May 27th. 2017 … Working thru GAS … NOT the Tums Kind … Fuji X-Pro2

We all know what GAS is. Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Most address this a a detriment to your character and work and you are to feel inefficient if you have GAS. You are maybe hiding behind your gear because you don’t have it enough to make good photos. You are to feel that if you get THAT camera or THAT lens, all will be well in the world. Damn right your right. Go for it. I do and stand proud to say I am a Gas-aholic, well… tums usually cures my gas but I have no issues acquiring new gear if I feel it will open me up some.

I have posted countless times, well at least a few about standing on your own and making your photos the way you want them to be and don’t give a hoot who likes it or not.  Well, here’s something against the grain of most shooters and bloggers.  Gear does make a difference to your work. Like it or not, every single shooter and every single person on the planet, planted or walking around, needs INSPIRATION.

I will expose my GAS and you will see that I’m nuts and you are rather not as nuts or maybe more nuts than me but we doin’ care anyway.  Recently I acquired the Fuji X100F. Great camera and I had no choice, nor wanted one because I had every version of the X100 series and loved them all. The X100F is a very capable camera that can do most things. The camera is named Andre’ after Kertesz. all is well so far but then Serendipity the Olympus PenF wanted to go out and work.

I see things this way. I get an item or camera, lens etc to inspire not direct my energy. Scenario….: I’m laying in bed and relaxing and letting myself fall asleep. Well, a few hours of that and my mind starts to wander. I get maybe a vision or thought train about walking around with my Ricoh GRII. It’s an omen I tellya. In the morning I’ll take Mom the Ricoh GRII out to work. Like it or not, that’s inspiration and the moment is inspired. Usually when this happens, I’m on a very inspired session. Maybe I saw a vision of the PenF with the 12mm. Perhaps I just saw the Ricoh GRII and the Fuji X100F.

This is normal GAS and it is not dangerous at this point. I have gone thru this for decades. I’m a GAS survivor. See, getting gas is normal and how you approach it it the all important thing.

I had a session with some students/friends and we were at the diner and Suzanne and Polly handed me a box and insisted I open it immediately.  I opened the box and low and behold, there was a new Fuji X-Pro2. There also was a 35mm F2WR lens. I asked them why and Polly answered, you have the Fuji X100 so this gives you 35mm & 50mm, your favorite combination.

Ok, no GAS there but inspiration. Ever hear of buyers remorse? Yeah, yeah, we all get it at one point or another. Usually for me it comes when I am tired of a camera and it no longer inspires me. Then I get remorse like, WTF is this stupid camera here for anyway.

So if you don’t have a justification for something, then it’s not inspiring you. Little did the ladies know that the Fuji X-Pro2 would be the camera that lites a fire with me that hasn’t been a flame in a long time. Is this GAS I ask you?  I did not buy the camera. It inspires me more then I thought because it’s a gift from 2 student/friends. I can’t imagine falling out of love with this camera.

It’s impossible to not think about a camera you have or want to have. To be slammed into a corner because someone says you have GAS is self defeating. We all need inspiration and we all need to allow our creativity to flourish. Taking the heat from others and implanting it into ourselves is extremely self destructive and eventually we do as others say and do and not captain our own ride. THE HORROR! We talked about how this scenario is similar to your photos but we doin’ need no more talk about that. Youse are all Life Warriors with a Camera.

So, this is like Rolaids for GAS. If something calls out to you and you feel that it will inspire you, then go for it. ( note ) GAS is an issue that is widely discussed but, in no case should you allow GAS to take funds from your families needs etc. We must always follow a prioritized structure of acquiring things.

So, I hope you get the message that you need to satisfy your creativity without guilt or remorse. Remember that no matter what you feel or think about GAS, it’s true that it can control your expenditures and have a drive that seems to take over. It’s also true that GAS can provide inspiration that feeds your soul. The way you deal with this is like a stance that you take as if your making photos. You are you and how you do and present things is the beauty of you. If you need a camera to satisfy a need, by all means get it.

I need to write about GAS for camera bags and I will try to confess my illness.

next post…..Have a Blessed Memorial Day and even if your in another Country…….

18 thoughts on “May 27th. 2017 … Working thru GAS … NOT the Tums Kind … Fuji X-Pro2”

  1. Hi Don, thanks for this piece about GAS!

    But what do you call the fact when life gets in your way and forces you to let go of gear you love?


    Life’s what happens while you’re making plans, I guess.

    1. Frank, thnaks. I think it’s still GAS but not camera GAS. Maybe mortgage payment or water bill etc GAS.

    1. Dan my friend. Maybe I can shed light on inspiration for you but your guidance comes from way above…..

    1. John, noneed to cut to the chase. I say this with all my experience of 50 years and more….The X-Pro2 is the finest camera I ever used.

  2. In the photograph with the businessman looking back at you, do you approach and talk with him at all after the shot?

    1. Good question. Sometimes I talk with the person but usually not. I make the shot and by the time they realize if at all that I made a photo, I’m gone. I did not here.

  3. Great post about GAS accompanied as usual by some great images. Well, I definitely have GAS and I wish I could cure it by simply taking some TUMS. And following your blog has not helped my GAS – Lol! But I love using my different cameras and they inspire me in different ways. I’ve had a X100s for some time but only recently starting using it – and I really enjoy shooting with it. Same with my Pen-F. I recently got the X100F and it is till in the box but I look forward to shooting with it. Thought I’d get used to the S first. Take care out there!

    1. Dave, we are friends so I will cut to the chase. Put the 100s away or sell it and get the X100F working. It’s just that much better and you’ll love it.

      1. Yup Don, you are right. If I don’t get on it the 100F will sit on the shelf for who knows how long. Also, I am feeling inspired … a FaceBook friend/co-worker asked me if she could buy one of my street shots I posted on FaceBook. I told her I would just give her a 8×10 hardcopy as a gift. This was unsolicited so it really made my day that someone would want to buy one of my images. This was a first for me. I know you’ve probably been there many times. Have a great day!

        1. Dave, congrats on your sale. It’s more than the financial aspects of that…it’s the acceptance in a much larger way. Time to get on the X100F Dave.
          be blessed….

          1. Don, a question … do you ever bother to put your name or a copyright logo etc on your images – especially if it’s one you sell ? Thanks.

          2. Dave, I was taught to sign my name and edition nuber on all prints. I use Lightroom and have a copywright preset that goes on every image. I never use a watermark and will not allow them in the magazine either.

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