Bottom Line….Make it Personal, Make it Count.

Don’t get lost out there. Remember what your doing and for whom your doing it for. Y O U !

There are many good shooters out there and many have a strong cult following. Sure, it’s nice to see the work but don’t ever let it get inside you. Don’t ever let it control what you are thinking or doing. If you feel that you are loosing the self, step back and regroup. Make images that are personal and make them count. Bunk to anyone else.

Once you are strong and find your way, you can deal with the pollutants others bring to your eyes. As good as another shooter is, he/she can never make a more personal image for you. That is inside you and it’s yours.

Now go out and find it………oh…take your camera too……!



2 thoughts on “Bottom Line….Make it Personal, Make it Count.”

  1. It takes probably even more balls to get really personal in your photography than for street photography. And the strongest pollution doesn’t come from the outside, but likely from the inside.

  2. that’s good advice don …. easy to hear , harder to remember
    your work is a continuing inspiration to me …. image is all
    the hell with all else

    got that pm , wrote you back
    best to you, my friend

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