The iPhone 5 Is In Da House

First off, here’s a few from the other day just to set the tone of this post and every post for the future of mankind and cameras….well, let’s not get carried away but I am a very happy camper.




The above are with the Mighty Pen 3 and 14mm. I know, the Pen3 is an antique sensor and I’m nuts for using it. Well, that word nuts describes a lot about me and my thinking….. So, if your really a shooter you understand the Mighty Pen.

2013-05-15 11.47.27


2013-05-15 11.52.56-2

The above 2 are the iPhone 5 in color. I did use my Presets and will tweak them again but so far, so good. I could be tempted to just use the iPhone for a while and I will do so, without using any other camera for about a month. This is not easy because I have a very good working relationship with all my cameras. Nontheless, a month will be sufficient to get to know the camera in the phone.

2013-05-15 11.53.54


Listen my friends…..I know all about pixels, grain, noise and all the other negative things people dwell upon and go crazy. Unfortunately, I am into the image. That being the case, my priority is and always will be….the image I see in my head or discover in front of my eyes.

I am not ever going to be ruled by the conventions that gear heads live by if they are not image makers first.


2013-05-15 11.54.05


….to be continued…….

3 thoughts on “The iPhone 5 Is In Da House”

  1. Well, certainly the iphone5 is a very effective tool on these days, almost everyone has a smart phone in the hands so we just need to have the eye to take some SP, the camera is very good, IMO, well is not like a real professional camera but works, really does,I can see in your photos
    , I used the ProCamera app, a couple days ago, so take the challenge to going out around the neighborhood and shoot some street photography, with this apps you can control the ISO and speed shooter….greetings

    1. Thanks Bro’. I am doing a 30 day post and just using the cell to make cellographs. I use Pro Camera also and on this phone…it’s a real fast camera.
      The new issue of the Magazine will be released on Friday.

  2. I like your cellographs. Of course, you’re talented enough to make almost any camera work as a street tool. While I don’t have a mobile camera on the order of the iPhone (I have an iPad2), I follow other iphoneography-related sites regularly, and am amused that others find them technically inferior. Like you, it’s all about the image content first.

    I’d like to see Apple develop the iPod touch series into a dedicated iOS camera platform, with better camera sensor, lens and retina display, sans the cell phone part. Make it like a bit smaller than the iPad mini but thicker case, for a larger sensor, dedicated to photography.

    Keep up the good work.

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