January 23rd, 2014 ….. A Muse, a Mentor and it’s Freakin’ Cold Out but the Fuji XP1 makes it WARM!

01-14-0445See that Kewl Kat…that’s Barsik. He’s not really cool at this moment, he’s warm. He’s my main Muse and when it comes to relaxing…he’s my Mentor. So I went upstairs and grabbed my XP1 and put the 35mm 1.4 on it. I came down and put the camera on the table and sipped some more Green Tea. Barsik looked at me with a grin. He knows when I want to make photos….like always.  See, cats are easy to work with cause they just sit and try not to move. Barsik of course has a sense of humor and that is flavored heavily with a Russian taste. He will sit still until just before the shutter gets to release…..then right at that fraction of a second….he moves and sometimes changes position all together.

I know and appreciate the fact that he’s teaching me patience, framing, improvising at the spur of a moment….I get all that, I really do…what I don’t get is a good photo. Cats will only provide a good photo if an agreement is made for exchange. Food, brushing, lap holding, any number of things will do but it’s gonna be something or….no photos for you!

The above shot was a sneak attack and I used all my military training to sneak the shot. Luckily the XP1 has a good screen and even at odd angles, you can see and make the shot. I knew I had him…it was a sweet feeling, I mean I got the Barsik and he didn’t know…..Proud I was and happy with my trusty camera……then I looked at the file in LightRoom…..sure enuff…..sucker got his eye cracked open. Sheeeesh….just when ya think ya got it down……..!


01-14-0451I’m outside now, well not really now but then. This is my favorite Rose. We planted it this year and it did ok. I made many lovely photos of it and it’s friends all around the garden. See that last remains of the last rose just laying there all alone? Well that’s the hope of next season. It’s my favorite plant outside and we have a lot. This rose for me, especially at this time in these conditions is what survival and diligence is all about. I look at this rose every day and I get a lift to just move on and not be deterred from progress.

The temperature at exposure time was: 4F or -15.5C.  Now this is Philadelphia and know for the City of Brotherly Love. Well, you can bet there’s a lot of lovin’ going just to stay warm. I wanted to make a few photos just because I could and I owe it to all this people, friends, shooters etc in Australia that are sweating it out….Tsk Tsk whatever shall they do…….

01-14-0455This is my bench in the back of the garden. It’s the safe spot for me when Tanya gets pissed off and I have to sit like a bad school boy. I actually don’t mind it at all. It provides  a safe haven away from the ruckus in the neighborhood. Well, the snow likes the bench also. I asked it….Snow, when will you get the hell off my bench? Snow replied, it’s cold out and I have more snow friends coming in a few days. so get used to it.

I asked the bench,,,,,Bench, are you cold? The bench said to me….yo…I’m made of cement, I ain’t go no mouth, I gotz no ears…..what the hell are you doing talking to me stupid? I thought for a moment and decided that there exist no logical answer to this riddle. I also knew that if I mention this conversation to my Dr, I’ll get sent back to the factory.

So I just decided to mark the moment and make a photo. The XP1 turns me on more and more day after day. I’m hard on a camera. No I don’t mean banging it around….I mean application. I make all kinds of photos and if I find something the camera won’t or can’t do…..someone else gets to try. The Fuji XP1 so far has proven the most capable camera I have used since the start of the digital revolution. I won’t name names like Canon, Nikon, Leica, Blad, Olympus, Panasonic etc…..just know that if I’m still using a camera after a good period…..it’s a winner.

What makes me different than anyone else? I will not tolerate the slightest intrusion on my process at anytime whatsoever! I do not compromise with cameras.

Have a safe good day and night……

shooter out……………………………………….

5 thoughts on “January 23rd, 2014 ….. A Muse, a Mentor and it’s Freakin’ Cold Out but the Fuji XP1 makes it WARM!”

  1. You could almost make me wish i kept my XP1, but then I remember how much I love the Df and am satisfied. These good shots remind me of the bygone days when I lived in Maine. Brrr!

    1. Dan, it’s all good. Personally for me….I never liked the SLR form. I had a few but used them only for business, never work. The XP1 suites me just fine and even when Fuji releases that thing they call a waterproof camera, I’ll sit tight.
      I haven’t gotten any updates from your blog so I’m heading there to check it out…..

  2. Hi Don. You seem to be switching cameras a lot this past year! I was listening to your podcast in September, where you were singing the virtues of the Nex-6. Then you switched to the X-E1. Now it’s the X-P1. Would you mind talking me through your rational for switching? I currently use (and love!) the Fuji x100s. At one point in my life, I want to own a Leica lens – I’ve just GOT to 🙂 28mm makes sense to me on a crop body, as I love the 40mm equivalent FOV. I know that wides on Fujis can be a minefield with really soft corners (I tried a Contax Zeiss G 28mm Biogon on an X-E1 and only the very centre was any good). I’ve heard that Fuji’s have thick filters in front of the sensor that makes the problem worse. Which do you think would be the best body for me with a Leica 28mm? A Nex-6 (with its offset microlenses) or the X-Pro 1. I like the OVF on the x100s, but definitely NEED the EVF of either the Sony or Fuji. Thanks as ever!

    1. Treve, Thanks again. Ya know….to start I am using the XE1 and XP1 not just one. If you read my post and I know you did…there’s a little line about “I’m hard on cameras”. Going backwards to a few cameras puts me to the Nex6. Great camera in all respects except 1! I could not get Auto ISO in Manual mode. I have to be able to set f/stop and shutter speed. Then I let the camera set ISO. I can control my noise/grain by changing one of my variables and that forces the camera to change ISO. I used a lot on M Mount glass on the Nex6 and in A Mode, no problem but in M Mode with native lenses……I got a good price for it on eBay.

      You have a really great camera in the X100s. I had the X100 and was forced to sell it for a reason. My natural FOV is 35mm. Always was and still is. So that camera is ideal for me and when the funds find their way to me, I’ll get one. The funny thing is, I don’t have a 35mm FOV for the Fuji’s. Well, the 21mm Skopar is close but not actual. I won’t suggest a camera to you if your a clinical observer of your photos. If your a shooter that is content, intent orientated, then I would say the XP1 will no doubt turn you on. To be honest and clear, I could go the long haul with the XPRO1 and a few lenses and never bring anything new into the mix. I say that because it works the way I need. Sure there are a few wants but I’m able to divide wants from needs so there is never any chatter about me changing cameras. I just make photos. I just use a camera for that. I don’t take a clinical approach to my work because there is no such thing as perfection in life, only in death.


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