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February 28th, 2017 … Wants vs Needs … Fuji X100F

Thanks everyone for reading the blog and posting comments. I am honored and humbled that you would do that. The reason I’m doing the blog and now writing about the Fuji X100f is not about recognition. I know Fuji would never choose me as an X shooter. I also am not doing this for money or fame and fortune. I do it for love.  L O V E.  That’s a big word and even bigger feelings and thoughts. So where most approach writing about the camera from a work ethic or financial standpoint or a step to a higher level of fame, I am doing it because I love photography and I adore this camera.

So, let’s cut the crap out the X100F and get it out of the way. Dang it…. why didn’t Fuji put a tilt screen on it? Duh… it don’t need it. It’s not just a street camera but a camera that guides us in a way to think and a method of discovery of our subject. What I mean is, regardless of the task you are doing, the X100F becomes an ally or maybe it just bonds with you and forms a synergism that magically adds to the experience of making photos. Here in NE Philly on Montour Street, it’s called Mojo.

See, the idea about making photos is to always be in touch with yourself while working. Just being able to see, think and feel is the ZEN of life that is required to give life to your work. I’m not saying I can do it, I’m saying I understand it and try to maintain the stance so that it can happen at times and I can write about it. So, having the awareness that you are a part of something wonderful means you have to accept the mechanical things that get used in your work.

I was out for a walk with Andre’ the Fuji X100F and I bumped into Dude. Dude has a unnamed Silver Fuji X100F. We start talking and I’m feeling almost comfy because we share the streets together and we have the same camera and then…..OHHHH! Dud is complaining about the lack of a tilt screen. He doesn’t like the way the camera fits his hand. I’m starting to get fidgity.  Andre is in my hand and I feel him burning up. His battery is getting hot because Dude is basically insulting Andre’s sibling. Anyway Dude tells me about 7 things that he feels should be on the camera. Inside I need my shrink cause I’m laffin’ and afraid o let it come to the surface. So I said I had to go because life was calling me and I can’t stop life.

As I walked away, I had a kinda sick feeling in my gut. I mean, I’m feeling this camera perfectly as is and would rather go with positive energy. I realized that things are never perfect and I don’t want it perfect. I want to learn myself with this camera and see what we can find mutually.

Photography is about being an observer or a participant. I like to live as an observer most times and that means having a camera that will not intrude on my vision. That’s an absolute must. I know I’m crazy and I get random racing thoughts. I know that Andre’ is like my partner on a journey that I choose to live and must do to breath. So, here’s a few things I did. Mind you, normally I have the camera and an extra battery and a lens pen when I work.

Andre’ the Fuji X100F is sporting a neck strap, a soft release and a lens hood and a B&W UV filter. I have an ACMAXX on the screen for protection. I never use a hood. I never use a filter. I never use a soft release. I am in testing phase and bond so I will go crazy. Oh my, a lens hood.

This photo up top is worked on in LR. The idea was to see what the JPEGs can handle. It’s amazing how much I blew the highs and mids because that’s how I feel and see it. So I’m seriously considering not doing raw for a while. The JPEGs from this camera are the finest I’ve seen from any, bar none. It amazes me … look at the whites and they are not wasted. Even the shadows are holding details. Yeah, yeah, the original file is very nice but I want to see how far I can push the envelope.

I am getting a slew of emails etc and will answer each one as quick as possible.

Ok ya’ll….. seeya tomorrow. They are calling for rain here but I might get out anyway. Peace and be blessed…………………………………….

19 thoughts on “February 28th, 2017 … Wants vs Needs … Fuji X100F

    • Keith, ya know…it’s a wonderful thing to work, make the photos and realize that you were there. What’s even nicer for me, is that YOU realize I was there… that’s so nice and I thank you my friend.

  1. Don, the photo of the lady with the baby stroller really shows what this camera can do. Great smooth B&W contrast/dynamic range and when I blow it up on screen the detail in her sweater really stands out. How long can I resist? Take care out there.

