Unheard Voices … Pt 3


So, to make things clear, there are voices of another kind that want to or do go out with us. Not all voices are perceived so easily. Some and maybe most have the possibility of influencing our vision or maybe thoughts, feelings etc. The camera could be seen as the number one culprit.

I know many say that it’s the shooter not the camera. The camera is a tool. The shooter is everything. To me that’s a very lazy way to address the issue.


See, if all those shooters are correct, I’m in for the biggest letdown of my life. Well, not my life but maybe a 15 min part of it.

Fact… doing underwater photography with a DSLR without a case is not a good idea…

Fact…doing sports with a 21mm on a Leica is not a great idea…

Fact… Doing street with an 8×10 Deardorff  without a tripod is not a great idea.

Fact… you get the idea. So if the camera doesn’t matter and it’s only the shooter that matters, do one of the above practices and I can send you more if you need to torture yourself more.

I see this exercise as an awakening and a promise to try to dilute the garbage others have put into me. The camera absolutely matters. I name my cameras because I see and treat them as my friends. Each camera will introduce limitations or effect how you work.

So, many have stated that the  Ricoh GRII has too many things like bugs going on. I love that camera. I named it Mom cause I wanted to have my mothers spirit in the camera. Does it work that way? Nah, not at all but it’s still a good name and I adore the camera. If I listened to the scuttlebutt from others, I wouldn’t experience the freedom that the camera affords me.


So, there are many obstacles to overcome and no one will stop poisoning your mind either. I hope I’m not doing that cause I would rather set it afire and provide inspiration. Oh and let’s not forget that you can’t be a shooter of any worth if you don’t use Light Room. If your not using those masterpiece pre-sets, well, your wasting your time.

This isn’t really a rant. I think we all suffer from over intoxication for info that is good but worthless. There is no washing machine for the mind. Well, the CIA maybe but not for our kind of shooters.

The idea of categorizing and cataloging information that is in our brain is not an easy idea to tackle but it’s one that must be attempted.

Tomorrow, we start the cleaning and organizing the brain and getting the mind to be a separate entity.

shooter out…………………………………………………..


16 thoughts on “Unheard Voices … Pt 3”

  1. Can you emplain this idea here below? Why do you think so?

    ….Oh and let’s not forget that you can’t be a shooter of any worth if you don’t use Light Room. If your not using those masterpiece pre-sets, well, your wasting your time…..

    1. …it’s not that i don’t use LR cause I do and started with the first release and was on PS before that. what i’m getting at is….all these things can effect the final print. so, being aware of the path from capture to finish allows one to see not only process but also intent and to see if and when something went wrong and to be able to correct it.
      so it’s being awake during the entire process and not going on auto drive. experiencing the entire process will keep it more personal and when and if you post a photo, the response is nice from others but inside, we are satisfied without that response.

      maybe it’s a way of not becoming Pavel’s Dogs…. pun intended my friend……..

      1. I only didn’t understand last line, but I get your explanation.

        i am trying different paths, sometimes i get lost, sometimes i don’t know i am lost but i am, sometimes i walk some direction and think i walk wrong way, but maybe it was the only right way.

        1. ….that’s a common thing with all, i mean, it’s why i am writing this in the first place….

        1. ….yeah, shoulda knwn… a nick by any other name is still a good camera…..and friend

  2. i must be the most lost of those people lost. i thought i listened to myself. and now i listen to you and you say this. and i stopped using presets because someone asked me…why do you shoot bw, and i wasn’t able to give an answer that would satisfy me.

    1. the point i’m making is to recognize what and how we are doing things. Then really get a grip on it and then, be aware of why we are doing it. I’t about motivations and stimulus and where that comes from and why we respond to it.

      1. i will be reading next post about cleaning a brain, it seems me and guy “Around Here” needs it.

    1. Can’t we all Dave. I was told years ago the it’s easier to make changes when your older. Hmmm, I don’t really find that to be too true.
      Next blog coming soon…..

  3. You make a very good point about the camera being just as important (or at least more important than people want to believe) as the shooter. Maybe people say that because of this idea that we’re supposed to get our photos right in camera with very little editing and just generally be these creative fountains.

    1. Nah, it’s because shooters mainly don’t want to give credit to anyone or anything but their photograph ego.

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