The Ricoh GR, an Elegant Street Camera …. Part 2




06-13-0642ISO 25600

I can’t even count that high let alone shoot that high. But it’s fun trying.

I’m pretty much at ease with the GR. I am having some thoughts about the Zone Focusing. I have used that method since my very first photos with my Dad’s cameras. The GR doesn’t get along to well with DOF Master computations. So I’ll try again tomorrow on the street. The HORROR…I have to go out and work again…tsk tsk, whatever shall I do…..?




The camera feels natural and my images are familiar to me with the exception of DOF. That in itself may lead to a new way of seeing the familiar.



I’ve been asked to write a review for the GR and I’d be glad to do so but only after I feel that the camera is mine. That means that we can work together without intrusion from each other.



The GR is a classy camera. Unfortunately this one ends up with a guy that ain’t gotz no class……

Tomorrow I’m on the street and will post some findings on the Zone Focus/Hyperfocal Distance issues….


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