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May 21st, 2017 …The Hot Sauce of Photography

Hot sauce is a great metaphor for your individual photography. I mention this because it rekindles the emotional state that can over come us about intent and acceptance of our work. You can get all the cameras, lenses, pc’s, software etc but the final residue of emotional stance is in the photos.

Once you make the photos and then put them out there, well hot sauce starts to cook. Why Hot Sauce? Well, here’s my take on it. There are countless variations of Hot Sauce. Some are mild, some hot, some hotter and even some that require a stretch to the definition of the word HOT. Then we have many labels, sizes, colors scent etc. oh, don’t forget some are just hot and too hot to really taste and others have hot but a distinct flavor.

Then there are the users of the sauces and people vary in an undefinable number. So many variables. I suppose after spending time going thru what you like and don’t like, you choose what best suites you.  At that point it’s about taste and it becomes a personal taste and you have to support it regardless of what others feel about your sauces. Some will like your choice of sauces and others may not. You may even feel intimidated from some who claim to be very skilled and knowledgeable about sauces.

Believe me, there are those among us that are professional Hot Sauce appraisers. Some of these people can tell you the vintage of the Sauce. Some are gear oriented and can discuss the bottle, cap, label etc. The thing is that everyone has an opinion and many like to express it to others about others hot sauce. Of course usually they become defensive about their own sauce and maybe that’s why they go on the offensive, because it protects their sauce from open opinion and critique from others.

So, as I said in the start, Hot Sauce is a metaphor for photography. If you just think about the hot sauce metaphor and then apply it to your photography, maybe, just maybe, you can realize that your have your own bottle of sauce and like it or not, not all with like the look or flavor or aroma. You have to accept the fact that a photograph that you make and love is your hot sauce and has a right to be on it’s own.

Your life is a competition. Don’t believe it’s not. You are competing against yourself. No matter how you bet, it’s always against yourself. We will not survive the end of the competition. What does that mean? For me it means, I do my work because I have to. I would lose a reason to breathe without it. If I meet others that are as serious as me, don’t I have the responsibility to accept them and their work? No one should pass judgement upon another’s sauce.

What hurts me if I see someone with potential doing beautiful work, and that person gets criticism and then they sloe=w down or stop, that’s F***ed up stuff.

Do your thing and find your vision and don’t get sidetracked by the the so called negative energy users. You will never make too many photos and you’ll never have too much time to do it.

Enjoy your hot sauce my friends…….I’ll be around……peace

14 thoughts on “May 21st, 2017 …The Hot Sauce of Photography

  1. Or, in a variant of the same, your own spice rub for the grill…
    I strongly side in favor of the mixes made by the Spice House on Wells Street in Chicago. “Milwaukee Iron” being the best.
    Great series, Don.

    • Thanks Giovanni, I’ll stick with the hot sauce metaphor. If I start rubs, things heat up kinda quickly around here…..hmmm good idea….

    • Thanks Michael, it seems that I have shadow boxed a lot thru life and now I find it’s me in the shadows,…glad you see that.

    • Thanks Dean. Ya know, when I was a young man, I was hot stuff, now as older, Hot Sauce is fitting…..

  2. Love that metaphor Don. This article may conclude the theme started April 28th. You’re right when you say that Life is a competition against yourself. Shoot for yourself. I try to follow my vision but sometimes it gets blurry for me. I try to stay focus to keep on going.
    Thanks for these wise words Don.

    • Jean,
      Perhaps your right but I need to reserve the option of inserting thoughts at a later date. I have a new set starting today, thanks…. peace.

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