Streetshooter’s Photo Book Sale

It’s time for me to sell off my book collection. I have many RARE and COLLECTABLE books that will be sold off.

I will post some in a few days and every few days thereafter. Paypal preffered but open to discussions.

Some titles are:

The Decisive Moment by Bresson…..first edition

Slightly Out Of Focus by Capa …. first edition

Winogrand, Friedlander, etc.

keep your eyes open…………………………

8 thoughts on “Streetshooter’s Photo Book Sale”

  1. Don, waiting to see how much you want for the Bresson. Not sure I can afford it but would like to know.


    1. Spode, I’m really under the gun otherwise I wouldn’t do this….
      Check around and then make an offer…..

        1. The book is in very good condition. There is no dust jacket. There is one small piece of the spine off. Both covers are attached to the spine and all the pages are in tact. There are no torn pages and no real yellowing on the pages.There’s been a few at eBay that are around $600.00 but not as nice as this.

          I don’t want to sell at the bay cause I lose 10% anyway and I really want my friends to have my books.
          Open for offers……

  2. Cover by Matisse? Seen at $750 on the bay…
    Can’t afford (anything), but want to wish good luck if anything’s going the wrong side.

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