September 4th, 2013

09-13-0062Yesterday I went to town because I got a call from some photos that were lost and needed me to bring them home. So as I was wandering around, I walked into the Municipal Services Plaza and I looked right and saw this guy coming out of the passageway. I raised the Nex6 with the 21 Skopar and changed the focus distance and f/stop in way less than a second. As I took aim…he looked right at me and I clicked.

I could feel his energy but not anger. Myself, I always avoid confrontation at all cost. Well about 30 seconds later I feel a tap on my shoulder. “Yo dude, did you take my picture?”  No, I said…I made a picture, I didn’t take anything. He had a look in his face that read as …he understood what he didn’t understand. I showed him the back of the camera and he looked at the image with a sincere interest. “Can I get a copy of that man?” Sure I said and I emailed him a file ready to print.



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