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December 13th, 2016 … The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same


Well, the title for the post is true. I have all these I guess ya call them series going on for decades and as much as I like to add something, I can’t. So at the workshop over the weekend, I was asked by a woman about the way things work photographically. I explained that we are subject to the Inverse Square Law. Ears opened and I was again asked to explain the Inverse Square Law.

So, I went on to try to make sense of Mr Inverse’s Law.  Now it will be assumes that everyone reading this understands this law, even without meeting Mr Inverse personally.

It goes something like this. I will demonstrate some examples. With regards to negatives, (these are film things that shooters used to do back in the Pre-Digital age.) The darker something in the Neg is, the lighter in the print. Then, the lighter something is in the Neg, the darker in the print. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s tried and tested and found to be true. Ok ok…. with a lens, the larger the fstop, the less light it transmits and the smaller the fstop the more light it transmits. The shutter speed works in a similar manner. The larger the speed, the less movement and the smaller the speed, the more movement. The less expensive a camera is, the more it does and the more expensive a camera is the less you want it to do.

So, in the natural order of things photographically, if we are aware of the Inverse Square Law, the better of an understanding of being a shooter we have.


See, image wise, I notice that …

the more I pursue stuff for a series, the less I want to work on the series. Now check this out…… if I have a series or no series with low volume, the more I am excited to work on it. It’s stimulating to find new images that I can file away in my catalog  and say goodbye to them as time passes and they become a part of history. The more photos you have for a series, in time will be less stimulating and the less you have in a series, the more stimulating because your excited to fill in the blanks. Why am writing this? Well I get concerned when someone ask me to help define them and their work. I’m very good at it but of course the Inverse Square Law works here too.

The more I see someones work and help them, the less I can see my own work. The less I see of others work, the more I see my own. Here is where I detour from the norm. A looooong time ago back in the age of darkness in a little room, I discovered that I liked sharing what knowledge I had. Of course this is all based on my personal experiences and the data that was input into me. Many people, friends and of course, not wives, would talk with me and THEN, ask my opinions. That for me was so exciting. I felt that maybe my contribution would be worthwhile and needed. Where I felt inept was anytime I met an educator from a college, university etc.


See, the only education I had was what I learned on my own. Then, then one day, then one day when not expected, a friend told me…..”Don, colleges, universities, schools are there for one reason. To build an appreciable audience.”  I started to thinks that what a shame for the teachers and what bigger shame for the  students to be in that cycle but her was right and that’s the nature of Art, regardless of the medium you practice. I felt that I was set free to live my life and to no longer be overwhelmed by educated people that maybe will have the understanding of them selves, mother light and their work.

A lot of what I write changes along the way but for me, I guess I stay the same. As a person for sure but as an artist, I’m not. I don’t declare to be an artist. Unfortunately I’m nothing but a human being on a journey thru life and that has a camera with me. I make photos because they are about the only things from me that I produce that give meaning to my life.

….. end transmission …..



Winter Doldrums, 7F … ShOoTeR in Da House … Canon EOSM2 iS tO

02-15-0040-EditOlivier is going on and on about his new camera, the Canon EOS M. Well, when this was first introduced a few years ago it perked my interest. There was something about it that appealed to me and just as I was about to buy it, I started reading about slow AF and crapola like that. So I passed it by but always thought about it. Time went by and I got Andre’ the Fuji X100s and that’s my main squeeze. It’s by far the camera that puts me where I need to be when I am working.

So here I am with my Sony RX1003M and I like the camera but I hate the menu. I don’t love the camera. I like it a lot. Well a guy in Texas is getting the Sony and I now have a Canon EOS M2. Thanks to eBay for fast turn around.

Olivier tells me, “dude, you won’t believe how close that 22mm lens focuses and it’s not Macro.”  So I get bored and take the Canon out and start to mess around with it. Well first off, I notice the menu is so similar to the Sony that I almost puke. Then I sit back, sip some Green Tea,(Organic only from Tibet)….and say to me self, yo, Shooter, think Canon and ye shall see the light.

