September 4th, 2013 … a Keeper of the Light, finds a new Keeper of Time

09-13-0087A watch is a very special thing to wear. It does a lot of stuff like keeping time, the date…oh well… iPhone 5 does not do these things as elegantly as my watch. Well, I’ve been loosing weight thanks to my meds and I needed to have a few links removed from the band.

So I head downtown and of course the Nex6/21 wants to go for the ride. There’s this guy at the jewelery stand. The jeweler is removing links from the band. He says it’s about $8.00 and includes a new battery and it will take 15 or so minutes. Cool beans I said….

Well, I’m standing there with the camera hung on mu shoulder. Then this guy comes over and he gets hypnotized in about 10 seconds. I mean, he’s breathing but nary a muscle moves except those associated with his head and eye movement. He’s like a statue and is lost in the magic of the watches. Of course the moment called for a photo. So I decided to do the Decisive 15 Moments.

I raised the camera and pointed it to the guy intoxicated by the shining watches. He doesn’t see me. He don’t care, he’s high as one can be from the watch high. He doesn’t see me, hear me, feel me or even care that I just made a photo.

Ok, your watch is done. I tried it on, perfect. Then I pay the jeweler and the guy says to me and the jeweler….man, those watches are great….do people really wear these things anymore. I immediately raise my left arm to show him my watch, just a ticking and a tocking away…..

The jeweler raises his arm and shows the guy his watch just a ticking and a tocking away…..we both say to the guy….yo, bro….real men wear watches because they want to and because they can.

He said, I’ll take the one with the black leather band…….. I smiled and walked away knowing another man has found the way to be an eternal keeper of time. Time keepers are right up there with the keepers of the light. Guess who they are…….

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