08/04/16 … Fuji X100T … RIP G.


Wasn’t such a great meeting at the VA Group. Another Vet committed Suicide. I knew the guy for a few years and we are all troubled when this happens. I guess Trump & Clinton will fix things and all will be well. RIGHT!

So I was going home and then I saw the doors and the light on the other side and I envisioned passing thru. All the sudden, Andre’ the Fuji X100T started vibrating in my hand a a man passed by me and was now mostly in the blackness of oblivion going to the light of never ending Peace.  CLICK! … Rest in Peace G. Statistics show about 22 Vets a day take their own lives.

Better to send $400 Million to Iran so they can fund terrorist groups than to add support for Veterans.


As I walked thru the Historic Park to catch the train home, I saw Polly. She waved and gave me a hug and told me she has friends in from Japan. She said she was taking them on a bus ride to see the city. Anyway, I moved around a little and then out of nowhere, I saw the bus and sure nuff…Polly was in view. I quickly made a photo and smiled. She didn’t see me. She will see the photo when she reads this post.

This is not a heavy post, it is a lite post. If it was a heavy post youse would have more to read and more photos to see. The fact is it’s a lite post and youse reached the end……

seeyas tomorrow………

10 thoughts on “08/04/16 … Fuji X100T … RIP G.”

  1. “Better to send $400 Million to Iran so they can fund terrorist groups than to add support for Veterans.”

    You’re darn right there! I’m not american, not involved, but this is really an aberration. Your photo ‘going into the light’ is great!

    1. Well, you get it Frank, how come the politicians don’t? Maybe they are all getting a slice of the pie.

        1. Frank, yes it’s true. The lust for greed and power compromises men and women of a sub human level. The quick look at our presidential race is proof of that.

    1. Pavel, this is a close estimate but it’s not just Nam Vets, it’s all Vets. I meet at our meetings many from Iraq and Afghanistan that have PTSD and suicidal tendencies and they are young soldiers and we older troops try to help them along.
      The Gov’t doesn’t really do much for anyone but announce how well the VA is doing.

  2. I read this post yesterday but on my phone and was unable to comment. It is so shameful what our Veterans have to deal with and go through without any support or help. So sorry for the loss of one of our men in arms.

  3. Thanks for sharing Don. Damn shame so many of our vets leaving this life in this way every day. Oh well…the golf course awaits the politicians! Thanks for doing your part to help.

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