The Ricoh GR and the Nex 6 work well together.


I just love testing 2 cameras at the same time…..NOT! The GR is an amazing camera that fulfills all that one expects from it and more. The same is true true of the Nex6. Both are very intuitive and I was amazed at how easy the Nex works. I had a Nex 5 when it came out and Ray Sachs and I wrestled with them but figured out the way to make them work. No such issue with the Nex 6. Roger forget to send me the manual so I went solo and it all works in the end.

The GR needs no such thoughts…well, if you ever used a GRD#…you’ll feel right at home.

I never opened the manual……





I really need a break and I am having a naming issue for the Nex. I guess something will twist my brain……….

06-13-0302For Eva


I have a lot to say and post but I have to process images and gather my thoughts…..the last part is scary…..


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