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May 29th, 2014 … The Fuji X100s … or How My VA Doctor Saved My Neck

05-14-0424-EditWell, after being 64, I finally learned what the saying..”a pain in the neck” really means. So my very attentive Doctor at the VA sent me to see a Doctor of uh..sports muscle ology..dunno but this is the story. I go back out to the waiting room and I wait. After around 10 minutes,  I get called back into Doc’s office. Doc is sitting there looking at the screen and checking my stats to make sure I am being good and not eating Mike and Ikes and Genoa Salami and cheese and all the good things that kill you.

The door opens and I miss a heartbeat or ten. In walks a Japanese woman with that long black hair, a Doctors uniform and a tablet…I think it was Apple. Yo…c’mon, I’m happily married to the Russian Bride and anyway..I would never look at this young Japanese Doctor with long black hair. I mean, …yo…ease up all. I’m looking at her because I am a photographer. sheeesh.

Doc says…”Mr Springer, meet Doctor Shioko”. Doc Shioko reaches out and shakes my hand. “nice to meet you sir” she says…

Well after the trauma unit got me back to breathing and picked me up off the floor…I tried to compose myself…it wasn’t working to good. Doc Shioko says to…”Please call me Shioko as that’s how I prefer to be addressed .”

Now lets get something straight….when a young Japanese woman dressed in a doctors uniform and has porcelain white skin stands in front of you and your 64…worlds collide. 05-14-0456-Edit I know youse are all married or partnered or whatever but look….The GOOD LORD gives us all a small amount of fantasy to seek. Usually they never come to past and that makes the fantasy’s because it’s like a dream and dreams are the spice of living.

So Shioko takes me to her office for an evaluation and to get a feel for my mental stress level. She hands me a hospital gown and tells me to put it on and the to lay face down on the table…OMG what luck. Sh’e starting to push my muscles on my leg and squeezes  and twist the muscles. She continues to inspect everything and then..YO this is G rated, the X rated version is safe in my head away from the Russian Wifey.

Shioko tells me, Mr Springer, there is not one relaxed muscle in your body. (intermission) see…in my dream this could be the point where I completely loose it and take her to a far off land, live on the beach never leave the bed made of roses and soft leaves.

So I realized real fast, thanks to my shrink that keeps my head working, that Shioko is a VA Doctor and I’m her patient. Her saying There’s not one relaxed muscle in your body was literal…..back to the front lines……..

05-14-0417-EditSo, Shioko inspects every muscle in my body and determines that I really never relax. She explains that in order for bones, spine everything to be in proper working order and in the right place…the muscles need to be relaxed. ( at this point my Nam Vet AO PTSD mind is seeing XXXXXXX rated. Didn’t happen.

She tells me that I must take 2-3 showers a day with hot water on my back and then slowly cool the water temperature and that will start to relax the muscles. I didn’t hear a word…nope…not one….. Shioko sits at the computer and makes notes on my file. Ya know how when a woman sits at a desk, a guy immediately looks for any leg he can see. c’mon..it’s true, well for me for sure. I love woman, all woman but I just can’t let Tanya know……….

So after the medics pick me up again and sit me down on the table….Shioko ask me if I’m feeling all right…. Doc, I’ve never felt better in my entire life. Sigh………


Shioko look at me and says, Mr Springer, I’m afraid I have some bad news. (Yeah right….whatever…fight the Devil..easy…)

It looks like from the x-ray and from my evaluation, you’ll be needing more consultation and relaxing sessions perhaps 2-3 times a week, can you come in to see me that often for a month or so?  See if youse can figure out my answer…..

I put photos in this post because it’s a photography blog. That point is made by…your frame of mind will mind your frame…Unfortunately I have to be at the VA to keep an appointment with Shioko tomorrow. I’m taking my Fuji X100s but don’t remember why…..

Youse all are the best and I hope to keep you entertained and informed the best I can.

The above story is true and based on what I can remember at the time of it taking place….Chapter 2 continues tomorrow…stay tuned…….

thanks all….shooter….out…………………………………………………………