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Ruth … The Olympus Pen EP-5 … Starts Working After 19 Months


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA recap. I used to be an Admin at MU43.com and I really enjoyed the group and helping it grow. It also helped me with Micro 43 gear because the members there tested everything and posted results. So I was at home in the beginning because I loved the Pen EP-1 and ten the Pen EP-2 oh and let’s not forget the Pen EP-3 besides the Panasonic cameras and lenses.

Word came down the pike that I was leaving the forum and many wished me well and I went with BB to Amin’s other forum, Serious Compacts. Great place and crowd and many members belong to most of Amin’s forums.

Well time moved on and I heard the Pen EP-5 was being released and the specs turned me on. Ok, right from the git go, my preferred viewing system on a camera is the screen. I wrote and lectured extensively about that. So I waited a while to see what ppl were saying about the new Pen on the block. Maybe 6 months went by and finally I got a deal and bought the body. I still had a few lenses I didn’t sell so that was cool.

The camera is delivered and it’s beautiful. Olympus makes the Flagship Pens better than almost any other maker.


I open the box, put the 14mm on and wow, very happy. I decide that this camera is female and that it’s name would be Ruth after my mother. I knew it’s a good name and I was happy. Well after a week shooting and learning how the camera works and how it makes me think and work, I come homw and she’s on my shoulder. I swing her off the shoulder and there, there in the oddest place, there in the oddest place in the universe is a corner on my desk that wanted to see the camera up close. Smash!. Now there’s not much on  THE LORD’S  green earth that upsets me anymore. actually one thing that does is my own stupidity especially when I can’t blame someone else for what happened. I tried blaming the strap, the desk, the corner, can’t ever blame the camera. Mom always said,“I may not always be right, but I’m never wrong”. So I had to eat it and hold myself accountable.


So I contact Olympus and get a return authorization. I know that this is not covered but I don’t care, I want it fixed. The camera goes to Oly and the give me a price and I pay. The frame is mangled also that holds the tilting screen. Ok, fix it. Well about a week later the camera comes back in a beautiful box and I take it and put it on the shelf. 18 months later brings us to about now. The Pen EP-5 named Ruth has been lying in the  shipping box from Oly and I never opened it. I don’t now what’s going on in my photo psyche at the moment but I do know I was to open the box and call the Pen-5 to duty. Box opening any camera is great but doing it with a Pen, well, there’s an excitement that surpasses opening an M camera. Oh, yeah, I opened many of them and this was more exciting to me.

I had already charged a battery the evening before. The elves and fairies were dancing in the air. The unicorns were standing by. Big Fish and all his friends were standing behind me waiting for the sacred moment of feeding the Pen-5 named Ruth here power to come to .

We got a call that Dr Frankenstein was  on the way and he wanted to say the words that all Cameras worthy of a name love to here when the battery is inserted.“It’s alive, it’s alive”.

Tanya yelled up, Gene Wilder…uh..uh.. Dr Frankenstein is here. We were all at the ready. Everyone waited patiently to see Ruth the Pen-5 come back to life. So I took a deep breath, Winslow patted my shoulder to relax me. Like a surgeon, I opened her carefully. Her  insides were exposed and I was careful to protect her. I put the battery in my right hand, picked Ruth up with my left and slowly inserted the power of life into her. There was nary a sound, not even a breath from anyone as the battery slowly butwith intent made it’s way in. Then, as if a miracle happened, the power of life battery was at home inside Ruth.

Everyone was supportive. Big Fish said, “Shooter, go for it son”. I looked around and all 1500ppl in my office were smiling at me giving me emotional support. I turned to Ruth the Pen-5 and put my hand on the switch to bring the power of Eye, Heart and Mind to focus on the moment of Power On Procedure. So I took a few deep breathe and felt Winslow patting my shoulder in support. I  knew I wasn’t alone. I mean damn, 1500 ppl in my office and ppl doesn’t mean ppl, we had  dragons, dinosaurs, fishes, fairies of all sorts and elves.


So, being the Veteran that I am I mustered up the courage to….FLIP THE SWITCH! Well, at once when the flipping procedure was completed, I could hear, awwww such a shame, will he be alright,..so sorry shooter, bummer and 21847 different things all in the matter of a few seconds.I looked at Ruth the Pen-5 and felt this sick feeling all the way to my soul. She didn’t start. Just a machine like some guys call a tool. No soul, no warmth, nothing, just a tool. PPL started leaving and after 45 seconds, I looked around and I was all alone, except for the dragon shit in the corner.