So I finish my tea, pick up the little rascal and look at the menu. I go thru it a few times and eureka, it starts to make sense to me. Look, I’m stuck in the friggin’ house. da wifey Tanya is here and what the hell can I do to escape reality… Of course, silly, get into the camera. So I immediately realize that selling the Sony for the stupid menu is no longer justified. I now realize that the Sony has a zoomie lens and I donotcanknow like a zoomie.

Whoa, hold on dude. Yes the Canon has a zoomie but hes smaat enough to be able to change his vision with different optics. This is good.


So I start to get into finding things I need to work the camera. The truth, I have the camera ready to go in manual mode in less than 5 minutes. It’s that simple. NO… I DO NOT READ MANUAL UNTIL I AM LOST AND THEN IT’S TOO LATE CAUSE THE CAMERA IS DEAD TO ME IF I NEED A MANUAL.

The Truth Of Going

One of the things that shooters are trained to believe is that you need to go someplace to find good photos.

Look, sure it’s great to go to exotic spots and seek your images. But the truth is, if you can’t find them at home, they aren’t out there anyways. I tell myself this to convince myself that I’m able to find photos wherever I am.

Well, it hit about 15F and let me tell ya something. Working in LR and making photos around the house ain’t bad. It’s not hard to live with. I mean, sure I wanna hit the streets especially with the little rascal Canon EOS M2 but it ain’t happening. So it brings to mind the thoughts of just relaxing with photography and just enjoy the beauty of making images that are just pleasing to me.


Theres a certain amount of greed in photography. Like, you do it for yourself. We all know that photography is visual communication and thus it should be communicating to others. Well, that’s true but sometimes we need just to communicate with ourselves just to have a grasp of what we are doing and discovering. These photos may be key to the body of work that you live. I mean, we get direction from photos that ask questions as well as answer them. You test the parameters of your vision and the results hopefully give you an answer to what you are seeking. Even if the answer is not what you expected, there comes a realization in direction as to whether you are on the right path or wrong path. Even that is a learned experience because if we see the right path and recognize that, is it because of habit or are we complacent? The wrong path opens the doors and ask, why is this the wrong path? Perhaps I should be here and be out of my comfort zone just to experience  something new.


So the Canon EOS M2 is the kind of camera that was introduced to the wrong market. I think Canon saw this camera as a tool for pros that wanted a compact camera. Well, that’s a mistake and by now they know it too. A pro will want a camera that is basically his/her pro gear but shrunk down in size but now IQ or features.

Enter The Inspired Eye Shooters, Olivier and Shooter. Well, many pro shooters complained about all sorts of things on the camera. It got belittled. criticized, looked upon as useless until. Some smart shooters thought, ya know, this is a  little camera, solid metal, nice IQ and ok UI. No Olivier and I aren’t the smart guys that figured this out. Those guys are over at DPR and I ain’t mentioning names like Joe or Ben.

I’ll get more into this again tomorrow if I get my frozen butt up from the chair. It’s a metal camera so it’s gonna be cold in the hand but I gotta get out and work.

……………………………………………………………………end transmission…………………………………………………………………………









Andre’ The Fuji X100s … Rises To The Call


Life has been providing me with many things to occupy my time. Even Mother Light has given me cameras to test and decide the fate of the beloved camera shelf.

Well, I was sitting at my desk and looking at my shelf where some cameras are sleeping and then, then without warning, without any warning at all, I had a total Momentary Lapse of Reason.  What the hell youse thinking huh? sheeeesh…. I had Pink Floyd playing on the Mac. Well, things were going good and I was feeling chipper ’cause the music had me just being relaxed and then,,,, OMG.. a voice. I heard a “Click” sound that was kinda familiar but long ago forgotten. It was in my memory but I can’t remember what I forgot. So I closed my eyes and listened to Pink Floyd and then, very quietly I could hear a gentle faint voice.

