The Ricoh GR Has a Sense of Humor


Ya know, sometimes I wish the GR had a better sense of humor. Don’t get it wrong now. If I screw up, it’s the first one around to laugh at me but if the camera screws up….it blames it on me. So I said to the GR…(Tanya from here out)..Tanya, lets go find some photos. Well, Tanya is always good with that beings that shes firmly attached to me by a strap.

So we’re walking along, actually I’m walking and she’s along for the ride. I saw this background and I liked the way it looked and in the near distance I saw this woman moving towards us. So I used my thumb, without taking my eyes off the woman and background and pressed to Snap Distance.

I was now ready but the timing had to be perfect….it always has to be perfect and you have to release at that exact second to get what your after……Come’on….that’s why we use Ricoh’s right… she approached I saw the photo in my head and then in reality…..CLICK!


We started walking again and came upon Market East. Tanya twitched my hand and I looked right. This girl was just standing there. I mean I stopped, looked for a minute easy and she never moved, not a muscle. By this time Tanya was shaking her IS off to get me to go to work. I walked over and made a photo and actually, it’s Tanya’s shot I was just there along for the ride.



It seemed like color day to me and Tanya knew I was upset that we didn’t make any b&w shots. Well, the commitment to the image is at exposure so yes, we do our conversions on the street at exposure before getting to the computer. This is a harden steadfast rule that I can break at will whenever. It’s the best kind of rule to have.

So I wanted some coffee and Tanya wanted to rest in the pocket. As we walked to the Reading Market, I saw a photo that I thought could be interesting…….CLICK!


Sometimes people look at Tanya and I get kinda jealous. This guy was looking right at her eye. I mean he stared right at her, never seeing me. I don’t know what he was thinking but this being Philly, we made our getaway quickly.


Tanya doesn’t like photos like this. I told her it’s because she’s not Human but just a camera. She smiled, like f/2.8 wide open and said to me….

Listen buster….you think I’m just a camera but when people look at my photos, they think I’m more HUMAN than you are…….

Don’t sweat friends, she’s a lady and has a ladies prerogative to think the way she wants…

See ya’s tomorrow if my Doc lets me out of the Hospital……..

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  1. Great story and pictures as ever, Don! Good luck tomorrow and I sure hope your Doctor lets you out of the hospital.

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