The Fuji X20 as a Street Camera…..Part 2

I ain’t no fanboy, can’t be ’cause I don’t know what it is.  Just cause I was a Hippie in the 60’s, don’t mean I’m Hip enough now to know about these things.

Let me start by saying what I really hate about the X20 on and off the Streets. It…….hmmmmmmm?

So now that that’s outta the way…here’s some more things I like about this camera. Now bear with me here and keep this between you and me. I don’t want this getting out. It’s got this zoomie lens on it. Shame, shame Shooter….a ZOOMIE?


Now I ain’t one to spread rumors and such but this here shot was at I think 112mm. I know, I know…..a tele shot, in color! Well, this was on the way back from yhe VA…so that’s my story and I’m sticking with it….

The X20 has a wonderful lens and to go with it, extremely fast, accurate Auto Focus…at every focal length. Put that in a small compact camera with great Image Stabilization and you have the making for a wonderful camera. I don’t use the viewfinder but I like it. I didn’t use it above but should have. I forgot about it because the screen is just so good.


On or off the street, this camera is very cool. Look, here’s the thing. I am a shooter. I have been for almost 5 decades. I learned one thing that I never forgot or even got complacent about. The IMAGE!

I love photographs. I love mine, that’s woman’s over there and yours. I don’t need all kinds of things in a camera but I do need a camera to be an active part of my creative process. I need a camera to help me capture the image without intruding on my vision.

There are many cameras that can do the task at hand if….one takes the time to form a collaboration with the camera. I am in the process of adapting the X20 to my process. Unfortunately, this camera can’t ever be a tool to work with. I feel bad about that but I must say that my cameras are not tools, they are my friends and work with me to make the images I get credit for.

Every camera that I thought about being a tool, well…..they were put on eBay.

I normally keep the X20 on 28mm. It just feels natural to me and that in itself is a pleasure. As I stated on my last post, I set the camera to MF and use 4′ as my focus distance at 28mm. I use f/5.6 but am covered from f/4 – f/8.

The Raw files convert to B&W or Color easy. Of course I use my Presets and they are tailored to my vision and my camera’s files.


This is a real serious street camera. It’s very compact, very fast and above all….it reconfigures on the spot.
This shot above…. I was coming out of the Trolley tunnel, the camera was set to AF at f?2 because I was in very low light. As soon as I saw this scene develop, I was able to in a matter of seconds to get the camera set and make this shot. I love the little man on the man’s head…..

I’m weird but have cool cameras……..



2 thoughts on “The Fuji X20 as a Street Camera…..Part 2”

  1. A hippie from the 60s? I thought I was the only one left! Im new to your blog but love it. And you understand hyperfocal distance lens settings…something younger folk dont since manufacturers removed lens markings. No need with auto focus they surmised…save on the paint cost!! I have a Ricoh X 200 that uses what they call ” snap” focusing which is kind of an auto hyperfocal distance arrangement. Works well. Had several Ricohs that have failed although they are great street cams. I would imagine Fujis would be more reliable. Nice shots here and, again, great blog…keep on Truckin’!!

    1. Frank, please stop back…..there’s not a lot of people that understand let alone use HD.
      Don’t leave me here alone………don

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