I thought to myself, self… we know that voice don’t we? I answered myself and said, yeah, we know that voice.

See, my VA Dr likes this kinda thing. It’s not that there is i voice, see that’s normal in un-normal situations. Nah… that’s not it…. it’s the We thing that gets ya. I mean if I’m talking to my self, who the hell is the other guy that makes us a we? And why the hell is he bothering me and invading my conversation. The I had a Momentary unLapse of Reason. See, if I’m having a conversation with my self, I need another me so that I can talk and answer me other wise I might be seen as nutz. Imagine that.

Look, it’s ok to talk to yourself. It’s even ok to answer yourself. As long as you know who is doing the talking and the answering, your ok. If you think it;s someone else, well, my doctor had=s a very comfortable couch.

Why did I write this? Well, see I heard this faint voice and it was Andre’ the Fuji X100s and he was saying he wanted off of the shelf and wanted to make photos.



Well, after I realized the voice was Andre’, I took him in my hand and we walked around the house looking for some photos. As it turned out, the bathroom was the most interesting. Barsik thought so too and he was doing something in the toilet that I used to do when I was young and got pissed. But Barsik was drinking water and I was uh…uh…working on un-processed food removal procedures, accompanied by alcohol ignition ejection systems.

The light has shined on me once again and I made these two photos because I am blessed with sight and love the process of photography.

The thing is, I am madly in love with perhaps the finest camera ever designed and produced, The Fuji X100s. Tomorrow… tales from the street.

Be blessed my friends………………………………………………….

October 2nd, 2014 … The Legend Of Shioko and Ding The Nikon Coolpix A … Begins (Part 1)


Well, it’s been a while and still my back has issues that cause discomfort and frustration. Luckily enough today is the day I have my appointment with the Sports Therapist. I heard Dr Shioko left the VA here and went to Washington DC. So I figured, all the dreams are just that, passing fantasies that no longer fulfill an old shooters head and heart.  I got to the VA on time and waited in the waiting area for about 20 minutes. It was sparse and there was only 2 other Vets there and I was in front of them, I thought.

The receptionist called out a mans name and he went into a room. A few minutes later she called out the other guys name and he went into another room. I sat and worked on the iphoney and then I heard a voice. It was a nurse and she asked the receptionist how many more appointments were left. The receptionist said that him, meaning me and then nothing till 1330. It was now 0945.

So the nurse asked me to please step in the room and she did my blood pressure, checked my weight and said, Mr Springer, you lost 35lbs since your last visit. Is this intentional and does your Doctor know about this.

I replied, yes it’s intentional and my Dr’s are monitoring my weight and things. She ask me to sit again. Then as she was walking away, she said, Mr Springer.. Dr Shioko with be with you in a minute. ( ok look, I’m hitting 65 next Wednesday the 8th. It doesn’t take much to excite me and to get my brain completely awake and other parts and things awake also. Needless to say that I was glad the nurse did my blood pressure before this newsflash as the scale doesn’t go high enough to get a reading.)

The door opens, but it doesn’t open like a door in a VA Hospital, it’s opens like Audrey Hepburn comes thru it… there’s a cloud of gentle smoke wrapped around the frame as Dr Shioko passes thru and the angels with gilded wings blow gentle sounds thru the Trumpets from HEAVEN to announce that the Angel of Mercy has entered the scene. Of course she is wearing a white lace gown with Orchards that cover her body as gently as the snow flakes on the morning crocuses at winters end.


Then, in the heat of the moment, reality sets in and the smoke turns to an illusion that encapsulates everything including my thoughts. Dr Shioko calls my name and ask me to come into the room. I walk in and as gracefully as a swan on a lake she walks over to me and hands me the gown. Please go into the changing room and then come back to the table, I’ll be back in a minute.

