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Seasons Groovin’ With The Sony RX100M3

12-14-0162-EditTis the season the be Golly cause the RX100M3 is a awesome compact camera. I have been testing the camera and it’s done perfect with ease. Unfortunately, I am not on track to be doing to much shooting. I’ve been studying my diet. I’m really inso salad and not a big meat eater so, I watch Tanya as she makes the salad and avoid anger and divorce by not testing the Sony RX100M3 as she’s cooking.

It took me 9 years to learn that camera testing procedures don’t mix with Da Wifey cooking stuff.

12-14-0188The guy laying there, he’s not homeless, he’s drunk. ¬†Oh and that’s not booze running down the ground behind him either, that from the Philly open air

toilet system. Dude on the left is very cool. I see him down Market all the time. He makes money there but he always gives to the needy. For him, it’s Xmas all the time.


Ya know the 70mm is not hard to take. It draws me in and allows me to get close enough but still have a tighter crop. I didn’t like the long end on the Fuji X30 as it was too long and made me move back. I guess that’s a strong reason why I always preferred the 35mm on my M Leicas. This lens goes to 24mm on the wide end and 70mm on the long end. I’m not a zoomie lover but the RX100M3 is working it’s way into becoming a Zoom Liker.

The camera is named Walker after Walker Evans. We had a private naming ceremony and it was very nice. I named it Walker because Walker Evans was a very dedicated photographer that could do anything with any camera. He worked in every genre’ and did so beautifully. I remember Ding McNulty showing me photos and then he put Walker’s down on the table. I think at that very moment I had a real complete understanding on what photography can mean to life and death. This was after my tour of duty in Nam and I knew that Walker had influenced me and I hadn’t ever seen his work. So I name my Sony RX1003M after Walker Evans with all due respect and love because the camera can do just about everything and do it well.


I’m actually feeling inspired by the RX1003M. Well, that means something to me cause the cameras that live with me inspire me or they can go inspire someone else. So that’s a big statement in it’s own.

Ok, shhhhh I have a friend named Judy. She’s a good shooter and she has the same camera, different name but same camera. In fact, I don’t think Judy names her cameras so I have to have a talk with her about that. She did most of her work in the last year or so with the RX1002 and I saw most of her stuff and a lot is good. That kinda pushed me over the edge to get the camera.

So as a New Years Resolution I will do my best to keep this blog going and make it interesting. I want to keep this blog open to the readers so if you have a story and some photos, your welcome to let it come to life right here.

Have a good weekend and I’ll be posting again on Monday.

……………………………………………………..end transmission shooter out………………………………………………….