have a volume of energy inside us. Let’s say we have 1000ml of energy inside us. Ok, go on, say it….ty kindly.

Our eye, heart, and mind decides where to distribute this energy. Some goes to everyday task, some to risk and challenges, and some to the area we are concerned with, creative arts, namely photography. Lets assume that we are allocated 500ml for photography. As the year goes on and our vision and work progresses, the level of energy may stay the same, go up or even go down.


We can’t hide from the demons or angels inside us. We must and have to confront them and try to change the way we see things and deal with things. This is the only way to move forward in a positive manner. I get a lot of messages and emails etc from ppl that are dealing with thier work and seem kinda in love but lost on thier path. This is really good. It shows that these ppl are aware that what they do is being scrutinized by thier own eye.

I don’t claim to be a guru or anything other then a shooter that fell madly in love with photography over 50 years ago. I struggle like everyone else but the difference is, I know to blame myself for all the shit that happens.

So, as we wind up the Year 2015 and start the year 2016 maybe we can sort out the energy and get a refill in our energy cup to continue the journey but with a  fresh outlook for the new year. For me that comes tomorrow morning with the Mummers Parade. For the rest of you it means, Happy, Healthy New Years. Mummers Day marks the celebration of a new year but more importantly., it marks the continuing journey of LIFE.

Be Blessed and Be Safe youse all. I wish youse were all here…..nah… keep thehell out, too many damn shooters here as it is…..

…………………………….end transmission………..2015……….over and out………………………………………………