January 28th, 2017 … Philly Streets … New Format …. Wouter Brandsma

A lot has been going on in Philly this week. I won’t get into the political crap and just stay with how it all effects me and photography. President Trump and all the political whatsoever in the USA were here. Barricades were and still are all over. Streets blocked and then police were out in force. I saw a few that I knew and talked with them about all kinds of things. I asked how the barricades were working to keep all the people out of the event and Sgt…laff’s. Don, the barricades aren’t there for the politicians, they are there to protect you and everybody from the politicians. So I bought 6 cups of coffee for him and the others standing with him. Funny tho, I always thought that. I feel that politicians say they are going to do for the working man but I never felt what they say they wanted to do. Turns out many feel as I do. Enough politics.

Anyway I feel kind of anxious and the pressure of the blog is making me uptight. So, I hear tell of a man somewhat younger then me and he does photography and a blog also. This guy is a legend.  Wouter writes about life and photography and it’s all one and the same. He blends both in a web that draws one in and forces one to accept that good times and hard times are one and the same in life.

Anyway, I like his work and words and I always feel somewhat edgy and perhaps that’s because Wouter finds a catalyst to make us and me more in touch with humanity. twitter.com/wouterbrandsma

Enough of the mushy stuff. The thing is he changed his format a while ago to just posting photos from the week but leaving open space in case he wanted to change that at any time. I see that this releases the pressure of posting a a lot but making it more better.

I suppose that the inverse square law is in effect here. Less is more/more is less. So I will borrow and adapt this format for my blog and see how it goes. Maybe less post will generate more interesting content.

I also feel that my family of cameras are directly screwing with my head. If it’s true that less is more, and it is, then maybe less access to my cameras will be more productive. So for the next month I will use Mom the Ricoh GRII only. That’s not a hard task but it means to release the energy from my other cameras. So I placed them all on the shelves and told them to be nice and quiet any leave my head alone. The only one I will miss truly for the month is Andre’ the Fuji X100T. But I understand the need for simplicity and clarity of heart and vision.

I experience the most freedom with Mom, the Ricoh GRII. There is a synergism between us that is undeniable. Not that I don’t have it with other cameras but with her, I just am a total observer and even when I make a photo, I never leave the stance of an observer. The other cameras are beautiful also but at the precise moment of exposure, I am a maker in an observation. The Ricoh transcends that experience and keeps me as an observer.  I often times am not aware that I am making photos, just seeing them. For me this is Nirvana and allows me to just exist without conscious efforts.

So, there ya have it, the new thoughts from my head. I hope that youse all will get something out of this and that our efforts together will make us all aware that there is life out there. We must live it but without a camera in hand, well perish the thought.

……….end transmission……….shooter out……….

16 thoughts on “January 28th, 2017 … Philly Streets … New Format …. Wouter Brandsma”

  1. Less is more is a good philosophy but it is at odds with my G.A.S I have several cameras but the Ricoh GRIV and then the GRV are the ones I have used most on the street.

  2. Hi Don,

    I have my cameras screwing with my head too!. So much so that 3 years ago i sold all of my M 4/3rds and DSLR kit and lenses and just purchased ONE camera…the Fujifilm X20. I used it as my camera for months, I felt so free….
    Then I started getting tempted again, now I have a Lumix GF7 with 12-32mm ( brilliant lens) , Olympus OMD EM10 10 and several primes, and also a Sony SLT A58 with several primes and a great fast Sigma 2.8 Zoom…..Bottom line I have to just use one camera and just go out and make photos. Suprisingly , (despite wanting/needing a viewfinder) I find that the Lumix GF7 is the most liberating camera with that great little zoom on. Its light and small and it fits in my jacket pocket, its always there when I want it. Im free again….making photos.
    Don do yopu thinl I should sell the lot and get myself a Fujifilm X70?…. is it wise to have a camera without a viewfinder?…what are your thoughts?.

    Keep up the good work, I am sure you will have a great time with that GR II camera.

    Cheers Ian.

    1. Ian, thanks. I have been thru housekeeping many times myself. To start, my favway to work is with a screen camera. That put’s the Ricoh GRII to the top of the list. It’s not my only way to work but favorite.

      I suppose the next favorite way is the Fuji X100T. Well, that’s being sold because I am hyped for the X1ooF Let’s not forget the Olympus Pen F and a few lenses. See. it all gets rather confusing emotionally but my go to is the Ricoh GRII. So, that’s the lay of the land here in shooterville. I have some others but they fit in to the styles I mentioned.
      If your thinking X70, a good idea to do a comparison against the Ricoh. I won’t mention the main differences between the 2 until you check both out.

      Good luck….

      1. Thanks for your reply Don. It is very true things start to get confusing with to many choices. By the way I forgot to mention that I have a Fujifilm X30 …anyway…..I can see why using the screen is favourite, I am warming to it myself after being a self confessed VF person.
        The GR really does get good press, I like the idea of the snap focus setting. The reason i was looking at the X70 was to force myself to simplify things and also the fact that I can travel light. ..thanks for your thoughts it is always appreciated. Keep up the good work with the mag, I always look forward to my monthly download it is a great read.
        Cheers Ian.

        1. Ian, whoa….. the GRII is as simple as you can get. Snap focus is hyper-focal and you can choose and set and forget. Small, fits in my jeans pocket. Anyway, I had the X30 also and just loved that camera. Then I went to my niece’s wedding and just took that. Well, the flash I used was the EFX20 something and it wouldn’t let me shoot further the 15′.
          Next day I sold the camera and flash and then a member of this blog got one and posted how to use it proper like.

          I felt like an idiot cause i was at that time, a simple setting and all would have bee good. That’s a great camera without a doubt…. enjoy

          1. Perhaps I should dust off the X30 while I find a GR to try. I have neglected that camera at the expense of the others. It somehow feels right in my hands, we certainly gel.
            Shame you made a rash decision on the X30 I really did like the images that you made with it……..I feel as though you have Un-confused me already, tomorrow my X30 will be my companion. ….cheers Ian.

          2. Ian,
            It’s true, I loved the X30. Honestly, it’s the only zoom lens I like in any camera. I am hoping an X40 comes out and I’ll get one but if not, the X39 is fine.

          3. Hi Don, Yes there is something very right about the X30, I really hope there is a X40 in the pipeline .. I would also settle for the 39 too! …Cheers Ian.

  3. Brilliant work and fascinating words as always Don. I’m getting involved in a local issue here in Sheffield, UK which is making me more aware than ever, and closer to people in my own city.

    I think I’m inspired and ready to start shooting again. This could be a historic time for my city.

    All the best, my friend. Stay safe and keep shooting.

  4. Thanks for these words Don. Funny how your new resolution came with the Year of the Rooster ! 😉 Have a good one dude. Your words speak to me, I’m more a hunter when I’m in the streets. Need to become more like you said, an observer… Cheers Don, take care.

    1. Jeff, thanks man. There’s a time and place for everything. I find that being an observer let’s the photos find me as well as I finding them. Kinda like a synergism of sorts.

  5. Always find your words and pics fascinating Don; thank u. I use a Pen-F with two lenses, that’s all my brain can handle! Best to u

    1. Dean, thank you kindly. The Pen F is truly a work of art for a camera. I have a real feeling with that and in fact named her Serendipity.

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