Streets Of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 64 … In Search Of…..?



Word on the street is, that I ain’t the only one in search of….something. Oh yeah, youse don’t get off that easy. I hear tell that each and every one of youse is searching for….something. Now this might just be a Philly phenomenon but I don’t think so and I don’t believe it no matter what anyone says or doesn’t say or implies or not. It’s human nature to be searching for something and we all as humans do that.

This does not apply to politicians as they lost the humanness when the were elected to office and forgot about being a compassionate human and just became a money hungry greedy piece of shit that robs from all Americans and doesn’t do anything but rob more and more. Enuff of politics. So the political types are searching for money and power but they don’t know that the DEVIL is searching for them to…well, it ain’t gonna be a pretty picture.

So, back to the brighter side of depression that we all have and don’t need to search for……. The point is, that all this stuff inside you gets activated when you work and make photos. No matter how good your Mind’s filing system is, it can’t help but let out some shit it has stored when you work. So, this stuff will and can influence what you see and do out there. It’s the basis of the struggle of ART. Yes, photography is an art form just like painting or anything else.



So, it works kinda like this. We have input and out put. The mind sorts thru the stuff it has filied and is adding to the junk bin and sends signals down to the heart and eye. The eye and heart try to decipher all the crap that the mind is sending and also, all thestuff that is being brought to the mix from what they see outside the mind. I call it “Instant Recognition” See, we get stuff in that interest us and we need to process the stuff in our mind and find a middle ground so that we are free to make photos.

The point is that we are saturated with input so then how to get clean output? That is a problem huh? Don’t look to me for the answers cause I’m as lost as you are. I know this, I work and make photos without too many preconceptions getting in the way. (or so I think)



The thing for me is to recognize trigger mechanisms. The things that make us see and shoot. Missing these and your out there in never never land and you might as well be a politician. Why, because without trigger mechanisms and the recognition of them FOR YOU, means you ain’t connected to your self. If that’s the case, decide if your a Democrat or Republician and want to be in office, cause you lost your humanity anywy.

Trigger mechanisme are the fruit of being on the street. Of course that means all of photography, not just street. I think it’s a beautiful thing to be out in LIFE and make photos. I love feeling awake and aware and when I release the camera, I feel connected to my work. It’s why I name my cameras. Today Andre’ the Fuji X100T and I will go out and see what we can find…..we will search together…….

What are youse searching for…..?


6 thoughts on “Streets Of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 64 … In Search Of…..?”

  1. I follow you on a daily basis. I enjoy your photography and the way you write and what you write sounds like it is coming from me… but you state it in a far better way… 🙂

    1. Glenn, don’t tell anyone but sometimes I borrow your mind when mine is on vacation. That may be why things look familiar….or maybe your one of the guys in my head…… no matter, thanks…..don

  2. That’s it – “the brighter side of depression.” You precisely put in words the description for the affliction. An affliction, yes, but a comforting affliction, considering the alternatives.

    For me, your best post, Shooter.


    1. Thanks, David. Sometimes I’m told I have my moments. You support that and it’s appreciated.
      I will try to keep up the post to the level you respond to and hopefully things will get sorted out. I don’t know what is to be sorted out but it will be nice anyway….

  3. Awesome monochrome work ! I have the X100S and got it to shoot Kodachrome 64 and E100GX – so close in some images, that haven’t done / converted to monochrome for a while. Your imagery of absences is truly expiring to toss the color for a while. Thank you from South Africa

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