September 8th, 2013 Manhatten Stories, Chapter One

09-13-0464Olivier and I met in NYC this past week to do some work on a video. It was an analog meeting not a digital one. We spent many hours walking the streets and shooting with his Nex 7 on video mode. It’s a real task for me to do video. I mean, one is required to be in the here and now but with time being fluid. I hate that. There’s the issue of continuity and shake from the camera. I don’t do good with either. Anyway, he did most of the video work and I really just made photos. There’s a feeling of being captured by the camera that I don’t care for. I don’t mean single frame, that never bothers me as I do it so it can get done to me….never an issue.The movement and continual recording makes me uneasy but Olivier handled the situation with ease.

09-13-0363Aside from doing our planned business itinerary, I managed to do some street work. I’ll process a few here and there and post them as the time passes.

09-13-0436 This really isn’t about gear but if it was and it’s not….don’t get it wrong….I’d then tell how much I really love working with the Nex6 and any lens it has attached to it. This isn’t about gear so I won’t tell you that and I won’t tell you how the GR has finally found a resting place but not with me because the camera needs medicine and I have enough problems and I’m not taking the GR to the camera shrink to get fixed. Now Olivier can do that and I’ll just keep using the 24mm 1.8 on one Nex6 and then use the Voigtlander lenses on the second body.

09-13-0345I always talk about intrusions. Maybe I was intruding on this loving French couple. They were in a deep romantic embrace as I walked over to them and make the picture.

The French have such a romantic way of telling you to F*** Off!

6 thoughts on “September 8th, 2013 Manhatten Stories, Chapter One”

    1. Spode,
      I traded the GR off. I can’t deal with the camera making crazy metering adjustments.
      I tested the GR against the Nex6 and it was crazy. If the Nex saw 1/500 f/8 ISO 400…the GR would see 1/500 f/8 ISO 1600+.

  1. Your comments about the NEX6 always interest me because I have both the NEX6 and the NEX7. In theory, or on paper, the NEX7 looks like the better camera, but in practice I prefer the NEX6. I am no sure why this is except that the 6 is a somewhat simpler design.

    1. Dan, your right about the Nex6. I tried Oliviers Nex7 in NYC and I must say, the Nex6 turns me where the Nex7 doesn’t. I’ve been using the Six with manual lenses and must say, it’s thee way to use them. I asked my friend Roger to send me another Nex and he wanted to see me with the Seven. I insisted on the Six and now have 2. I got the 24mm 1.8 from Olivier in trade for the GR.

      So I’m very happy with the Sixes. Funny thing, after 31/2 months with the Nex6, I actually tried the viewfinder. It works well but the screen is the best I’ve come across.

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