The Nex 6 and the 35mm Nokton …. a Slimmer FOV

Nex 6 Street Shot 1

Word on the internet streets is that I am hanging up the GR and using the Nex 6 as a 50mm. Well, truth be told that’s partly true…but more importantly…it ain’t true at all. Here’s the truth as we know it here in NE Philly. By the time this reaches your neck of the woods, it might get changed or diluted….

When I made the switch years ago from 35mm to 28mm FOV, that was an ordeal that took time and was not easy. Doing that means that from any given vantage point we are seeking MORE info or seeing more info than from a 35mm FOV. Sure, we all know that Shooter….sooooooo? If you go the other way then it’s an easier transition because the info is already in the frame, just not as tight.

Let’s move to 35/50. Well, if your using a 28mm, it’s already got the info in it but to see it as a 50mm, it’s really lost because the 28mm will have much more details then the 50, spread out across the FOV. Seeing as the 50mm, will change the way you see because you need to be closer to obtain the best advantages from the lens.

Nex Street Shot 2

Nex Street Shot 3

Nex Street Shot 4

So, I’m not dropping anything. I’m just paying attention to less space and more details in the frame. I have to learn this camera/lens combo so that I can use it with the GR.

I’m beat so I’ll do more later……


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