Walker the Nikon Coolpix A … ain’t LoSt on the StReEt

03-15-0126-EditAs I get myself geared up for the season, I seem to be thinking the same way I always have. Imagine that. I have a thing for fixed focal length cameras. Andre’ the Fuji X100s sees 35mm and Walker the Nikon Coolpix A sees 28mm. These 2 focal lengths will do almost all my work for ever. As youse know, I picked up the Canon EOS M2 and lenses etc for it. It’s a nice camera and good quality but, it’s not my cup of tea. I knew that when I got it but wanted to see if this year would be different from last year, nope. I don’t like zoomie lenses and I can’t bond to that camera cause Walker and Andre’ do what I need. So I don’t need it and it’s being sold by tomorrow on the bay.

Funny thing. I’ve had every variation of the 28mm Elmarit for my M cameras. I got a pair of M6’s because I would use the 35mm lens and the 28mm on the second body. Nope, years of struggling and I never adapted to 28mm. I always used 35mm. So now digitally, I find the 28mm getting used a lot like the last 10 years maybe. I still love the 35mm FOV but no longer have issues with the 28mm. Now I need them both, the horror. Of course Penelope the Ricoh GRD4 does 28mm very well, in fact better than any camera ever released…but…I really like APS-C sensor. There’s just something about it that floats my boat. So I find myself with the Fuji X100s and Nikon Coolpix A and feel very well covered. That means anything else I have, hmmmm won’t get much use.

It’s been said that a good shooter can get a good shot with any camera. So what? What does that mean. I can get my photos with any camera, but so what, bunk to all that shit. I wanna use my cameras that I want to use. I ain’t using a camera that intrudes on my vision, you’ll know that, damn.


Ya know, we don’t get enough time to live let alone to make photos. We have that responsibility to do both with passion and in the way we choose to do it. That responsibility belongs to us at first and then if you choose, to others. You have to own yourself and do for yourself. If not, others will own you and you end up doing for them and you still get to die alone.When you release that shutter, all that you ever were and are at the moment of exposure is right there with you.

Why would anyone let others influence us to the point that we don’t recognize our selves or our work? It happens mostly out of a lack of confidence and the need for approval. The idea that others like what we do can and will steer us into a direction that may not be our chosen path but the path influenced by others. We are all guilty of this phenomenon in both ways and it’s ok as long as we recognize it as deal with it.

It’s when we refuse to recognize it or just don’t that we have problems. How do I know about this stuff? I’ll tellya. I have a shrink and he recognizes me even when I don’t. Whats your excuse?

Be blessed everyone.



4 thoughts on “Walker the Nikon Coolpix A … ain’t LoSt on the StReEt”

  1. Great post Don. Funny you should mention the 35/28 thing. I was, am, and always will be a 28mm guy, but.. I got a deal on the Fuji X100T and I couldn’t say no. So I carry the GR and the Fuji around. Perfect combo. I know the GR does 35 as well, but who wants to crop a sensor?

    1. That’s what I’m doing. Carrying the Coolpix A and the Fuji X100s. I’m good fer sure and don’t miss anything at all. I go back and forth with the 35/28 and think I no longer have a preference. After all these years, the 28mm is home at last.

  2. Pretty much the same story here. I’ve been a 35mm shooter for the better part of my life so lately I put myself on a strict 28mm diet and lo and behold, I’m slowly warming up to that FOV. Not to a degree that I would travel the world with nothing but a 28 but to a point where I like what I see – at last.
    Now all it needs is that the temperatures get back to where they belong.

    1. Ken, first off…yessir about the temperatures. I like having the X100s and the Coolpix A as a kit. Those 2 and I’m good for anything I want to do. I still prefer the 35mm unless I have the 28mm in hand. I guess like you I am getting used to the change.

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