The Ricoh Gr is like Josey Wales…….

Well, rain, rain, rain. I can’t get to the street until tomorrow and I’ll be there regardless of weather. So I said to myself….Self…you gotta work this here camera and find yer images with it. Tis a good thing sometimes to be trapped in a familiar place with a not so unfamiliar camera.


I know that i try very hard never to get complacent with my surroundings. The garden is the exact place to feel refreshed. I was just testing the Snap Focus Distances at different apertures so that I have a similar understanding as I have with my GRD4.

Of course, there exist a different dof due to the sensor size in the cameras.

At any rate….I looked at the grill that doesn’t work anymore because my friend wanted to fix it even tho it wasn’t broken so now it is and it’s a fine plant holder kinda thing taking up space and reminding me of how pissed I get when I can’t grill a friggin steak that I can’t eat because Tanya says it’s bad for me……

So that fond memory of forgotten memories that I don’t want to remember prompted the above photo. I like the photo but can do without those memories.


The GR is a fine camera. There are a few things with it that I don’t like and I’m sure that Ricoh will not fix those few things in a firmware update. I have learned to accept all things that pass by and thru my life as if it were a part of me for a few seconds. There’s things living inside my body that I don’t like and I have to accept that so I can deal with the Ricoh GR.

Tomorrow I’ll be working the streets. Well, making photos, the young girls will be making money….Yeah…young boys too…this is Philly.

I’ll definitely make a post about the camera and images. I’ll try to be more serious but to be honest,  I really won’t be able to do that. There are a few things I need to work out and tomorrow is the Day of Reckoning.  Until then, no doubt I’ll be talking to our flowers. I get sad when they show up and grace our lives with their presence… and then die and preserve life for the next generation.

I only hope that next season Tanya and I will be here to greet them…..

….all things are created equal and a like….those veins give me life just like the stems give the plants and flowers life……


The GR will give my images life…………..There is strength in your words Josey Wales………

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