March 7th, 2017 … The Light From Eden … Fuji X100F

Sometimes in the galaxy of our life, things seem to come together. At this time, it feels like we are on the right path and that we are recognizing to ourselves that we may have found a place within us that is like a sanctuary for our heart. What does this have to do with photography? Well, I feel that each photo we make is a part of our portrait of our self and our life. If it’s true and many have stated that this is true, that all our work is a culmination of our life experiences and the photos are records of our passing breaths.To fully grasp the importance of this requires one to be at one with ones self and process. I guess it’s a good reason to think of your camera as a friend. I do and actually, more of an extension of my soul. There’s something that happens when I am with the right camera. For example, the Fuji X100F because he’s the new kid on the block. I don’t think these thoughts are too esoteric and in fact, I feel that they apply openly to any real serious shooter. When I go to work what happens is that I get into a mode of operation that calls forward the entire photographic process as I have adopted and caressed it. I pickup Andre’ the Fuji X100F and we are now united in the quest for the light of life. There’s an energy that awakens when Andre’ is in my hand at the ready and I am aware of it and cherish it beyond normal feelings.

Maybe I’m a romantic. Maybe I just experienced too much death and long for the Light From Eden. There is a way to make photos that one goes and takes photos. Then there is a way of living as a shooter with a respect for the process of collaboration. This collaboration happens when one makes photos. Just the act of making assumes that a collaboration is happening. You are in a specific time and place and life is your partner in a collaboration in making photos. Portraits are the perfect source of strong collaboration. I have a friend for well, long time and he’s about the finest portrait photographer around. Check out Milton Perry’s photos. You will see that there is an essence in the photo. That essence is the joining of Milton and his subjects. He doesn’t see his subjects as stagnant vessels of frozen emotions. He forms a collaboration with his subject and the photo becomes a record of the life experience of both at the moment of exposure.

Ok, so I hit Market Street again for the well, can’t count that high but it’s well over 40 years. When I teach, many of the students ask me how I stay excited working in one city most times. That’s a fine question to ask and all I can say is, I love Philadelphia and truthfully, I love it more with Andre’ the Fuji X100F. The more I use this camera, the less I even think about any other. There’s something about the way he configures real simple and fast. Like, I start off in AF mode single shot. I am in M Mode and Auto ISO, topped off at 6400. I use that as a2ISO. I can go higher or lower or just set the ISO myself. I really like Andre’ to do some work also. I mean, I’m walking and holding him, and he’s like doing  something in my hand like sending energy to my eyes.

This procedure will not happen if you do not name your camera. It will not happen if you do not love photography with a passion that is undefinable. If you do, pay attention because your partner in the collaboration of your photographic journey will work with you. You don’t have to believe in Magic, you just need to believe in you.

The funny thing is….I notice differences the way I use the X100F vs the X100T. Essentially they are the same camera. I mean the way they work, essentially…but not.

With the Fuji X100T I mostly used the EVF or screen. I think it’s in part because I used the Pen F along side it so, that makes the EVF compatible between the two. So it probably was the way the cameras worked together. Now with the Fuji X100F, I have no interest in any other camera, yet. I feel satisfied but the point is, my method of operation is different. I use M Focus a lot on street scenes and of course monitor the distance in my feelings. I also seem to prefer the OVF again and that interest me. I’m liking 2 eyes open also.

Just to rehash something youse already know. With the EVF, we are seeing things flat in 2 dimensions as it will appear in the photo. For me, I even see the b&w of the photo and we see 100% of the recorded image. It’ss very nice and accurate. It’s difficult to use 2 eyes wide open. The juxtaposition is not easy to adjust to. As we move in and out of the scene, the EVF adjust with us and accurately.

With the OVF, we see approximately 92% – 94% of the recorded image. The beauty of the EVF is that you can keep both eyes open and see what is surrounding your subject matter and if something is entering or exiting the frame, you can see it and anticipate the shot. Also, you get a feeling of seeing 3 dimensions. Back in the day, well way back in the daze  it was said that a SLR you see at the photo and with a M camera, you see thru the photo. For me the best way to work is to flip back and forth as the circumstance demands. Usually the OVF is on and when I am working close or need accuracy, I use the EVF.

I’e read where some posted the AF is not that fast. Well, if your shooting a black dress against a black background, I guess AF would struggle.  Like the above photo. I had 2 choices for AF. !st was the woman in the foreground and the 2nd was the woman on the wall. You get the idea that you need Contrast for AF but I will say, I have had very few instances where AF didn’t lock. It’s accurate and fast. Just find contrast and if you don’t, blame your skills not the X100F.

The Fuji X100F is very responsive. Maybe I should say that Andre’ is as I can’t speak for every X100F but generally, I’m sure Andre’s siblings are. What I mean is, when your working and come up with an idea, you can configure the X100F quickly. It’s very intuitive and allows you to FEEL what the photo may become.  I am normally at 1/250 f/8 auto ISO, no EV Comp. When I move around thru the Light of EDEN, I change settings according to the way I feel and the way the subject is communicating to me. Obviously here I dropped to around 1/10 sec. That will let things blur and mess the high values up. There’s an ethereal quality here that I feel but can’t see in reality unless I make the photo.

So emotionally the Fuji X100F is a great companion. There are things in this world that we feel and yet can’t really see. Does that mean we are Members of Congress? Does that mean we are not receptive to the emotional quality of life and vision? I hope not. I try to live my life by seeing and feeling life all around me. I make photos because I must. Many of my photos are documents of a life I live and love.

I believe in Magic. I believe in Love. I believe in the LIGHT of EDEN that penetrates me and allows me to make photos and share my vision with others.

I believe in Andre’ the Fuji X100F because he believes in me.


11 thoughts on “March 7th, 2017 … The Light From Eden … Fuji X100F”

    1. C’mon, a romantic lives a life worth dying for and if not a romantic, well. it damn sure ain’t a pretty picture.

        1. Yes and we need to romance our life before we can romance anyone else. Today things are so technical that the love has diluted to anything but romance.

    1. Michael, glad you feel the soul cause it definitely provides energy to enliven the soul. I adore this camera.

  1. Great post Don. You so eloquently state your passion for photography. And it is contagious and inspiring … I always take something away from reading your blogs. Had a warm but grey and gloomy day a few days ago so got out with my GRDV and recently acquired X70. Now it’s cold again but next warm spell I’m going to break in PenF. I see you are getting hit with some snowy weather today. Take care out there. BTW- Like the blurry figure shot above – imparts a feeling of energy in motion.

    1. Thanks Dave, nice to know you get something from my ramblings… My shrink will like to know this. Weather is crappy here and the cameras are telling me, no way…. watch CNN. X70 is a real nice camera but i run out of names so I’m not getting any new cameras anytime soon.
      Have a good one Dave, good light.

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