The GR as a Street Camera and Not Just Any Street…..

So I get my cup of  Kona ready and of course I have to hide the Bokum because Tanya thinks I don’t need caffeine because I’m getting older and that stuff is for Olivier cause he’s younger and can control the energy.

I walk out to the garden to sip the first cup of Kona and then sneak the second cup because I can. As I’m standing there I can see a mass of critters looking at me.

The rabbits are on the left with the squirrels. The Groundhog is center stage. He’s the biggest but the meekest also……then all the birds in the world converge on my garden and I then realized….this is a shared garden. There’s slugs crawling around, worms digging holes, ants that take care of the Peony’s and some other things…like eat leftovers and such…..

The said to me….Yo’ dude…like this is a shared space and we let you use it to garden stuff in it. We have rights and….I then cut the speech off and said….Look….if this is a shared garden, why are Tanya and I doing all the hard labor and paying for everything?

The groundhog was the spokesman and said…we let you eat everything we don’t want…we never criticize where you put things so…….

We want to negotiate a contract. We want the garden to be as important to you as the street is. THIS IS OUR STREET and you don’t pay enuff attention to it.

I tried to negotiate a clause to ban the mosquitoes but no go…..something about they keep me in check…..

Here’s a few from Garden Street…….

ISO 800 .. f-4 .. 1-200 (1 of 1)


ISO 560 .. f-4 .. 1-200 (1 of 1)


ISO 100 .. f-4 .. 1-200 (1 of 1)

It takes all kinds of critters to make a world….even a street….

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