Stories From the Streets

Well, it’s like 90+ degrees and I’m in shorts, tee shirt, sneakers and a Nam hat. I’m tellin’ ya’s this cause it’s my responsibility to do so. After all, no one else will take the time to tell you the adventures of streetshooter.


I  was walking on I think 16yh Street going North but maybe South cause I don’t care cause I’m hearing Andre’ the Fuji X100s tell me that there’s a photo right up ahead that we have to make. I know, I prolly sound nutz talking to my camera. Well, what would you do if your camera started talking to you? See….

I’m walking and I see this homeless guy baking on the sidewalk frying pan. I know him and I’m not working at the moment so he’s not on my radar this minute. Then this Black Mercedes pulls up and parks right in front of the guy. I stopped and look to make sure the man in the Mercedes isn’t going to mess with the homeless man. I’m across the street. My brain came back from vacation this morning in the mad rush from the Jersey Shore. So I’m actually all present and accounted for. Eureka! Andre’ the Fuji X100s says to me, yo stupid, that’s the photo but get it thru the window. So all the sudden this wealthy man is starring at this man that can’t afford to eat.

I ran across the street seeing the photo in my wide awake mind and raise the camera and as I do I open from f/8 to f/4 because I dont want to loose all the shadows. I need to see the Rollex, the air conditioning vents, the beautiful leather interior and the man’s head with enough detail so that it creates the Juxtaposition on many levels. I raise the camera and then, traffic is on my ass and I mean n my ass. There’s this Red car with a guy in it that has no patience. I turn to look at him with the eyes I go to the VA Therapy for so I don’t have to use those eyes. He sits back in the car in the middle of the street. I look and then the guy in the Mercedes looks at the homeless man and I felt he had a revelation that we are all just one step away. CLICK.



I felt satisfied making the Photo of the men on the street. I’m walking again. Listen, if you ain’t walking out there, what the hell ya doing? Me, sheeeit, I’m a walking fool. Andre’ is in my hand at the ready. I set usually 1/250 f/8 auto iso. Philly has basically got the graffiti artist under control. There’s a woman that was a friend and her name is Jane Golden. She is known on the streets as Crazy Jane. She got that name cause she found the graffiti artist and dragged them to her studio and taught them to paint and gave them walls on buildings to paint murals on. The if another artist was gonna tag the mural, well, it wasn’t a pretty picture.

Why did I mention this? Ok, seethe transportation peoples saw how nice the murals looked and they made murals for the sides of buses and trains and whatever. I’m walking and this Big Bus comes up the street and I see the painting of Eastern State Penitentiary on it. I like how it looks and then Andre’ starts his shake in my hand things, to get my attention. I look and as I do I raise Andre’ to frame cause there’s this man looking right at me as I take aim and he look painted. I thought, oh my…. click!

I been asked by some readers to write more story like things to accompany the photos. I will do so and this is a start. I will ease into that and see where it goes….

Seeyas out there if not, seeya here………………………..




8 thoughts on “Stories From the Streets”

  1. I really like your blogs posts as much as I like your pictures. The way you tell a story makes me feel like I’m there, an invisible observer, watching it all go down.

      1. Yes Tina and I am proud to know you. You recognize that part of the human condition that many others want to not see.
        Than you for your sensitivity and support, don

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