I get the return authorization and off she goes. I a phone call last week that they can see that I never used the camera from the shutter count  but the warranty period is still over. The guy tells me that there’s serious damage to the circuit boards etc. Then he says, “Look shooter, if you pay $???? we will send you a brand new not reconditioned body just like yours. I kinda felt bad but relieved. I give him my credit card number and in 2 days, last week, there, there in the UPS man’s hand is a box that houses my new Pen-5. I quickly run up to the office and unpack the box. Now listen here folks, I didn’t tell all the friends about this so it’s kinda secret.

So I quickly put the battery in and low and behold, “She’s alive, she’s alive”.





Walker Evans and Nikon Coolpix A = Happy Tourist

03-15-0064-EditUnderstanding the basic premise of photography is essential to understanding what you are doing as a photographer. That is that we see a three dimensional reality and abstract it to make a new two dimensional reality called the photograph. Now lots happens from point A to point B and that’s where each of us lives and works. That’s where we introduce our own set of variables to achieve the desired result, the photo.

So that should imply the necessity to understand what our variables are and how to play with them. How to seek and find the discovery of the photo and the self. Well, much of this is being in tune with your Eye, Heart and Mind. Together these elements will or will not realize your Intent.

Tourist have a much better awareness of this than die hard shooters. Tourist have a camera that pleases them and many different cameras in the tourist group. But, each has the camera that allows the least amount of intrusion when they make photos. Tourist are the most aware of the Here and Now. They are totally aware that this photo they are going to make is probably the last time they will see the subject in the flesh. They frame carefully trying to be in the Here and Now and make the best long lasting record of the moment of exposure and thus have the contentment that they succeeded in making the photo that lives in the album of their trip.

03-15-0051-EditOk, give me the shit. Tourist, c’mon shooter, your barking up the wrong tree. Am I?

I think not. We are all tourist thru life. No none gets a permanent Visa. You bet your butt your a tourist and ya better start thinking that way cause tourist are the most noble shooters out there. They don’t need to study the mechanics of photography, They just have to locate their subject matter, frame and make the photo. Catalog the photos into some kind of grouping and then decide where they want to travel to and make more photos.

Sound familiar? See, you are a tourist. Told ya. I love being a tourist especially in my home town. It allows me to feel free and open with the environment and ppls. This is not an illusion but facts and a way to work.

03-15-0057-EditI’m at Love Park watching the tourist watch me and I feel happy. Being around tourist gets me to think and feel as they do. That’s a wonderful gift and I cherish it completely. I look to the fountain and I see this guy walking and screaming profanities that I never heard before. As I watched him I started to feel like I was seeing Moses and the lost Tribe. Something like that. He’s looking right at me and I raise Walker the Nikon Coolpix A and he lowers his head in a very humble position. CLICK!

I became anxious to see this photo when I get home.

03-15-0058-EditPhotos are not only a reflection of ourselves, they may also reflect others and in many ways. This is an anti-tourist photo. I guess that’s not entirely true cause if in fact I am a tourist, then this is a tourist photo. See what can happen if we dissect the natural process of what we are doing? Well, we must do that to understand what and why we are doing it and also to get a pathway to subject matter that we should be on.

I’m heading out to work and seeing where I can find some photos. I’ll be back later and write more. Post your thoughts plz as I need to know if this is interesting to you as it is for me.

………………………………………………………………….. To Be Continued………………………………………………………………












Goodbye Fuji X30 … Hello Walker The … Sony RX100 3

12-14-0086-EditWell, I shot my Grand Niece’s sweet 16 party. I decided that I would take the camera that does family and events better than my other cameras because it has a zoomie lens thing on it. We it does zoomie nice and it gives the illusion that every-things gonna be ok. Well, the Fuji X30 has a sense of humor and displayed it to me at the most appropriate time. See, i really needed these photos to be special because it’s my family. So I get to the party with My daughter and her hubby, nice guy for a hubby. I’m sitting down and decide to put the Fuji EF-X20 Flash on the camera because this is a flash event. See, here’s the thing. I have many flash units that would work, like Mets and other good units. I want to use the little Fuji because it’s dedicated and small. Really vey cool.

10-14-0171-EditWell, I’m a clicking away, clicking a here and a there and starting to get in the groove and then, than on a single press of the shutter as my beautiful daughter is standing in front of me but at a distance and I want to make this portrait of her cause it’s gonna be nice… I press….and the camera says, .. uh uh, I don’t think so shooter. Well, see, I get a little upset when my cameras don’t work with me and intrude on what I’m doing especially since it’s my daughter I’m making the photo of. This is why I name cameras. So at this point, we can talk about why the camera is not cooperating. It becomes more personal and comfortable for each of us.

