The Ricoh GR …. My UN-Real Reality Check


There’s something that happens when you bond with your camera. This is serious poopy…. Ya see, if we have issues with our camera as a tool, then we assume like many that we need to learn the tool to get the desired result. That’s a safe assumption but that also makes way for the reality of our vision. As long as we are learning a camera and how the 2 of us see together, it’s easy to just snap away and not be too concerned about the results. I mean after all….the freaking camera won’t do what I ask it to do and all these crappy images are the cameras fault because I won’t be accountable for my actions……BULL>>>t!


It’s easy to blame the camera or anything but ourselves for faulty image capturing procedures.  I mean who wants to be accountable for our stuff? Well, sorry folks…I do and I stand accountable for everything. I don’t blame the camera, computer, darkroom, chemicals, digital chemicals or anything for my failures and also I claim credit for my success, whatever that may be.




Case in point. I’m training 2 cameras at the same time. They are the Ricoh GR and the Nex 6. They both have similar file sizes and output. They are different but the same. We are a trio making our way to the Dream Land of Shooter Images.

Sometimes when I’m on the street working, I feel a longing for my other cameras that have found new friends and or homes. I guess because I’m working the streets that I have worked with many, many different cameras. I try to stay focused on the present but I drift more and more to the other side of reality. 06-13-1525

Sometimes as I walk I feel very alone. I feel the camera in my hand and the guilt of not feeling those that passed before us.

I guess in the end, all my photos and all my cameras will outlive me and then the cameras can get together and bid me farewell and maybe even send me to eBay………..

6 thoughts on “The Ricoh GR …. My UN-Real Reality Check”

    1. Not sure Wim….I don’t know what used Streetshooters go for on the otherside….
      on this side…..

    1. Dan, Thanks for stopping by. I’m currently using the Sigma 19mm & 30mm. They both are really good but the 30mm is close to stellar. My friend Roger is sending me the Sony 35mm 1.8. I don’t know how the 2 compare but the Sigma is gonna be hard to beat.
      I really like the Nex 6……maybe even too much.

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