Now, Dr Shioko has 7 feet distance to get to the door. I make it to the changing room, get undressed, put the gown on, lock the locker with my stuff in it, come back into the room all in the time she walks 4 feet towards the door. She has 3 feet to go but and I’m cool and sitting down on the table. She looks at me and  smiles.

So I’m sitting on the table and Dr Shioko comes in and stands next to me. She says, Mr Springer, I must leave as there is an emergency I have to attend to. I will give you the choice of having an associate of mine come in and take care of you or I can make another appointment for you tomorrow morning. I asked her what time and she said, 0930.

She asked me if I could help her choose another camera because she feels restricted with the X100s and the viewfinder makes her self conscious making photos. Of course I said I’d be glad to assist and we could talk about things tomorrow. She smiled again and said she’s see me in the morning and that she would make it up to me.


So Dr Shioko left the room and then this young woman  woman entered and let me tell ya…think Lucy Liu, yup thats right….. ‘m telling ya one damn thing… The VA gets a bad rap from everyone except those that it helps. Here in Philly, with these Doctors, in this Department, The Department id Called Heaven’s Door

I will update tomorrow about the actual treatment  and camera experience….. have a great one and…….

The One Shot Per Shoot Challenge is open to all….send 1 photo and a paragraph about the experience of making it to: streetshooter.us@gmail.com

seeyas tomorrow……….

September 29th, 2014 … The Fuji X100s … Better Every Day On The Street

Well, I spent around 3 weeks getting used to the Coolpix A. No doubt it is a nice camera and performs better than any camera need to for street use. It was nice getting back to the screen and I really enjoy that as it lends itself to photography better than any other viewing method. The camera is fast, focuses fast, exposes accurately, has minimal noise, all in all a great camera and worthy of the name “Ding”.

Well hanging in the closet I found my old Tamrac Velocity 4 sling bag. So I thought, what the heck… give it a shot. So I put Ding the Nikon Coolpix A in the bag and then low and behold, I tried to fit Andre’ the Fuji X100 s and guess what. The both fit nice and easy with no pinching at all. This is a very small bag and both cameras fit with 2 batteries for each, lens brush and micro fibre cleaning cloth and still theres some room. I was amazed but more than that, elated that I can carry both cameras and sling it over my shoulder. It doesn’t even hurt my neck and that’s really surprising.


So I headed out and went for a walk on Market Street. After a little bit I pulled Andre’ out and man, I gotta say, nothing beats the experience of this camera. The Fuji X100s is a dream camera capable of doing anything asked of it and with no streets to the shooter. I love this camera and I really mean love it. It’s the best friend I’ve ever had and gets me into the zone of the here and now and works flawlessly to assist me getting the shot.

The above photo was taken in the matter of a few seconds, so fast that I couldn’t get the camera to my eye and not enough time to turn on the screen. Now, 35mm has been my natural FOV for decades and knowing that, I told Andre’ I need you on this…. well I raised the camera and click!

September 28th, 2014 … The Fuji X100s … My Partner On The Street


So, I went out with Tanya so she could shop for her family. I had my Harley Denim Jacket on cause Fall is here and I’m not falling for that Fall stuff. When you leave it’s nice and warm and when ya have to head back, well… it’s cool. I’m too old to Fall for that stuff I tell ya, I’m too smaat. Andre’ said he wanted to go along just to get out of the house and I quickly agree.

Ohhh sorry, Andre’ is my Fuji X100s. He said he was tired of being in the house cause I was taking Ding, the Nikon Coolpix A everywhere. So I put Andre’ in the Harley jacket inner pocket and he’s happy cause he’s riding a Harley.

We get to Neshaminy Mall  and Tanya shops, I sit. Tanya shops I sit.  I sit, Tanya shops… endless cycle of well being. I’m sitting on the bench just checking things out and all the sudden………….


