The Nex 6 and the 35mm 1.4 Nokton

Nex 6 Street Photo 1

Time comes in my photographic life that forces me to do things that I am uneasy with. At this juncture, I need as much support from my cameras as I can get. Yeah, I’m a sensitive shooter. So the time is here again for me to start using a 50mm lens. It’s the issue of seeing that rings the door bell to my vision.

Nex 6 Street Photo 2

This is a very stressful time for me. I have my vision working fine with what I have and don’t need or want any interruptions to my process. Well, the Yellow Mother, who is actually bankrupt but out of respect for her I remember her name and spread it around because all need to know how important KODAK was and is to the history of what we do.

She called and once again has made me analyze my stuff and seek with tighter eyes a new frame. This happened only 2xs in my past. First was around 1976 when I got the urge to shoot with a 50mm. I bought a nice Single Stroke M3 with a mint 50mm Cron.

I worked about 20 months using that camera forgetting my M4’s and 35mm lenses. I also used the 90mm on occasion as it’s perfect with the M3. I made a beautiful body of work that sold rather well, enough to pay for my first divorce. Then I went to the M4 and Cron or Lux again as I started Large Format again.

Second time was many years later, I guess around 1998 when I wanted to use the 50mm again. I worked feverishly for almost 2 years and did another nice collection of work, enough to pay for my next divorce. At this time, I went totally Deardorff in all sizes and carried an M4 and 35mm Cron in my jacket pocket or on a strap.


My friends Roger and Peter, both extremely wealthy….oh yeah…that wealthy interrupted my 50mm work again by giving me digital cameras….That took off to the point that I am at the Ricoh GR and fighting the 28mm nipple of the camera and I am now on the Nex 6 with the wonderful 35mm 1.4 Nokton. That gives me a 52.5 mm FOV. It’s just what I need for a spell. I compared the 35mm Lux and the Cron and they read more digital to me than the Nokton. I really like the creamy tones and sharpness it gives me. It reminds me very much of my 35mm Lux 1st Version. Anyway, her I am and here I’ll be for a spell…….

2 thoughts on “The Nex 6 and the 35mm 1.4 Nokton”

  1. Well for sure my unmet friend, I look forward to seeing what you experience with this combination. All the more since I have a NEX6 and currently use a Canon 85 1.8 on it with an electronic Metabones adapter that provides full metadata and auto focus (but slow). I hope I can come to Philly some time and meet up with you on the streets. Keep moving sir 🙂

    1. Dan, I look forward to your visit. The Nex 6 with the Nokton, it’s such a sweet way to work. I can see spending much time with it. I like the MF aid and the peaking, works soooo well…. Keep in touch…..

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