I was able to secure 166 photos of which 1 used 140. So far so good. Uh uh, I don’t think so. See, when I used the flash, sometimes it worked so well I could smile.

Then the dew do started. The camera would not lock focus and would not release. White AF box…hmmmm! My Doc at the VA gives me meds so I don’t over react. They work fine but this time, no way.

So im breathing now and figured out that the camera was not at fault. THE FLASH! See the flash is good to about 15′. As long as your in the range it’s a great setup. But see it’s the nature of the beast to use a tele at longer distances.well, the UN NAMED FUJI EF-X20 will not let the camera fire regardless of what I want to do.

12-14-0086-EditSee, I have this problem with a single word in the English language. Trust me, no matter what language is native to you, this single word is in there.

OBEY! I just can’t and I won’t obey especially a camera or flash. Well, the flash told the camera that … we ain’t making no photos over 15′ and that shooter guy.. he will OBEY.

Yes, I did OBEY  because I had to. It’s like when da wifey says, take the garbage out. I just OBEY, I don’t like it but I don’t want her to do it so I OBEY. With da wifey, it’s actually ok to OBEY because we have no choice. If we did have a choice, we wouldn’t have a wifey.

So when I got home and did Lightroom I realized that I was very upset. I did many, many pro shoots of events all over and never once had a problem.



So I thought about things and decided to let the X30 sit for a while until I come to grips with the anger I was experiencing. A few weeks went by and I realized that our time together was over. I hadn’t touched it and didn’t miss it. What a bad feeling, I gotta tell ya. To love a camera and then have it just go sour, well.. not a pretty picture. I know it wasn’t the camera totally and it’s completely my fault. I admit that I hadn’t used the flash the way it was designed. In that range, it’s amazing on the camera. Small very efficient and the battery life was great. 2 small AAA batteries and your good. Lovely.


Well, I realize the the old adage my Uncle Birney told was true. “Poison Your Mind”. That means that for example, people shove crap into you and when you try to do something, your mind in poisoned because there’s crap blocking free thought.

Well, low and behold, sure enough….when I looked at the Fuji X30, I got a feeling of failure and discomfort. It’s a bad feeling and I’m upset about it but at any rate, I sold the camera. I have the flash but will sell it also, in time.

So that’s the legacy of the Fuji X30 and you should notice that I did not call it by name. That alone is a big statement.

I have used the Sony RX100 1 for a while and forgot about it. A deal came to me by way of B&H and I have the Sony RX100 3 and I gotta tell ya….

no, no, no….. ya gotta come back to here the adventures of Walker the Sony RX100 3……………………………………….shooter out…..!

October 2nd, 2014 … The Legend Of Shioko and Ding The Nikon Coolpix A … Begins (Part 1)


Well, it’s been a while and still my back has issues that cause discomfort and frustration. Luckily enough today is the day I have my appointment with the Sports Therapist. I heard Dr Shioko left the VA here and went to Washington DC. So I figured, all the dreams are just that, passing fantasies that no longer fulfill an old shooters head and heart.  I got to the VA on time and waited in the waiting area for about 20 minutes. It was sparse and there was only 2 other Vets there and I was in front of them, I thought.

The receptionist called out a mans name and he went into a room. A few minutes later she called out the other guys name and he went into another room. I sat and worked on the iphoney and then I heard a voice. It was a nurse and she asked the receptionist how many more appointments were left. The receptionist said that him, meaning me and then nothing till 1330. It was now 0945.

So the nurse asked me to please step in the room and she did my blood pressure, checked my weight and said, Mr Springer, you lost 35lbs since your last visit. Is this intentional and does your Doctor know about this.

I replied, yes it’s intentional and my Dr’s are monitoring my weight and things. She ask me to sit again. Then as she was walking away, she said, Mr Springer.. Dr Shioko with be with you in a minute. ( ok look, I’m hitting 65 next Wednesday the 8th. It doesn’t take much to excite me and to get my brain completely awake and other parts and things awake also. Needless to say that I was glad the nurse did my blood pressure before this newsflash as the scale doesn’t go high enough to get a reading.)

