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August 13th, 2014 … Fuji X100s … Observations On A Walkabout

08-14-0144Ya know, if ya ever been on a walkabout, well it’s the perfect time to do some observing. Better yet, have a camera at the ready and your good to go. Now I understand that not everybody from every country gets to do a walkabout but if ya have friends from OZ, well your qualified to be a walkabout  camera toting shooter.

Don’t get this wrong, that Wouter fella is a Stroller. Word here in NE Philly is that Wouter invented the strolling procedures for shooters. It has caught on to millions and millions of photographers and other kinds of walking peoples, imagine that.


Sometimes when I’m on a walkabout, I think in terms of B&W and other times, not many but it does happen, Color. What does this have to do with the Fuji X100s? Good question and here’s the nitty gritty answer. The Fuji X100s can make either a B&W or a Color photo. I know, I know, hard to believe but it’s true. I hear tell other cameras can do this too but I an’t never seen one do it so I don’t believe it.

It should be obvious to you that my brain is on vacation and that’s why I’m posting like this. Sometimes we need to et the brain go on vacation because we start to over think what we are doing and how we are doing it and why we are doing what we are doing the way we are doing it. It can be a good thing to work without too much thinking. Luckily the Fuji X100s allows this non-thinking method of working because the engineers at Fuji thought about the thinkers and non thinkers using this camera.

Because of this thought out fact from the thinking and non thinking engineers at Fuji, we have a camera that doesn’t interfere with our work whether we are thinking or not thinking, the camera just works and does what it is supposed to do about what we want it to do and what we think it should do.


Sometimes there is negative energy on the street and some one may not like me making photos of their storefront and after they learn that I have the right to do so and now she understands, I make a photo of her and that’s that.  I don’t bully anyone but I never run from confrontation. If she didn’t yell at me and call me an old man, well I would have remained the Proper Gentleman that I aspire to be but yelling at me and making empty threats… well…CLICK!



08-14-0137It’s an interesting thing this Life Photography is. I find it most satisfying and I will attempt to do it again tomorrow.

Peace be with you and always believe in what you do and who you are…………….if you don’t how can you expect other to…….

11 thoughts on “August 13th, 2014 … Fuji X100s … Observations On A Walkabout

  1. “It can be a good thing to work without too much thinking.”

    amen. i like to think, i am prone to too much of it (says my wife, with feeling) and i get into almost as much trouble from not thinking enough sometimes, but with photography i like to respond. it’s a way of feeling for the too-mental (in both meanings of the word).


  2. Respond. That’s a word I like to associate with my photography. I think along the lines of ‘when I’m shooting I’m responding. I’m creating in the darkroom – or Lightroom in my case’. By the way, thanks to you I now have an X100 (I couldn’t afford the ‘S’) which has become my goto over the Nikon. See the influence you have?

    • Hmmmm I guess I have to respond to this….. Yes, whomever is reading this…. I forced Michael to get the Fuji X100. He didn’t want to but was forced to spend the money. So blame me and let him make photos.
      That should keep ya out of the woods…..
      enjoy the camera, it’s a real winner.

  3. I agree there is something special with the Fujis…I really couldn’t imagine shooting without one…
    …As I own a XT and love it…but when I look at my trusty XPro-1 files…I just can’t like anything else!
    As we all like photography, we must get satisfaction from it, it’s not a question about the specifications of the camera or the site of the files: it’s wether we like it or not!

    • Well, the X-Pro 1 is one of the finest digital cameras ever made. The X100s is also an amazing camera and a great friend.
      Good luck in your quest…. don

    • JG –
      Exactly! As I say on my “About” page:
      My criteria for a photo is, “Do I like it?”
      We (as photographers, as humans) all too often forget that very basic but very satisfying, very real, level.


  4. I agree about the negative energy on the streets. That’s why I prefer to keep a safe distance. Not super far away, but not right up in their face either. People get so hostile about the most ridiculous things. It’s like the photo I took at Coney Island where the woman in the booth got all sassy with me for taking her picture. People need to understand that respect goes both ways. It’s not about people groveling at my feet. I am allowed to take your picture. If you ask me not to, I’ll always respect that. If you start getting sassy with me, well, as you said “click!”

    • Word on the streets is Tina… your a hard core street shooter…. don’t let anyone say different… Glad to know you…. a fan, don

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