Covid-19 … A Lesson From My Cameras … Fuji X100V

This is all slim pickins because my time on the street to work is extremely limited. So I get to analyze my motives, processes and intent because, what else I have to do anyway?

O_k, about the Fuji X100V.  I have it about 2 months and 2 things keep popping up that make me want to get rid of it.  The first is that it does not have IBIS. For me now that’s a critical feature. My essential tremors have progressed to Parkinson’s Disease. Most cameras I can’t handhold below 1/250 sec. Yeah I know, sucks. The Leica M9 is certainly a heavier camera and in a way, it steadies for me. At any rate, when the time comes that I can’t use the M9 on the street, it will be time to buy the farm.

The Fuji X-Pro2 is similar to the M9 because it’s also a heavier camera. I adore that camera  and still have to use it around 1/125 sec.

I had the Olympus Pen-F and sold it 3 times and still think about it. It has IBIS and probably the best of any camera until….The Ricoh GRIII. This camera is a life line for me because of the iBIS. It is sooo efficient and I can handhold @ 1/15th sec. Sharp images, handheld at 1/15 sec… awesome. It works beautifully and flawlessly.

This is the first issue I have with cameras. I won’t sell any because they make me aware of my  shortcomings and that I need to work on them. Now I’m gonna tellya alls about a time past that things were different. There were alchemist that worked in the dark. The dark workers produced photos on some kinda paper and when you touched those photos, it was a delightful magical experience.

The real beauty back then that has manifested to current times, is THE CAMERA.  There was no IBIS in the film cameras. I look back at some of my archive and many images have a slight blur. Mostly unnoticeable but it’s there. I I used 1/125sec @ f/11 as my base exposure with Tri-X.  I had no tremor issues the that I was aware of and yet if I study the negatives, the tremor is there. If I had a Ricoh GRIII back then, no problems.

Back to the present, Covid-19 day 5-14-20. Because of the issues with camera shake, I have used soft releases on most cameras. The idea is, your finger will softly press the release and stop shake at the moment of exposure. When the Fuji V100V arrived I did 2 things right away. First as always is to install a Screen Protector. The next thing is the soft release. I have many of these and most are the convex style. It lets my finger have a point of contact that is natural feeling.  Here’s why you need to name your cameras and have conversations with them.

I had an experience 3 years ago. I got a Fuji X-Pro2. I put on a soft release and went for a walk, It was raining and it was a nice feeling to feel safe in the rain and make photos with a camera. I arrived home in a few hours and noticed the soft release was gone. No sweat, I have many. I went again with a soft release on the X-Pro2 and sure enough, it was gone when I got home.

So I decided that Walker the Fuji X-Pro2 and I need a chat. I looked Walker in the 23mm eye and said, wassup wit da soft release thing?  Walker said, “I doin need no stupid soft release on my body”‘ I gotta tellya, I thought that was kinda a nervy thing to say to me.  He continued by saying …”Shooter, your a nice kid, but who likes kids” We are partners thru a life in photography and that means we need to work together to bring the images alive.

Ya know, Walker the Fuji X-100V had a good point. I never used a soft release on him again.

I was sitting at my desk working in Light Room and I can hear a mumbling. I look around and methinks, I hear a mumbling a callin’. I looked in the camera cabinet.  It seems that Walker the Fuji X-Pro2 was talking to Walt the Fuji X100V. They are having a deep chat and Walt was explaining that he will be sold off shortly. He wanted to stay with Walker and the other cameras.  Walt was nervous to talk with me directly. Well, Andre the Leica M9 stepped up and said him and i need to talk. So I said I will sip a scotch and listen. Well, 3 shots later and I was all good to go.

Andre’ said, shooter for almost 2 months, you been having problems with the new kid on the block,  Walt the Fuji X100V. I said, yes sir, I can’t get the release right. Almost ever time I press the release  it fires many shots like continuous mode. I’ve had enough and i decided to sell the camera.

Andre’ said.  shooter sometimes your a smart guy and your good looking and many woman like to look  at ya. Some men also, not that there’s anything wrong with that. The thing is and we in the camera cabinet all agree, sometimes your not the sharpest pencil in the box. This is one of those times.


14 thoughts on “Covid-19 … A Lesson From My Cameras … Fuji X100V”

  1. Rough old life, Don – always something turns up. Now this Parkinson guy !! Always wondered about soft release buttons – I’ll now stop and forget them!
    Give Walt a break and take him out again.

    1. Jesse, Yessir, ain’t been a sweet smooth journey.I got what I got and regardless what that is, I’m on it. If you want to try a soft release, send me your address and I’ll put a few in an envelope and send them to you.

  2. Hi Don,
    Have this idea that as you get older you need to increase your ASA.
    Another thing, I’m up to 1/1000th.
    No shakes.

      1. Hi Don
        Sad news about Alexandra Jones. I wonder what will happen to her Flickr archives. Must be over 25,000 images stuck in there.

        1. John, she lives in Philly like me. I can’t find any info. Please send me a link or something. Thanks my friend

  3. I had a relative that had Parkinsons. He was a painter. Shook like mad. But when he picked up a brush, smooth as softened butter. Whatever works…. Be well Don. Be well.

    1. Keith, I understand that. It’s a tricky disease with many triggers. I am doing best I can to slow the progress but in the end, it will win.
      Thanks, be safe….. ♥♥♥ one for each of ya.

  4. Death always wins in the end, that’s what makes life interesting. You’ve made your mark in the meantime which is more than most of us and done it without giving off a cruel vibe in the effort to do so. BUT I am not a convert to the Fuji 100 series. I am struggling to make the LX100 mine and losing the struggle but a fixed lens non IBIS camera just isn’t for me and I know it. I admire your desire to make it work.

    1. First off, thanks for the post. Contact Olivier as he’s been using the LX100 for a long time and it’s one of his favorite cameras. He can help, rest assured. The XC100 series is an interesting approach to cameras. I have to admit that the X100V is a winner but…for me the shutter release is way to sensitive. Even without the soft release, at times I get multiple releases. It’s upsetting and then my wife said, can’t you just delete the extra photos in the PC? ….end of conversation my friend….stay safe from what I don’t know or really care about.You can get Olivier from the Inspired Eye Website.

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