……. this young woman that I think is around 30-ish is walking towards me and I look at her and think….nah, I’m never that lucky…… well low and behold…. she floats thru the crowd and gently like a Dove, lands on the bench right next to me. She turns to me and says, “excuse me sir, do you know anything about cameras?”

Well at this exact moment, my faith in The Lord and in mankind is restored. I turn to her and said, I know a little, what’s the problem? So she reaches into her handbag and pulls out a Canon S110. She says, it won’t come out. (Yes guys, that’s exactly my thoughts). So he hands me the camers and her fingers gently rub against mine. (At this point, I have solved, ebola, end all wars, cured the economy and everything that plagues the world.)


So I turn the camera on and sure enough the lens will not come out.  She’s obviously distraught and I really feel for her, no really! She tells me her boyfriend is sill and he can’t make it come out.

(enter shooter the hero) I look closely and can see that something is wedged in between the lens barrel. So I asked her if she had a hairpin and she says no, all I have are these needles I bought for my mom’s sewing machine. (Thank you LORD for small favors) I take a needle and gently but forcefully, stick it in and work to pry the thing out. I manage to get it out and see it was a piece of salt from a soft pretzel. The camera turns on and the lens pops out and she says to me, you made it come out, how can I ever thank you?

As she is sitting there looking at me and smiling, Tanya is walking towards me. So the young woman stands up and thanks me very much and starts to walk away. Tanya looks at her and then turns to look at her from the rear just as I am doing and then gets right in front of me.

I immediately told her what happened and she say’s, I wanna walk down to Macy’s. I stand and walk with her thru the mall and as we get into the mall traffic, she reaches behind me and pats my bum. I don’t know what I did or how I did it but I averted another Russian American Cold War in the house.

But none of this is the point of the story. See, when we got home, I took Andre’ the Fuji X100s out of the Harley jacket pocket and I felt something still in the pocket. I put Andre’ down on the table and reached into the pocket again and GASP!!!!!!!!!

I saw the battery cover in my hand. NOOOOO!!!!!!! you don’t belong in my hand, you belong on Andre’.

So I went up to the office and looked at things thru my Schneider loupe. After about 10 minutes I manage to get the cover back on. I thought that maybe I should contact service but figured, I still have 7 months of warranty left so I’ll just wait it out. I did nothing to provoke this issue. It just fell off and I don’t know why. The issue is, if it falls off on the street, well, that won’t be pretty.

So I try to keep my pinky finger against the cover while working. It’s very upsetting but the camera is the most amazing camera and if I had to use it without the door, I would. It’s that good…..

Please remember, The One Shot Per Shoot is still active and you really should join the many that are participating.

Good Sunday to youse alls good peoples….. shooter out……………………………………

September 18th, 2014 … The One Shot Photo Project Begins … Come One, Come All


I’m making a challenge to myself and youse all shooters. The one shot photo project is just what it sounds like. One photo per shoot. Not one a day, a week, a month or a year. Simply put, one shot for every shoot you do. It’s up to you to decide how many photos you make CasinoinUS on a shoot but only one can be submitted per shoot. You don’t have to do this, you know it and I know it. This is something I learned from Ding McNulty and it has proved to make me focus on my work with a clear and clean vision. The thing is, it helps me to really commit to my images because I can only choose 1. I slowed down a lot back in the 70’s thru all my film decades. Now with digital, it’s like overabundance is par for the course.

So, if your interested, submit a photo under the One Per Shoot Project, send it to me by email (streetshooter.us@gmail.com) along with a statement about the photo and the experience of making it. A paragraph or so is cool. You can do this more than once soooo be awake and alert and find that ONE SHOT.

09-14-0162-EditIf  your up to doing this, then here’s what will happen. You will be put on the Inspired Eye Blog and have a chance of getting into the Inspired Eye Magazine.

The idea behind this is to create energy to work but not to have to make it a burden. This will actually tune your vision and help to eliminate boredom and loss of direction. If you make a good effort doing this, you will find a new strength in your work and vision.