The door opens, but it doesn’t open like a door in a VA Hospital, it’s opens like Audrey Hepburn comes thru it… there’s a cloud of gentle smoke wrapped around the frame as Dr Shioko passes thru and the angels with gilded wings blow gentle sounds thru the Trumpets from HEAVEN to announce that the Angel of Mercy has entered the scene. Of course she is wearing a white lace gown with Orchards that cover her body as gently as the snow flakes on the morning crocuses at winters end.


Then, in the heat of the moment, reality sets in and the smoke turns to an illusion that encapsulates everything including my thoughts. Dr Shioko calls my name and ask me to come into the room. I walk in and as gracefully as a swan on a lake she walks over to me and hands me the gown. Please go into the changing room and then come back to the table, I’ll be back in a minute.

Now, Dr Shioko has 7 feet distance to get to the door. I make it to the changing room, get undressed, put the gown on, lock the locker with my stuff in it, come back into the room all in the time she walks 4 feet towards the door. She has 3 feet to go but and I’m cool and sitting down on the table. She looks at me and  smiles.

So I’m sitting on the table and Dr Shioko comes in and stands next to me. She says, Mr Springer, I must leave as there is an emergency I have to attend to. I will give you the choice of having an associate of mine come in and take care of you or I can make another appointment for you tomorrow morning. I asked her what time and she said, 0930.

She asked me if I could help her choose another camera because she feels restricted with the X100s and the viewfinder makes her self conscious making photos. Of course I said I’d be glad to assist and we could talk about things tomorrow. She smiled again and said she’s see me in the morning and that she would make it up to me.


So Dr Shioko left the room and then this young woman  woman entered and let me tell ya…think Lucy Liu, yup thats right….. ‘m telling ya one damn thing… The VA gets a bad rap from everyone except those that it helps. Here in Philly, with these Doctors, in this Department, The Department id Called Heaven’s Door

I will update tomorrow about the actual treatment  and camera experience….. have a great one and…….

The One Shot Per Shoot Challenge is open to all….send 1 photo and a paragraph about the experience of making it to: streetshooter.us@gmail.com

seeyas tomorrow……….

September 18th, 2014 … The One Shot Photo Project Begins … Come One, Come All


I’m making a challenge to myself and youse all shooters. The one shot photo project is just what it sounds like. One photo per shoot. Not one a day, a week, a month or a year. Simply put, one shot for every shoot you do. It’s up to you to decide how many photos you make CasinoinUS on a shoot but only one can be submitted per shoot. You don’t have to do this, you know it and I know it. This is something I learned from Ding McNulty and it has proved to make me focus on my work with a clear and clean vision. The thing is, it helps me to really commit to my images because I can only choose 1. I slowed down a lot back in the 70’s thru all my film decades. Now with digital, it’s like overabundance is par for the course.

So, if your interested, submit a photo under the One Per Shoot Project, send it to me by email (streetshooter.us@gmail.com) along with a statement about the photo and the experience of making it. A paragraph or so is cool. You can do this more than once soooo be awake and alert and find that ONE SHOT.

09-14-0162-EditIf  your up to doing this, then here’s what will happen. You will be put on the Inspired Eye Blog and have a chance of getting into the Inspired Eye Magazine.

The idea behind this is to create energy to work but not to have to make it a burden. This will actually tune your vision and help to eliminate boredom and loss of direction. If you make a good effort doing this, you will find a new strength in your work and vision.

I hope that youse will partake in this project as I am committed to doing it again, and again.. and again……

……………………………………………………end transmission, thanks again Ding………………………………………………………………………….. shooter out……………..

September 15th, 2014 … Andre’ The Fuji X100s … Meets … Ding The Nikon Coolpix A


Look, don’t get me wrong, ok. I really do love the X100s and it provides a wonderful working experience.

What, but everyone knows that already. Ok, ok! Andre’ is upset because I called the camera X100s and not it’s proper name, Andre’. He also said, “Look shooter,  everyone calls you Don or shooter. No one calls you the human or photographer and you wouldn’t be without me anyway.” So now I get it. Andre’ the Fuji X100s is jealous

09-14-0053-EditSee, word on the camera shelf is that there’s a new kid on the block. Yes, it’s very true. The Nikon Coolpix A has taken up residence on the current camera shelf. The new camera has been named Ding, after Kneeland Ding McNulty.

Ding mentored me for a while and gave me valuable life lessons and how to youtubemp3now.com have photography fall in love with me. He wasn’t concerned about my love affair with photography but wanted to make sure that photography and I had a life long symbiotic relationship. So I decided to name the Nikon after him. So of course Andre’ is upset and kinda jealous because he thinks he will get less street time than he used to get. Nothing could be further from the truth. See, both Andre’ and Ding will be out with me always starting Wednesday. Till then, Ding and I are reacquainting our selves as it’s been decades since we spent time together, at least on the physical plane.

