Radio Check 9/18/20 …Blog Test … Is There Anybody Out There

I’m having a terrible time with Word Press. For many months it’s failed and has all but depleted my energy. Olivier said he fixed it so I am trying.

Please let me know by a comment that you see this. hanks all….old man behind the camera and keyboard

10 thoughts on “Radio Check 9/18/20 …Blog Test … Is There Anybody Out There”

    1. John, Thanks for responding. I have been battling WP since COVID started. Anyway, I always send the post to 2 of my email addresses. I didn’t get them. So I figure the post didn’t get fully published. Olivier is working on it but I dunno. Hope things are well for you my friend….

  1. I see it. I hate to suggest change but I’ve been using Blogger. Without a hitch since 2007. Set it up ,shelf when I knew nothing and I’ve learned nothing since. Forgive me if this comes across as annoying but I hate technology problems. I’d rather read your ramblings on photography than see you struggling with a webpage to make it shouldn’t be this hard.

    1. Thanks. I just bought a domain name on GoDaddy. Turns out it’s owned by WP. I have a Blogger blog already. i used it years ago when I wanted to leave here. Always issues. Olivier will get it going shortly and hopefully I can muster up the energy to continue…..
      take care my friend

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