February 4th, 2014 ….. Fuji XP1 Works the Streets of Philadelphia

02-14-0121I’ve started a project that will continue. It’s about how and why I make photos and it’s on this blog. Apparently some are getting much out of it as some post were made and I have a fair amount of emails. Anyway, here on this post in the here and now with my eye, heart and mind…I’m digging into the XP1 again.

One of the things bloggers do to generate income and traffic is to do reviews of popular cameras and lenses etc. I read a few but to be honest, I feel that I don’t get the shooters real view as most bloggers have the camera for  a short time and have a responsibility to the supplier to make a review and then, go to the next.

So when I write about the XP1 or XE1 or even the GRD4, it’s because I am using them for way more than a few days. I also think that anyone reading anything I write expects a certain approach in truthfulness that I try to maintain.

I’m not putting anyone down and not building myself up. I’m just explaining that I am a serious photographer and I don’t care what someone tells me about how good a camera etc is, I want to find out first hand….and I do!

I had the 18mm on the XP1. The lens suits my vision and is about perfect for the street.(Enter all the doom-slayers….it’s not that sharp, it’s not as good as the ….) I was watching these young kids talking and hugging and stuff. This old guy is right in front of me and he’s kinda watching but I can feel he’s uneasy. I could feel his anguish in being alone juxtaposed against the young love in front of him. Where does that put me…c’mon…the XP1 got exactly what I was feeling and wanted. sheeeesh…. shooters make photos!

02-14-0116For decades I walked and used a variety of Leica M cameras. I had many but my favorite was always the M4. I loved the way the camera responded with a 35mm lens on it. There was no intrusion at all. No light meter, no ISO, it was ASA and it was not adjustable. Anyway, that experience is etched firmly in my brain. I of course adapted to digital imaging like flies on..uh..uh…you get the idea. The XP1 gives me a similar comfort zone but updated. A camera needs to just be there in the hand or on a strap and just wait for the moment. It sounds like an easy task but it’s not.

I was walking again…I usually do that on the street, other places too…hmmmm. I came across a window and I am always attracted to windows, reflections etc and as I raised the camera, this guy opens the door and as he just realizes that my camera is pointed at him….CLICK. The OVF is great as I love using 2 eyes open. This is one of those times. It doesn’t always feel comfortable but heres a trick….. Look thru the OVF. You can see slightly around the frame…then close that eye and open the other. What should happen is that you now can see more of the area that interest you. If you do this back and forth, in time you’ll get very accurate and will get tighter photos because you see more before exposure.

02-14-0106Ya know, I have some lenses that work well for me. Of course they don’t work well together and that’s why they make zooms so all the lenses can live together in harmony. My lenses told me that they like to be out on the town with me by them self. Yeah, lenses are jealous and even tho’ they all see differently, they all see the same.

Today I used the 28mm (18mm). I said this already but I wanted to say it again. I”m told by many a forum dwellers and professional antagonist that the 18mm ain’t no good. BUNK! No other lens see’s like the 18.  There’s something about using it on the XP1 that has me really clicking…in more ways than 1. See, with my Leica’s, I never liked the 28mm even tho’ I had every version. I never adapted to it. I got 2 M6’s because I wanted to see 28mm but it never really hooked me. I always saw the 35mm.

The XP1 does the opposite for me, it wants me to see the 28mm way. Yeah, yeah, I know…what’s the difference. Well, here it is….the DOF is much better in the 28mm and….the lens is smaller and…..I need to get closer. I love being able to get closer…..That’s why I love some other lenses but not for talking about now.

I walked bu the Post Office Window at 9th and Market. I saw this guy doing what he was doing and quickly went to the side window. I got excited and raised the camera…..I breathed, focused the camera which the XP1 and 18mm does very fast….I held the shutter at 1/2 mast and then….CLICK!

02-14-0098I made this photo because I wanted to and because I could. If you don’t like it…take it up with management…..

02-14-0088As I was on the escalator the light was getting me drunk again and I could feel a Dreamcatcher shot growing. In a matter of a few seconds, I completely reconfigured the camera to get this shot. I love my Dreamcatcher photos. I love all my photos and I love my cameras.

They are an integral part of my vision and are my friends and not tools. I do understand people that think of their cameras as tools and I feel for them and hope some day they can come to terms with this and find a new friend in thier hand and not a tool. The XP1 would of course help in this area….

Peace to all….yeah, yeah,,,,bunk….shooter out…………………………….

7 thoughts on “February 4th, 2014 ….. Fuji XP1 Works the Streets of Philadelphia”

  1. I am beginning to see the light! I love the “Dreamcatcher” series. I also like that Fuji 18mm. 28mm is my “normal”. Forces me to get close and personal.

    1. Thanks Keith, we may be closer than the 90 miles that separate us…not that there’s anything wrong with that…..

  2. Another great post … Cheers! A while back you mentioned cameras that were capable of automatically choosing/adjusting the ISO when you were in manual mode to suit the shutter speed and aperture you had chosen … which cameras can do this? My NEX-7 can’t unfortunately.

    1. Michael,
      I am in the Fuji X realm and that is probably the main reason I stay here. I set the shutter, the aperture and the camera chooses the ISO. The Sony Nex 6 let me down in that area. The Ricoh GRD4 does it also, the GR after a fashion.

      I think but that could be dangerous that the A7 has an issue in that also….bummer.

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