09-14-0152-EditSee, for me it used to be a 35mm lens on my M Leicas. The when the digital imaging made cameras that worked like cameras, it seemed that 28mm was the preferred focal length. I still lean to the 35mm FOV but the 28mm FOV has a place embedded in my brain’s firmware. Well, now that my brain is back from vacation, I will have to update it’s firmware to the Nikon;s UI and FL and combine that with Andre’, the Fuji X 100s.


There are thing for me to write about and I am excited again to feel visual freedom once again. Ding is proving to be a worthy companion and I hope in due time that Andre’ and Ding will get along.

At any rate, I’ll be posting more for the next few weeks as the discovery and challenges arise working with these two cameras.

Shooter Out……………………………

September 1st, 2014 … Fuji X100s Light Duty

08-14-0419-EditIt’s Labor Day Weekend and I’m doing little to labor myself. Had to go to the shore cause my friend Joe died a few weeks ago and I had to secure the house and things. So after I set the alarm secured.onlinegambling2014.com code and organized a little, we went to the Boardwalk in Atlantic City.

I just made a few snaps cause I wasn’t in the mood for much of anything. Anyway, her’s a few photos that were made with the FujiX100s.


Ya know, color is really nice with this camera but I still don’t see or feel it, I’m kinda trusting the camera to get it right and it does.

08-14-0424-EditWell, I guess I’l go do the Bar B Que for Tanya and get back to photography tomorrow…..


Seeya’s, ………………………………. shooter, exit stage left…………………………………………………………

August 30th, 2014 … Hurry, Hurry, Read All About It … Inspired Eye Issue 13 Published

default_presentationWell, it’s out. It’s no secret anymore. The Inspired Eye Issue 13 has been released. The news stands are backed up with a line a block long. Every bookstore in the known Universe has a line that will take you an hour to check out, It’s that good.

Here’s the thing….. because you are a faithful follower of my antics and writings and thoughts, I am giving you a pass to the back door. You can use this pass for all your friends and family too…..please spread it around.

Here’s the pass to get the new exciting just published, hot off the press, Issue 13:


Don’t waste anytime on this one it’s bound to sell out….is that even possible, dunno but it’s a great read…..

Enjoy your weekend, be blessed and find peace on your journey.

shooter out………………………………..transmission terminated by user with brain on vacation…………………………………………………………………….POOF!





August 27th, 2014 Breathing Street With Fuji X100s & Fuji X20



The streets of Philly are starting to mellow out and I guess it’s time for me to do the same….NAH! Don’t dream. I’m never mellow, always adjusting energy to meet the reality i’m in.

The thing I recognize about life is that the number one thing to sustain life is BREATHING. Try living without it, you’ll see that I’m probably right. So, if this is so important, why not really get into it and apply it to everything you do, I know, I know…. we usually run in AUTO-BREATHING mode. Well, maybe that’s cool for those that don’t pay attention to breathing. I do and ya know, it’s the one single thing I’ve learned to love most thru my life.

What the heck are you talking about shooter and what does any of this have to do with photography? Ok, ok… cut me a darn break… relax, we’ll get there.

Remember… the journey is much more than the destination.

08-14-0340-EditWhen I’m on the street, I listen to the heartbeat, smell the fragrances, not always sweet but nonetheless stimulating. I find a rhythm to life where I’m at and try to adjust my stance, my pace, my gaze and my breathing to my surroundings. Maybe that’s why I never ever get bored being in the same city, the same streets and sometimes even the same people. It’s never the same. It’s different in time and space and the light is different and the breathing is on a different rhythm.

So how do we as shooters adapt to this situation on the streets? Well, we need to change our way of thinking, destroy preconceptions, gray out our history and try to see things as if we will never see them again. Maybe for some, try to see things as if it’s the first time.

So the point really is not to let yourself get complacent. If you can just tune into the rhythm on the streets, it will talk to you and grant you clues as to where your next photo may lay.


08-14-0337-EditLife is what we are making photos of. Life as a heartbeat. A heartbeat happens because of breathing. If your not breathing with what is around you, what are you doing?

If ya find that rhythm and breathe with it and have a camera in your hand, well, there’s photos all around you, just open your eyes and have an open mind and heart… well, drink Kona in the morning or none of this means rubbish…..

