The Ricoh GR …. an Elegant Street Camera

Elegance! The one word that describes the camera and the experience of using it. Elegance!


I was out yesterday for a few hours on a practice run with the Nex 6. I say practice because I am just trying to see how the camera and I work together. I had my NewsWear   Fanny Pack on. This is an elegant way to wear and use a camera bag. I put a Billingham double insert in side with velcro and it’s the best camera bag out there.  Anyway, the GR was in one of the pockets.

The Nex 6 is a nice camera. I’m using the Sigma 19 & 30 and I gotta say, this is a very good combination. So as I was getting the communication link established with the Nex, I kept feeling the camera bag bumping against my waist.


The GR is getting impatient. Beings the woman that she is, (Gr is named Tanya after my wife)….she’s very impatient and wants to get out of the bag and see the light because that stupid Nex thing of a camera has taken up the day and now it’s time to work with a real elegant camera so open the damn bag and LET ME OUT. ….NOW!

Well, it’s hard to resist and pointless also…so the Nex went to the bag and Tanya was set free. She was right.

I have the neck strap on because Ricoh makes great cameras but the stupid engineers use that asinine way to attach a strap to the camera so it’s impossible to switch from neck to wrist with any real elegance at all and your forced to use one or the other and every time you take the time to switch you realize in 5 minutes it was a wrong decision and that leaves you in Ricoh Strap Limbo…and that my friends ain’t a pretty picture.

So a couple of my friends on Flickr invented this place to make photos. It’s called…”Inter-Alios”. Now I’m not the smartest shooter on the street but dang it….I do know my way around Philly. I’ve done all that an Inter-Alios shooter is supposed to do and I haven’t found that place yet.



What I did find was myself with the very capable, very Elegant Ricoh GR.

Friends, I hope you find yourself in a similar situation with the GR. I know it’s hard to get and you may get impatient. Trust me, it’s worth the wait and it’s even worth the work but that’s another story and that I’ll tell soon.

It’s Sunday morning here in Philly. I’m told it’s the same in many places but I don’t believe that. I think everybody should have their own favorite place and time and the GR will help you live in it.

That place is the Here and Now…..

Go in Peace but go with a camera in your hand….don

2 thoughts on “The Ricoh GR …. an Elegant Street Camera”

  1. Morning Don! Enjoy your Sunday as I’m enjoying your GR commentary. I will be in Philly for a week starting a week from now. Maybe we can hook up so you can teach me a thing or two!

  2. Mornin Duane…. Kona #2 is on the way.
    I’ll check on the hood today after da wifey gets home.

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