Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 9 … a Chat with Mother Light


Have you ever been intoxicated and consumed by Mother Light? Let me tell you, it’s a feeling that is beyond compare. She graces us with the elixr of photography and allows us to taste her sweet rays of life and allows us to appreciate the places she does not shine upon. Some have been known to call those areas, Dark or Shadows. Together with the Light, a world is created that photographers live in. There are of course other elements in this world like, graphics, depth and many other things that all work together to provide shooters a platter to feast upon.

I talked with Mother Light a while ago and it was something like this. Knock knock. Yes, who is it? Momma, it’s me shooter from Philly. Oh yes. hmmmm. Then I could hear a man’s voice….Mother, who’s at the door? Father Dark, it’s that shooter guy from Philly. Oh my, not again. Tell him I went to Zone 1 and need to adjust levels down there. POOF! So Mother Light opened the door and came out side. The sun was shining, things were in a very cool placement. I was very sure I could make a great photo and then she asked me….. Shooter from Philly, why did you come to me today?

Momma, she stopped me right in my tracks. Listen shooter from Philly, we will do a lot better if you just call me Mother and not Momma. If not, My sister Rain will visit you everyday for a loooong time. Ok Mother, I said. Well, here’s the thing.



See, I understand about you Mother Light and Father Dark and Aunt Rain and Uncle Snow and all of that. I understand about finding the elements to make my photo and how to see how things may look and later how things will look. Mother Light said, yes,yes Shooter from Philly….what’s the problem? I bowed my head and I asked, the question that men and woman have struggled with for millions and millions of frames…. Well, all these elements are great and necessary but what about Emotions?

Shooter from Philly, what ye seek is not to be found ever in plain view. What ye seek can only be found inside your own heart. If you are not connecting all the elements and subject matter with your heart, you fail as a human being, not just a photographer. I felt as if I had learned a lesson that I had dreamed about for a long time.

Mother Light said to me, go Shooter from Philly and be on your way. Listen carefully to these words…. The grass is greener on the other side because there’s more bullshit to fertilize it. So you do what you do for you and be pleased you have the gift of sight and the love of something in your life.

As I was walking away on LightRay 167, I looked back at Mother Light and asked her, Mother, can I write about this on my blog. Sure silly Shooter from Philly, who would believe you, everyone knows your crazy….


Well folks, there the story about how I spent part of my day. Maybe you don’t believe this and maybe you think I am crazy but I’ll tell you what. When your outside and making photos, I bet your looking for Mother Light and Father Dark. You don’t have to admit it, I will be the crazy one here, no problem but inside you know and I know that I’m right about what your looking for.


In the window above is Mother Light and Father Dark’s daughter, Color. For many, she’s the most beautiful but for me, I only see her sometimes. She spread her wings and her Red and Blue and his Red and Blue just vibrated and gave me a gift I treasure,. By the way, Color wears the flag of every country of the world, I just happen to catch here her in the USA. If you look around, maybe you’ll find Mother Light and Father Dark and Color and even Rain and Snow……..

Enjoy yourself out there… it’s work but not supposed to feel like work……………………………………………………………………..

9 thoughts on “Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 9 … a Chat with Mother Light”

  1. You’ve been on a roll recently with your postings Don – both in your photographic philosophical
    meanderings and your images. I appreciate the work you put into it and look forward to all your posts. Take care out there. Love the B & W of the train above.

  2. Oh how I love your posts, Don! Well written and poetic / funny, I can’t really decide which. Maybe both….
    May Mother Light lend you her beautiful gift for many posts to come !

    1. Thanks Frank. I don’t know if it’s poetry or comedy whatever. I just tell it from my heart.
      Thanks for being there.

  3. i love the last paragraph most of all. great homage to light filled with fine photos. i think the word photograph comes from the greek: photo = light and graph = drawing. it’s what you do and these photos are a lovely set..

    1. Ruth,
      Thank you so much for stopping by and the comment. My mothers name was Ruth and you will always be welcome and be special to me, unless you tell me to clean my bedroom.
      Be blessed on your journey and plz make this spot a regular resting place.

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