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There’s magic in photography. I mean there’s magic in LIFE but I wanna keep photography on a personal side in the forefront. The real magic is how photos become the subject on their own. The magic then is in seeing the subject matter in front of you and having the ability to visualize the photo coming from it. That’s what shooters should be doing. Well, ideally that’s what shooters do but many don’t. The one’s that don’t are always looking for a new camera, better computer, software, lenses, tripod etc, etc. The one’s that do, well, they are just looking for the next photo. Imagine that.


So where do we get stimulation for making images? A few places are the TV, Movies, DVDs, Books, Exhibitions etc and so on. This stimuli inputs to our brain and even if your brain is on vacation, it still gets this stuff. We don’t give much attention to this inputting process but it does effect what and how we make photos of. So ya get out there and you see something you want to make a photo of.  Where do you think the inspiration comes from? Much of it from the sources I mentioned. Sure, maybe you get the original, magic dust and find a way to make THE FIRST ORIGINAL PHOTO of something, well congrats, go for it.


So we need to make a meeting with the camera, subject matter and unfortunately the viewer. I say unfortunately because the viewer has the potential to make us do photos in a way that changes our intent. We get in the position of trying to please our audience and make that the primary reason for our photos. We crave acceptance and love of our work by others. It’s easier to get that from others then from ourselves.


I guess I have to express more thoughts on this and I will on my next blog post. Till then, be true to yourself. Don’t think your special and that you need no support from others. Just keep things in moderation and stay focused on your Eye, Heart and Mind and in time all things will reveal themselves to you. How do I know this? I don’t, I learn it by reading my own work.Sometimes I think the guy writing this stuff is nuts but then, who am I to say that.


shooter, out


7 thoughts on “Streetshooter … Thoughts and Findings … Life From The Street”

    1. Rob,
      I really can’t say how much this means to me. I mean don’t know the words other than thanks.

      So I’ll just say thanks and leave it at that.

  1. I’m hooked on your posts and these last two have really hit the spot for me.I started taking photos several years ago and couldn’t understand why it was giving so little satisfaction.It’s taken most of that time to learn a few things – that technical perfection isn’t the starting point for great photos, that you don’t need a different lens for every occasion and that other people’s opinions aren’t that important.The last one is the hardest and some day I hope I’ll risk putting a few of my photos on the web.Till then, keep up the great work Streetshooter!

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