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August 27th, 2014 Breathing Street With Fuji X100s & Fuji X20



The streets of Philly are starting to mellow out and I guess it’s time for me to do the same….NAH! Don’t dream. I’m never mellow, always adjusting energy to meet the reality i’m in.

The thing I recognize about life is that the number one thing to sustain life is BREATHING. Try living without it, you’ll see that I’m probably right. So, if this is so important, why not really get into it and apply it to everything you do, I know, I know…. we usually run in AUTO-BREATHING mode. Well, maybe that’s cool for those that don’t pay attention to breathing. I do and ya know, it’s the one single thing I’ve learned to love most thru my life.

What the heck are you talking about shooter and what does any of this have to do with photography? Ok, ok… cut me a darn break… relax, we’ll get there.

Remember… the journey is much more than the destination.

08-14-0340-EditWhen I’m on the street, I listen to the heartbeat, smell the fragrances, not always sweet but nonetheless stimulating. I find a rhythm to life where I’m at and try to adjust my stance, my pace, my gaze and my breathing to my surroundings. Maybe that’s why I never ever get bored being in the same city, the same streets and sometimes even the same people. It’s never the same. It’s different in time and space and the light is different and the breathing is on a different rhythm.

So how do we as shooters adapt to this situation on the streets? Well, we need to change our way of thinking, destroy preconceptions, gray out our history and try to see things as if we will never see them again. Maybe for some, try to see things as if it’s the first time.

So the point really is not to let yourself get complacent. If you can just tune into the rhythm on the streets, it will talk to you and grant you clues as to where your next photo may lay.


08-14-0337-EditLife is what we are making photos of. Life as a heartbeat. A heartbeat happens because of breathing. If your not breathing with what is around you, what are you doing?

If ya find that rhythm and breathe with it and have a camera in your hand, well, there’s photos all around you, just open your eyes and have an open mind and heart… well, drink Kona in the morning or none of this means rubbish…..

See ya’s tomorrow,,,,,,

10 thoughts on “August 27th, 2014 Breathing Street With Fuji X100s & Fuji X20

    • Douglas,
      Thanks but not necessary to feel humbled… but it’s nice and I feel that way also. It’s a gift my friend, you know it and I know it and…..

    • Marke, thanks. Ya know, I write this stuff because I need a reminder myself.
      Sometimes I even get it right…. seeya soon…

  1. Hi Don, Mike here… first “met” you way back on the SeriousCompacts pages and crossed paths once in a while as I was a Ricoh fan for a while… still am but my GXR is now getting good use in my 15 year old son’s hands… I think he might be a natural at this. We’ll see.

    I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy looking at your work and reading your words and learning what you’ve named the next camera in your life. Keep it up!

    Vancouver, BC

    • Thanks Mike. SC, oh my that has been a while. In fact, I haven’t been in the forum scene for sometime now and actually don’t missit.
      The mighty GXR. Now that’s a fine camera and I’m sure your son is getting good work from it….. post some stuff love to see what you guys are up to.

      Thanks, don

  2. Don, a famous mountain-climbing saying is: “Expectation is the mother of the [mess]up.” If you expect something, you may well become blind to what’s actually going on. It’s like the gorilla-on-the-basketball-court experiment. Everyone is expecting to see basketball and no one remembers seeing the guy in the gorilla suit walk through the court. Great article — thanks.

    • Greg, that gorilla on the basketball court, she’s my ex wife. Only she’s more graceful than my ex.
      Have a good weekend and I’ll seeya after the game…..peace to you and thanks for stopping by…keep this on your route of travel…

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