March 31st, 2019 … Daily Shot … Ricoh GR III … For President Trump

Well, Andre’ the Ricoh GR III and the old streetshooter have created a bond that appears to have longevity for the future. It took a few compromises but I am very comfy with the camera.

I was doing a shoot in Northern Liberties here in Philadelphia and came upon Old Glory almost at rest. The wind was so soft as it swirled around me and I watched as it moved in and out of the folds of Old Glory. The clouds were forming and a few droplets of rain lay at rest on my face.

I wanted to make a photo but I worried about Andre’ the Ricoh GR III cause he doesn’t like rain. Pity huh? I looked at Old Glory and the empty space in the sky. The clouds were forming to bring the rain.

I thought, there’s a possibility of a photo and just a possibility. Then a calm took over me and I started to feel that there is always a reason for everything.

I thought about the political mess we have in our country. I thought about how many, many took pleasure in disrespecting Old Glory and her Front Runner, President Trump.

I raised Andre’ and looked at the screen and then as if the angel of photography sent me the missing elements that even I could not know they were missing. I smiled and CLICK!

By the time I lowered Andre’, the birds of the future past vanished into the oblivion of night.

……and our flag was still there. …..

5 thoughts on “March 31st, 2019 … Daily Shot … Ricoh GR III … For President Trump”

  1. Well captured and poignantly said! I think the birds are giving their own salute as they fly by.

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