The Ricoh GR Saga


Yeah, yeah….it’s color. Here’s why….if your gonna be a B&W shooter, you must have an understanding of color and it’s conversion into b&w. Yo’ don’t get it wrong…this ain’t no technical session on color to  b&w. In fact, that’s enough of that.

The GR is a unique camera in the fact that it has no history. No, it’s not an upgraded GRD4. It gets much of it’s intuitiveness from the GRD’s but after that, it’s a whole new experience. The image quality is a challenge and I’m real good at seeing and finding my images whether from the camera or from the processing.

I haven’t found it yet. This is because the files are so clean and sharp that they are almost to digital. Almost I said. I am not the easy guy to please but I am having some things happening that are showing me the way ahead……



Visually I’m still as focused as ever. The issue is in the back end. Backend is a term Pro’s use to mean the processing etc. I’m a hard core Pro….about not being a Pro.

The photo above is a part of my vision. The face, the hand…then the reflection, the buildings swallowing up humanity….it’s there…the camera  did it’s job flawlessly. In LR4, I am still searching for my processing vision to meet my capture vision and find harmony together.



I’m getting close but that really means to SEE the images from this camera without pre-conceptions from everything that I’ve done before because that’s the way I like things to be because sometimes I think I’m a good control freak and in reality I’m just a streetshooter.

Let me say this before I end this post. The GRD4 is an amazing friend. We have done a lot together and we have been thru war on the streets and in the household. Yes, I’m a married streetshooter.

The new GR should be seen as a new camera because it is. If your familiar with the GRD series, you’ll have no problem setting the camera up and get it going.

My cameras are not tools. They are my friends and always have been. I go for walks with my friends. There’s a new friend on the shelf. Her name is Tanya. The GR’s female. She likes to go out for walks and have me put my hand all over her…not her lens tho’. She responds very fast but….she doesn’t like to be judged by any other camera before.

As soon as I really learn that, we’ll be dancing together….



More tomorrow after a walk on Market Street with Tanya. A few of my friends have this camera and are writing about it. I think between all of us…you’ll be more confused then if you just get the camera and use it. Please visit… Wouter @  and   Jorge @

9 thoughts on “The Ricoh GR Saga”

    1. Ed, yes I had 2 GXR’s for a good while. It’s a different camera and the files are different. To be honest, at this minute….I would prefer the A12 28 but that probably change after I learn to stop arguing with her.

      Out of all the digital camera I’ve used, the GXR was the absolute best. I can’t say which of these 2 are better, just different.

    2. I worked with the GXR and the A12 28mm lens before and now with the GR. The GXR is heavier, has a larger body, and the lens is larger. Image quality of both cameras is great, but both have a slight differences too due to the nature of the sensors (the GXR has a 12Mb CCD sensor while the GR comes with a 18Mb CMOS sensor).

      Although Don writes the new GR is basically a new camera, it still is very close related to the previous GRD cameras. It feels similar, it is still an agile camera. From the two I prefer the GR. And one important thing to know if you actually consider the GXR and want to use it with an optical viewfinder, the hotshoe is not located exactly above the lens. Not really a problem for subjects further away, but could be for nearby subjects.

      1. Thanks for that comparison. The reason I asked is that I have the GRD IV and the GXR with the 28mm and 50mm lens units and the EVF. So I decided to pass on the GR… at least at this point. But curiosity, you know…

        1. Ed, if I wasn’t attacked on the subway and had my GXR a12 50 stolen, I’d still be using them. Just remember….the GXR is an extremely intense camera. It brings out the best in all who use it. The images are photographic and not digital at all.

      2. Wouter. Of course the GR is an offspring of the GRD’s. They are similar in use but there is a remarkable difference in the files. If I went to church everyday for 100 years, I couldn’t be as clean as the GR’s files. Tomorrow is a hard core street shooting day and the day that I will finally come to terms with this camera once and for all.

  1. I agree on your comment that someone interested in the GR might become more confused by now. The GR reminds me of my GR1, more than any camera I have used before. You are getting there. I mean, that third image just really does it for me. A wonderful image.

    1. Thanks my friend. You have a lot going on also and some really nice images but I ain’t talking……

  2. Indeed, confusion abounds but one thing is for real, the GR like you said is a new breed and its here to stay. With its added IQ, high ISO performance trumping the GRD 4, and like Wouter mentions as well, its agility is in bread in its DNA and I’m sure as its going to be a marvel for many photographers, noticed I intentionally didn’t say “street photographer”. I believe this compact is a bridge camera, one of a kind, and I’ll expand on this future blog posts.

    Don, wonderful images, the BW are beautiful, remember what I mentioned about the tonality and how malleable the DNG’s are, well, I think you’ve found out for yourself. I look forward to your continued work.

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