Andre’ The Fuji X100s … Rises To The Call


Life has been providing me with many things to occupy my time. Even Mother Light has given me cameras to test and decide the fate of the beloved camera shelf.

Well, I was sitting at my desk and looking at my shelf where some cameras are sleeping and then, then without warning, without any warning at all, I had a total Momentary Lapse of Reason.  What the hell youse thinking huh? sheeeesh…. I had Pink Floyd playing on the Mac. Well, things were going good and I was feeling chipper ’cause the music had me just being relaxed and then,,,, OMG.. a voice. I heard a “Click” sound that was kinda familiar but long ago forgotten. It was in my memory but I can’t remember what I forgot. So I closed my eyes and listened to Pink Floyd and then, very quietly I could hear a gentle faint voice.

I thought to myself, self… we know that voice don’t we? I answered myself and said, yeah, we know that voice.

See, my VA Dr likes this kinda thing. It’s not that there is i voice, see that’s normal in un-normal situations. Nah… that’s not it…. it’s the We thing that gets ya. I mean if I’m talking to my self, who the hell is the other guy that makes us a we? And why the hell is he bothering me and invading my conversation. The I had a Momentary unLapse of Reason. See, if I’m having a conversation with my self, I need another me so that I can talk and answer me other wise I might be seen as nutz. Imagine that.

Look, it’s ok to talk to yourself. It’s even ok to answer yourself. As long as you know who is doing the talking and the answering, your ok. If you think it;s someone else, well, my doctor had=s a very comfortable couch.

Why did I write this? Well, see I heard this faint voice and it was Andre’ the Fuji X100s and he was saying he wanted off of the shelf and wanted to make photos.



Well, after I realized the voice was Andre’, I took him in my hand and we walked around the house looking for some photos. As it turned out, the bathroom was the most interesting. Barsik thought so too and he was doing something in the toilet that I used to do when I was young and got pissed. But Barsik was drinking water and I was uh…uh…working on un-processed food removal procedures, accompanied by alcohol ignition ejection systems.

The light has shined on me once again and I made these two photos because I am blessed with sight and love the process of photography.

The thing is, I am madly in love with perhaps the finest camera ever designed and produced, The Fuji X100s. Tomorrow… tales from the street.

Be blessed my friends………………………………………………….

16 thoughts on “Andre’ The Fuji X100s … Rises To The Call”

  1. Good one Don – never forget your old friends. I just had hip replacement surgery so apart from photographing the dog and the cat I’ll just lay back and see what sort of photos you come up with.

    1. Hip replacement, geeze… some guys make an excuse out of anything… hip replacement….
      There’s a whole world right in the space your in to make photos of. Don’t believe me huh, well… open your eyes and see….. told ya….
      hip replacement… not that’s a good excuse……

  2. I am so glad you explained about the picture as I thought it was a gigantic hairy turd. You’re OK but I think you cat needs its head seen to, if it has a head that is!

    1. Richard. Barsik the cat is checking on my waste removal procedures. His findings will be reported to the VA and studied by many Doctors that have an interest in that sorta thing.
      Maybe he was trying my little fuji all weather camera as it’s coming into season soon.
      Maybe I flushed the commode 2xs and he just wanted a drink. At any rate, thanks for stopping by….
      seeya soo, don

  3. Yeah, the X100 was a very fine camera (like the X100s) and I had some of them in the last 2 years…… but what I would really like is seeing your comparison of the X100s and the X30 you promised us….. pleeeeeez

    1. Frank, yes that is on the agenda. I am still working on the site and am preoccupied with it.Soon I’ll be out of the woods and then no excuses for not following thru.
      Thank my friend….. don

    1. Thanks Tina.
      As a matter of fact, I agree completely. It’s that remaining 10% that gets me going….ohh did I say that, of course ya did silly…….

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