The Fuji X10 … The Continuing Saga

“As you go throughout your life, brother whatever be your goal, keep your eye upon the donut and not upon the hole.”  (Dr Murray Banks).

The point is this. I’ll discuss the camera and not the issues or things it doesn’t have or do. This is a users findings and not a review.





The X10 is really responsive. I use it in M mode and choose my Aperture and Shutter Speed. I use Auto ISO/3200 and this lets the camera choose the proper ISO based on my settings. I’m happy and the camera’s happy. Oh, X10 is named Walker after… WALKER EVANS. Of course GRD4 is named Andre’ after…. Andre’ Kertesz. WHAT! You don’t name your cameras?

A streetshooter ain’t no streetshooter don’t name a camera.




I like to use HD when on the street. This goes back to my early Leica M daze. So I look at DOF Master and set the camera according to it’s findings using a 2/3″ sensor.

Life has a sense of humor. Life even prescribes meds for that uncanny sense of humor,….well my shrink prescribes meds if life doesn’t. See, if you take everything literal in life you’ll make the same mistake I made about a 2/3″ sensor. Oh yeah….bulldinky, we all know the X10 has a 2/3″ sensor but I read the cinema 2/3″ and not digital camera.




2 thoughts on “The Fuji X10 … The Continuing Saga”

  1. I stumbled upon your website after following threads about Ricoh cameras.

    Your work is great.

    Your narrative and approach towards your style of street photography is even better.

    I too agree that Ricoh takes the prize when it comes to ease of use, quality, and most of all durability for shooting in the streets.

    1. Frank, thanks. The main thing with the GRD4 is the way it works intuitively. It’s just a real street machine.
      Now I find the Fuji X10 is doing the same thing. It’s also a great street machine and I’m enjoying working with it very much.

      Stop over Street Presets and post a few photos.

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