Walk By Shootings or How The E-P3 is Like The GRD4

I will start by confessing the absolute truth about how I measure a cameras worth. It’s not a money thing. It’s strictly a working thing and how the camera lets me do my work. I compare every camera to the Ricoh GRD4. Believe me, that’s not an easy task for any camera to take on.





One of the most important issues I deal with, with any camera is focusing and not focusing. Well I guess in a way I always focus but when I do Walk By Shootings, I’m in either Snap mode with the Ricoh, or MF with any other camera. The E-P3 has a few things going for it. One is that it writes to the card very fast. The GRD4 doesn’t….fast but not as fast.

That’s not a major issue and it’s maybe off base for this post.





Once you have an understanding of your focal length, then you must surrender the idea of visualizing the photo on the screen or finder. You of course will see the image in your head and you and the camera will make a collaboration on the content of the photo. So, it’s important that you have an understanding of your camera and try to stay in good spirits with it.


The Pen3 has a good interface. I use Fn1 button to switch between MF and AF. Then I use the RED video button for AF. Fn2 button switches the screen on/off. I then use the Olympus Distance Calculator. I stand at a wall and walk out to the desired distance, then hit the red af button to lock that distance in. Of course with the Ricoh, you just set the snap distance…imagine that…hmmmm

So like the photo above, I used f5.6 to get the DOF I want and then I just frame in a way I can’t describe and release. Working this way allows anyone to get close, even closer and not feel intimidated as most subjects never know your making a photo.





What I fing most exciting is the way the camera works with me. I know the subject matter in front of me but I can’t SEE the screen. The camera gets what I want in the frame and then makes the photo depending on my position. It’s very exciting. This is one area of street that I have fully enjoyed for over 45 years.





If you haven’t tried this kind of work, I encourage you to give it a shot. With digital cameras it’s very easy to get a strong feeling for the way the camera interprets your photo….

You then become a collaborator in another way with your photography. Maybe, just maybe…you’ll feel like naming your cameras like your trusted friends.

Go in Peace but go with a camera in your hand…..



2 thoughts on “Walk By Shootings or How The E-P3 is Like The GRD4”

  1. as a ricoh user i can relate …..my gx 200 and gxr with 24-72 2.4-4.4 module are the standard by which i measure usability in a new camera

    i imagine the ep3 is like a lightning quick ep1…. and i still use my ep1….

    also i agree ….detail is nice ….but now its all about the significant form…. as clive bell would say

    thanks for your insights

    1. I get the Ricoh. I compare all cameras to the GRD4. Of course none gets it like the Ricoh. There’s always something missing but the Pen3 is a very intuitive camera. I love the series.

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