    • Dave, thanks. Yes the X100F makes a great JPEG and I know I should stay with it but I will go to raw once again knowing I leave behind a great image processor. Look, if I always did what I felt was right, I wouldn’t need my Doc.

      The single biggest issue to deal with is the 35mm fov which is home for me, how about you?

  2. Hello…

    so i i am thinking about that Fuji x70. I went to the shop to touch him. And I don’t know why, but I didn’t fell in love. It was off, because it was just there for display, but I wasn’t much impressed. Don’t know why..

    anyway, I don’t use tilt lcd creens

    i wanted to see Ricoh GRII…because I stil have him in my mind…but, believe me, Ricoh GR is only on dipslay in two stores in whole country (in Prague) so I can’t touch himn in Ostrava … so we have a talk with seller guy …i know never believe them as they say the thing you want to hear…but i belived thsi one….he said GR has dust…it is the thing…but he doesn’t metter to him, he personal uses it….

    so I am thinking to get GR2 after all…

    i am poor in decisions….

    Pavel P.

    • Pavel, The GR did in fact have a dust issue. I sent it to Ricoh 2xs and was cleaned. I now have the GRII and had id since release. I don’t see any dust. I’m not one to try to fix things that aren’t broken. The GRII has the most intuitive interface of any camera. Ya know how ya use a camera for a while, then put it down and use another for a while and then use the first one again and ya need to refresh your memory so you can use it properly again? That doesn’t happen with the GRII. It’s that nice. Just pick it up and your good to go.
      Good luck in your search.

  3. Many thanks for reply! I have one more question rearding GR if you don’t mind. It has a snap focus mode. Is it necesity to be in snap mode when shooting people. Or is regulsr AF good for street. What do you prefer when shooting on the street? Thans for your patience! Lovely photos here!

    • Pavel. The GRII …. use the 4 way controller on the back. Then, the left button is set to snap/af. Fn2 is set to Snap Focus Distance. So, walking around, no need to focus unless you want to, press Left button, your in AF Mode.
      I use snap at f8-11 mostle and don’t need to focus if I want to focus, press left and good to go.

      The thing is, this camera is very intuitive and once you use it, almost impossible to use anything else. I call it the Camera Killer.

  4. Don, let me start off by saying that I like about 1/3 of your “stuff” and from one street shooter to the next, believe me that’s a compliment. what i did take exception to was how nonchalantly and sarcastically excused fuji for not having an articulating or tilt screen. You characterize it with the word “DUH” Think hard and go back to when 21/4 cameras were in vogue. Think about how convenient and the more natural perspective one could obtain by holding the camera at waist level when shooting. Think of the stability you get when holding the camera against your stomach (no matter what the size of your belly). Lastly think of how less intrusive it is out on the street rather than holding a camera up to your face. Most of my subway photography (in nyc) is done with a camera with a TILTING screen.To be more honest instead of getting the shot I would undoubtedly get my head handed to me if I held the camera to my face. But more important as you know when your subject is unaware of your photographic presence you’re more likely to catch the real deal instead of a resentful subject. So that fuji’s reason for not including a tilt screen is of course the’ Bottom Line”. It wouldn’t add that much cost to the camera and in my opinion not that much bulk
    ‘ I would say that’s a good trade off for whatever you see as its downsides “DUH” thank you for your columns. Don Greenfield the ole man at large.

    • Don, I write what I feel and when. i make no excuses either. I’m a man. I stand by what I put out there.

      Anyway, I don’t think Fuji sees the X100 series with a tilt screen. Well, I guess that’s obvious. Personally., I don’t need a tilt screen. I have it on my Olympus Pen F and honestly, I never use it. The market for Fuji with the X100 series is the Leica M romantic illusion. The design is all about the Leica and so the users also feel the Leica in the experience. I don’t miss a tilt screen because for me, it’s not how I relate to my subject. If it was, I’d be on the Pen F more, but even there, I don’t.
      Take care out the my friend. Something tells me you got some life time of numbers like I do…..

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