See ya’s tomorrow,,,,,,

August 19th, 2014 … Fuji X20 … Great Street Camera (brain still on vacation)

08-14-0202-EditYaeh, yeah. That’s right, I said it and I believe it too. The Fuji X20 is an amazing camera for any use but for the street, well you didn’t get this from me and I ain’t responsible for any cameras store grabbing yer monies. The X20 is a great camera. It’s a wee bit smaller than the X100s and the megapixel count is less but there’s a real gritty attitude to the images that only the Ricoh GRD4 compares to.

08-14-0207-EditWhoa, hold on. Daido the Fuji X20 comes close to Penelope the Ricoh GRD4 in Grit but there’s still a difference. I don’t know what the difference is but it’s there….. I think. I told you my brain is on vacation so I’m going along in Auto Brain Wave Mode. Anyway, back to the streets. I am happy to report that most times my subject matter  is not affected by the camera I use. I also notice that regardless of the camera in hand, I still like a cup of Kona at home and on the street, I like a cup of whatever they call coffee out there. It kinda scares me when even in Starbucks, the coffee is always burnt cause young kids make the coffee and they are too damn busy on their walkman ipod ipad iphone android kindle thingys to notice they are burning the coffee. So the coffee  philosophers sit and drink that crap not know that real coffee isn’t burnt… ohhh sorry, I forgot… I ask a young girl, “Can I have a Kona Cream and no sugar?” She says, what’s that?. Cream, it’s the stuff that looks like milk but it’s not milk, it’s cream. She says with a cute smile…(Ok, I lost it, not afraid to admit it. She could sell me anything and I’m good, happy to see here smile.) ….not cream silly, and not sugar, I know what that is… what’s Kona… well the little cute angel just got pushed sooo far off my smile list…hhhhhmmmmm. I said, I’m sorry, I thought this was a pharmacy… and they had Kona…..it damn sura ain’t easy being a streetshooter…. sheeeesh.

08-14-0216-Edit08-14-0219-EditSo I figured I don’t need no Kona coffee out on the street because I getz it at home and home is where the Kona is. The Fuji X20 has some interesting things going on.
I mean I wrote about this camera a few times, actually more than a few times but not really a lot of times but enough times that well, let me get some meds in and maybe I can manage to keep on track. One of the great things is the small sensor and the DOF it makes. Say your shooting at f/4.0. …. ok waiting… say it ok…eh… I’ll say it for ya… I’m shooting at f/4.0 shooter. Well with the lens set to 28mm and focused to 5.0′  we get this DOF from 2.5′ to infinity. Now, I ain’t the smartest pencil in the box when my brain is on vacation and I certainly wouldn’t wanna do much but drink that coffee I love… uh… damn…uh.. oh yeah.. Kona.. see….but I gotta say this…. 2.5′ to infinity… I think that means.. I could hold my arm out, make a photo, have my hand in focus and be in focus at tommi, or Wouter…yup.



Now it seems to me that if you can’t find a photo somewheres between 2.5′ and infinity… whoa.. wait a second… let me think about this…. If I Only Had A Brain…. if”n we can get that kinda DOF at f/5.6.. well I ain’t even gonna think what happens at like F/8,f/11.. nah… when my brain returns I’ll address this but till then… well, hmmm uh.. what the hell am I even talking about…? Dunno… I hope youse do cause I damn sure don’t…..

c’mon… just kidding…. what’d ya think…. “I’m smaaat Mikey”……

08-14-0231-EditThe Fuji X20 can set you free. It’s really the perfect companion for the Fuji X100s. The size difference is negligible but smaller which is nice. The lovely 28mm FOV captures me in a way 35mm doesn’t. Ray Sachs mentioned to me a few times that he felt that 28mm was better for me than 35mm.  He’s a friend and I respect his opinion highly and I must agree that there’s something about 28mm I adore. Luckily the Fuji X20 named Daido lives with me and now will be getting more use again.

08-14-0247-EditSo, all I can say is that I am enjoying the break from 35mm FOV and enjoying the time my brain has taken for vacation.

I’ll post again tomorrow for sure….. but listen…..

tomorrow I’m going to Starbucks to chat with the little knucklehead cute angel that thinks coffee comes from a bag…yeah right beautiful… coffee comes from that bag… it kinda just grows in there…hmmmm

well, what could an old streetshooter have in common with a young, cute coffee attendant? Well, at the moment, neither of us has a brain…..

shooter out…..uh, I think that’s me but it might be the guy typing at the keyboard….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm