The Ricoh Gr …. Spreads it’s Wings and Learns to FLY …. and teaches me a few things……



It’s been a real ordeal for me to come to terms with the GR. She’s real stubborn and set in her ways, refusing to let me have anything I want even with compromise. I finally explained myself for the last time just a week ago and she, Tanya blatantly ignored my request. I told her for the last time that I will not fight with her or….let her intrude on my vision and work……..!

So I’m checking out my images for the last few years and something starts to come to the front…..



I noticed a pattern of working that made me uneasy. See, I’ve been using cameras on a neck strap and doing that low angle chest, hip shot thing. (not that there’s anything wrong with that)….but I saw many really good images and they were mostly the ones that I handheld the camera and used the screen at eye level or sorts. This is the way I worked for well over….yeah..that long.

So I decided that it’s time to get back to my personal roots and shoot as I see it and not using guesstimation visual procedures not fonding out what I got until later when I feel like a semi-real shooter in front of my computer loaded with that fancy dance lightroom stuff.





Shooter, your off in shooterspaceland……come in for a landing ok…so we can all get the point you’re making….

I looked at the Gr and the GR looked back at me. I said…..Tanya, methinks you got something in your firmware that I need to know about. Tanya said….Look shooter, with all due respect…I’ve been fighting with you for over a month. You keep insisting to wear me on your neckstrap and hang me out in the open against your chest because you think you know everything and you don’t even know hot to talk to me and I’m just a camera and everyone will think your crazy for talking to a camera but what’s that say about me talking to you like I’m supposed too……

(Tanya thinks and talks in run on sentences like I do.) So what the point is…is this! The GR is the first camera in a long time that makes me rethink everything I do photographically. She retaught me to get her up and out so that we can share the visual experience. She like me to use AF and sometimes One Press Snap. She told me to keep off that Snap shooting because it’s to easy.




I guess this is natural if one opens to the energy around him/her…… There’s a new day dawning and I know that I’m now ready to rise to the occasion. The GR has given me new meaning for what I already know and practice but didn’t pay attention to because sometimes I think I know it all and I don’t like to listen to ….uh…now I have 2 Tanya’s to contend with….


It’s a very exciting time for me and I hope for many others also. The GR is a wonderful camera…..just listen to it  and don’t force it to try to be what you want….it will help you become what you are meant to be.


RICOH……I am open for endorsements……

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