August 11th, 2014 … Fuji X100s …Observations

08-14-0130-EditI’ve always been an observer. I mean I like looking t people. I like looking at things and I enjoy just observing life. 2 of my ex wives felt that I observed our marriage but was not a participant, just an observer. Life for me is about observing and sometimes I have my camera in hand and I make observations. That’s what I do best, make observations.

Andre’ the Fuji X100s was in a mood this morning. I sat back to talk to him and I said. Andre’, what’s the problem my friend? Andre’ said, look shooter, it’s nice that you keep me on a wrist strap and I do understand the issues with your neck but I need a change of view. I want that Luigi’s Leather Neck Strap for a little. Hmmm I thought, there goes the the neck and back but I have to do as Andre’ ask because if he covers me, I have to cover him. So reluctantly  I installed the Luigi strap on Andre’. I must admit, it’s nice to have Andre’ seeing things as I do and sometimes he see things I don’t, entirely.

08-14-0114-EditI will admit that the photos that please me the most are the ones I use the OVF. But sometimes there’s a real satisfaction and surprise by using the hipshot or some other method. Now I am a big advocate of the screen and I still feel that the screen is the most efficient method of making photos. That being said and etched in stone, I absolutely adore the OVF on the Fuji X100s. For me and I bet a few others at least, there is a satisfaction that is  uncompared by any other camera, bar none. I think the finder allows me to remain in observer mode better than any other method of using the camera.


Using a Leica M or the Fuji X100s the psychology of seeing keeps the Mind in 3 dimensions. You see THRU your subject with the OVF and you look AT your subject with a screen EVF. What this means is, looking at your subject is like looking at your 2 dimensional image, while looking thru the OVF, you are observing your subject in real time. The thing is to have a camera that does both very well and of course the Fuji X100s does this feat extremely efficiently.

The next set of photos probably won’t interest many of you and I have to say to the ones that they don’t reach…. I feel bad that you can’t find the beauty placed in the garden and nurtured by a higher source, the same source that nurtures you, that gives life to all beings. To me, when I see the garden that my wife Tanya works so diligently to make fruitful and beautiful, I am humbled.


I love the personalities in the garden. It;s kinda like personalities on the street, imagine that. Every dressed differently out there just like flowers and plants. Some plants like shade whie others like full sun and then there;’s the ones that like both just like people on the street. Imagine that.


Plants and flowers come in all different shapes, sizes, colors just like people, imagine that. There’s big people, little people, short people. tall people. thin people, fat people, many different varieties, just like in nature and plants and flowers. Imagine that.

The keen human being is an observer and notices things like this and feels lucky to be sensitive to the world and life to see these things. The even smartest, keener person carries a camera and photographs these differences because that shooter is an observer and no matter that shooter is, he or she is always observing and making photos of those observations.

That smart observer with a camera knows that no matter what, no matter where, no two people will ever make the same photo or see the same observations……

ain’t life wonderful?


shooter out……………………………….. transmission terminated by VA DR G… observing his patient………………………………………………………………..

11 thoughts on “August 11th, 2014 … Fuji X100s …Observations”

  1. hi don –
    after reading your blog each time i get the inspired eye newsletter, it finally dawned (don’ed?) on me that i could sign up to get it directly… kinda slow about things sometimes, i guess, but i always enjoy your posts so i’m glad i saw the light.

    i enjoyed seeing and reading your comparison of the garden to people. my wife keeps a garden too but i am always drawn to the wild weeds, flowers, and trees out in the hills… not only are they very much like people, but also so different than, so you get some of both worlds.

    i’m an ovf kinda guy, too, but i like to study the screen after, to see how the “looking at” part is holding up, as i get so entranced with the “looking thru” that it all seems good. sometimes i think i don’t even need the follow up, i should just walk around with an “empty” camera and shoot away.

    – marke

    1. marke, thanks for this. Ya know… I spent time using my Leica’s without film in it. Then when digital came out, I changed my way of thinking about what it means to NOT MAKE PHOTOS. I know with the Fuji X100s I work slower and a little more free than with other cameras.
      My wife says it’s that I’m getting older and don’t give a shit what people think anymore… I thinks she’s right….

    1. Ya know brother Dan. It’s like I realize I’m not the only crazy one out there. I figure I’m under treatment from my VA Shrink so I know the difference between flowers and people but to be honest, I’d rather not know……

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