The Ricoh GR as a Street Camera



The GR allows me to almost vanish or at least blend into the environment that I’m working in. That really means that I don’t have to argue with the camera and look stupid. This is also a device to use when you get caught making a photo….more about that later.





I am really finding the groove with the GR. It’s easy if you don’t resist the energy on the street and just work with the camera and  not practice. I am having issues with the DOF but it’s not something I can’t adjust to and teach the camera because I am right and the Ricoh engineers have their head up that place where the sun don’t shine.

Here’s an example…….

I stood about 4 1’2′ from this planter. I shot at f/4.5, 5.6, 8.0, 11 The idea is that each stop will give a very close focus at the similar distance of  4 1/2′.

The difference in f/stops should show some sharpening at the close distance and more importantly….it should show more focus at the rear part of the DOF. I used 2 meters and kept that as the focus distance. Photos Straight OOC.

f-4.5 (1 of 1)


f-5.6 (1 of 1)


f-8.0 (1 of 1)


f-11 (1 of 1)


So we can see that Streetshooters Law of street physical optical anti-engineering is true in the practical sense.

I see that at f/11, we start to see that diffraction thing everyone talks about. F/8 seems to be ideal at 2 meters and so it should be. The reason I did this is because if I can leave the camera at 2 meters and just change the f/stops to get the dof desired or as many call it….Zone Focus…see, ya did learn something….so did I.









The GR is a great camera and I have adapted to it’s way of working and it has done the same with me.

I did find 1 serious problem and I went to my Shrink at the VA Hospital. I said Doc, I’m seeing colors doc. I’m seeing these colors in my photos and on the street and we….it ain’t pretty doc….

Doc asked me if I was doing that stuff from the 60’s……..hmmmmmmmm

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