I hope that youse will partake in this project as I am committed to doing it again, and again.. and again……

……………………………………………………end transmission, thanks again Ding………………………………………………………………………….. shooter out……………..

September 15th, 2014 … Andre’ The Fuji X100s … Meets … Ding The Nikon Coolpix A


Look, don’t get me wrong, ok. I really do love the X100s and it provides a wonderful working experience.

What, but everyone knows that already. Ok, ok! Andre’ is upset because I called the camera X100s and not it’s proper name, Andre’. He also said, “Look shooter,  everyone calls you Don or shooter. No one calls you the human or photographer and you wouldn’t be without me anyway.” So now I get it. Andre’ the Fuji X100s is jealous

09-14-0053-EditSee, word on the camera shelf is that there’s a new kid on the block. Yes, it’s very true. The Nikon Coolpix A has taken up residence on the current camera shelf. The new camera has been named Ding, after Kneeland Ding McNulty.

Ding mentored me for a while and gave me valuable life lessons and how to youtubemp3now.com have photography fall in love with me. He wasn’t concerned about my love affair with photography but wanted to make sure that photography and I had a life long symbiotic relationship. So I decided to name the Nikon after him. So of course Andre’ is upset and kinda jealous because he thinks he will get less street time than he used to get. Nothing could be further from the truth. See, both Andre’ and Ding will be out with me always starting Wednesday. Till then, Ding and I are reacquainting our selves as it’s been decades since we spent time together, at least on the physical plane.

09-14-0152-EditSee, for me it used to be a 35mm lens on my M Leicas. The when the digital imaging made cameras that worked like cameras, it seemed that 28mm was the preferred focal length. I still lean to the 35mm FOV but the 28mm FOV has a place embedded in my brain’s firmware. Well, now that my brain is back from vacation, I will have to update it’s firmware to the Nikon;s UI and FL and combine that with Andre’, the Fuji X 100s.


There are thing for me to write about and I am excited again to feel visual freedom once again. Ding is proving to be a worthy companion and I hope in due time that Andre’ and Ding will get along.

At any rate, I’ll be posting more for the next few weeks as the discovery and challenges arise working with these two cameras.

Shooter Out……………………………

September 1st, 2014 … Fuji X100s Light Duty

08-14-0419-EditIt’s Labor Day Weekend and I’m doing little to labor myself. Had to go to the shore cause my friend Joe died a few weeks ago and I had to secure the house and things. So after I set the alarm secured.onlinegambling2014.com code and organized a little, we went to the Boardwalk in Atlantic City.

I just made a few snaps cause I wasn’t in the mood for much of anything. Anyway, her’s a few photos that were made with the FujiX100s.


Ya know, color is really nice with this camera but I still don’t see or feel it, I’m kinda trusting the camera to get it right and it does.

08-14-0424-EditWell, I guess I’l go do the Bar B Que for Tanya and get back to photography tomorrow…..


Seeya’s, ………………………………. shooter, exit stage left…………………………………………………………

August 30th, 2014 … Hurry, Hurry, Read All About It … Inspired Eye Issue 13 Published

default_presentationWell, it’s out. It’s no secret anymore. The Inspired Eye Issue 13 has been released. The news stands are backed up with a line a block long. Every bookstore in the known Universe has a line that will take you an hour to check out, It’s that good.

Here’s the thing….. because you are a faithful follower of my antics and writings and thoughts, I am giving you a pass to the back door. You can use this pass for all your friends and family too…..please spread it around.

Here’s the pass to get the new exciting just published, hot off the press, Issue 13:


Don’t waste anytime on this one it’s bound to sell out….is that even possible, dunno but it’s a great read…..

Enjoy your weekend, be blessed and find peace on your journey.

shooter out………………………………..transmission terminated by user with brain on vacation…………………………………………………………………….POOF!