Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 7 … Fuji X100s


Sometimes I fe-el like a Mo-ther-less Child. Well, I am and it may seem like there’s no relevance to photography but damn sure nuff is. Mother Light gives birth to all we do and say as shooters. She provides us with the reason to continue. She makes it possible to stimulate our souls and pick up our cameras. She allows us to create images that in one way or another satisfy us and sometimes we can satisfy others.

So Andre and I went for a walk. Ohhh, sorry. Just in case youin’s forgot, Andre’ is my Fuji X100s. He’s got some kinda magical power over me. DO NOT TELL HIM IF YOU MEET HIM! See, many many shooters today hang a camera around their neck and walk around and shoot semi-blindly. I say that because most do not look at the screen and or finder. There is nothing against that. I do it sometimes too. Yeah, yeah, I have my moments as a hip shooter or in the hand and don’t look at the camera shooter and even a hanging from the neck against the chest shooter. It ain’t always pretty I tell ya but I have my moments.

Than brings me to the point. See, Andre’ has a kinda snobbish attitude. He’s got a screen I tellya. He’s got this finder that is an OVF and also a magic lever that when you pull it, the finder turns into an EVF. Oh yeah, you better believe it buster. I say that because woman, all woman that have ever been borne and that will ever be born know about this camera cause it’s embedded in their female DNA.

So we are walking, well actually I’m walking and Andre’ is on a neck strap around my neck. I got one of them Peak Leash things and it’s nice. I prolly have over 30 or more straps to use but I’m breaking this on in. Instinct is at play and it’s easy to just look at the scene and release the shutter. Well, Andre’ will get pissed off and let me know it ain’t a proper way to work with him. If I do that semi-blind shooting thing, well soon I get camera poop on my chest. Now normal people would say the Blue Bird of Happiness pooped on me but I ain’t so crazy, I know it’s my camera giving me a load of camera shit for now working in the right manner. See, that’s attitude.


Andre’ insist that I use the finder and sometimes the screen but usually the finder and it’s the OVF more than the EVF just because I used Leica M’s for 45 years and now feel the need to use this camera that way even tho’ I have all Roger’s Leicas but don’t want to use them cause I like Andre’ better and he’s what I always wanted all my M cameras to be. Whooosh, breathe shooter………………………….ok… I will.

See, Ande’s point is that if you feel a photo in your heart and you see it in your heart and mind, you need to see it with the camera. I think I understand but not fully. He’s mentoring me and as I learn stuff, I’ll post it. From what I get, it’s like… if your shooting semi-blind then your allowing happenstance to be part of the creative process. I don’t thing there’s anything wrong with that.  I’m not a good gambler and listen, I know youse all millions of readers and faithful followers, I actually have some ego. It’s not an issue cause Da Wifey makes sure I know I’m a shithead and that’s because she loves me and wants my ego to stay in check.

So, I like to assume responsibility for my work. I would if I hipshot also but there’s a real satisfaction to SEE something and then MAKE a photo and have it satisfy you and maybe others too. You can think how you saw the photo coming together and recall everything about it that you didn’t take the time to forget.



So for me it’s about intent. The intent to be as aware of what I am doing at the moment as possible. I want to be a participant in my life, not just an observer. I love observing dn I’m good at it but to be a participant in your own photos is a gift only Mother Light and grant you.

I cherish this gift and will so for as long as there is light. When my time of dying comes and there is no light but the beauty and restful darkness, I’ll take Andre’ the Fuji X100s cause he’s  great at high ISO.

Have a blessed journey and find inner peace, just hide it from your hubby or wife……………………………




11 thoughts on “Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 7 … Fuji X100s”

    1. Tina, it was in the Reading Terminal Market. There was this display of miniature Popes and I kinda felt repulsed in a way and in another way I saw the irony. I mean the POPE is supposed to be the highest religious person on earth and they made him a commercial icon. That’s a start but I’m not writing a book on that either.

  1. Thanks for the post Don. I really like the top shot with the lady looking at the Mother Light Cloud Formation. It’s so true – light is what it’s all about when it comes to making images. Take care.

  2. you KNOW I use my “T” the same way cause I can’t see the LCD screen cause it is too small.. I have to imagine the shot in my mind’s eye and then pull up my “T” to bring my mind and my heart together.. nuf said. 😉

    1. Anne, ya know I got nuttin’ but love for ya. Your a beautiful person and a dedicated shooter. I know how your T works with you but alas, what is it’s name?
      A camera without a name is a camera but a camera with a name, well….nuf said.

    1. Thanks Susan. If your getting some insight from my writing and thoughts and photos, well… My Doc’s name is Dr G and he’d love to chat with you……

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